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Moogilu cloudservices


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Moogilu is a E2E product development and cloud hosting Company. Capital investment was a huge problem for younger companies for it was almost impossible to predict the demand. Every company had to build its ow infrastructure for product delivery – Routers, Switches, Servers, VPN, Storage. Many companies could not afford this and could not get to the market. With the Cloud, Capital budget is replace by Operating budget and the costs are minimal for the resources can be consumed based on the demand. It has given fresh impetus to start-up’s to minimize their costs to get to the market. Cloud Computing has revolutionized product delivery.

Though cloud has the basic infrastructure built-in, it still requires careful planning and administration. It requires sys-admins with skills in Linux and Windows. And to manage the Databases and Big Data, specialized DBA’s and Big Data administrative skills are required.

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Moogilu cloudservices

  1. 1. Moogilu Services
  2. 2. Moogilu –Who are we? Moogilu was founded by Silicon Valley veteran to provide quality programming and IT services to all verticals, big companies, mid-size companies, and smaller companies Services include –Software Architecture, Development, Coding, Testing, Database Design, IT Services, Cloud/Hybrid hosting, and 24x7 support Company founded on the principle –service matters Every company and every project matters Deeply care about customers, employees, and partners
  3. 3. Moogilu –Management Differentiation Founders are deeply technical and understand what it takes to build products/services or support them Entire management including project managers are deeply technical and can help customers Hire engineers with passion to excel and help customers succeed
  4. 4. Moogilu –People Differentiation Technology, Skills, and Service matters Recruiting –hire engineers only if they have fundamental knowledge and can be creative Every engineer hired have to pass appropriate tests testing their knowledge and skills Their work is reviewed continuously Engineers have ability to work in a team and help customers succeed
  5. 5. Moogilu –Product Differentiation Every service offered is viewed as a product Teams with heterogeneous skillsets that will define the product Understand the “big idea” and execute incrementally without missing the big picture Communicate effectively –over communicate than otherwise A prototype is worth a “thousand words”
  6. 6. Cloud Services
  7. 7. Moogilu –Cloud Expertise Cloud Hosting -Amazon, Rackspace, Azure, Peer One Cloud Services -Experts at all Stack Levels -OS: Linux (all flavors), Windows -Server/Storage/Network Virtualization Cloud Monitoring -24x7 Real-time Monitoring Cloud Migration Services -Seamless Migration to Cloud 24x7 Support -24x7 support
  8. 8. Moogilu –Cloud Services Policy, Firewall, Security Groups Cloud Strategy Amazon, Rackspace, Windows DC to Cloud, Cloud to Cloud State of the Art URL, Server, Application Cloud Hosting Cloud Security Consulting Traffic & Health Monitoring Cloud Migration Cloud Architecture
  9. 9. Moogilu –Cloud Expertise Cloud Services Backup and Recovery Failover Services VPN and Network Isolation Infrastructure Migration Architecture & Planning Dynamic Performance Scaling Cloud Security Runbook & SLA Management Application Monitoring System & Network Monitoring
  10. 10. Moogilu –Cloud Expertise MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server Most Gateways Log Management Most Programming Frameworks Cloud Security Amazon, Rackspace, Azure LAMP Stack Linux & Windows Moogilu Cloud Services Expertise
  11. 11. Moogilu –Cloud Hosting MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server Amazon RDS Linux & Windows Most Programming Frameworks Sugar CRM SAP Mobile Platforms Web & Enterprise Applications Moogilu Hosting Apps, Servers, and Platforms
  12. 12. Moogilu –Big Data Hosting SOLR Elastic Search Sqoop Security CouchBase HBASE HIVE Hadoop Moogilu Hosting Big Data
  13. 13. Moogilu –Cloud Performance Monitor end-user experience for applications hosted in the Public / Private cloud. Analyze transactions end-to-end, to quickly determine the root cause of performance problems. Diagnose performance bottlenecks in web, application, and database tiers, as well as the network. Determine whether application performance is impacted by the cloud, the network used to access the cloud, or your internal environment. Receive real-time alerts when network latency or throughput impacts the performance for your end-users. Cost-effectively size your bandwidth requirements as you migrate applications to public clouds. Determine the impact that cloud migration will have on application performance. Generate accurate application dependency maps to ensure that the right components are migrated to the cloud.
  14. 14. Moogilu –Cloud Security Use existing toolkit provided with Cloud Providers -AWS –Secure Access, Built-in firewalls/Private Subnet(VPC), Identity and Access Management, Multi-factor Authentication, Encrypted Data Storage SSL Gateway PCI Scans and Security Audit -Scan as and when needed -Reporting Cloud Security at Massive scale -Group based policy management across multiple servers and cloud -Single Policy for similar type of servers -Users access for a group of servers
  15. 15. Moogilu –Cloud Support 24x7 Support with up to date Runbooks Provide a single point of accountability Support trained for IaaS, PaaS, SaaS SaaS Support for Applications built by Moogilu
  16. 16. Contact Channagiri Jagadish +1 408 884 0325 THANK YOU!