Digital Media & The Emerging World


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Created by Jacob Trenholm for FILM 260, Digital Media Studies at Queen's University.

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Digital Media & The Emerging World

  1. 1. Digital Media & The Emerging Worlda Film 260 Flipbook by Jacob Trenholmimage  by:  Shayantani  Sarkar
  2. 2. Digital media permeates the daily routines ofthose in the developed world ...image  by:  Dschwen
  3. 3. source:  World  Bank,  via  Google  Public  Data  search image  by:  Google  Public  Data  visualiza?on... with more than 75% of the population onlinein most OECD countries.
  4. 4. Less than a decade ago, less than 1 in 10people in the emerging world were online ...source:  World  Bank,  via  Google  Public  Data  search image  by:  NASA
  5. 5. source:  World  Bank,  via  Google  Public  Data  search image  by:  Google  Public  Data  visualiza?on... but the landscape is quickly changing, with internetpenetration reaching up to 50% in BRIC nations.
  6. 6. In places where computers and fixed-linenetworks are expensive ...... the mobile browser dominates.source:  All  Things  D,  September  ’12 image  by:  Augusto  Starita
  7. 7. As mobile computing - especially for socialmedia - becomes the norm ...... habits are unlikely to change,even as broadband infrastructure catches up.source:,  February  ’13 image  by:  Kuebi
  8. 8. source:  Facebook,  September  ’12“While most of our mobile users also accessFacebook through personal computers, weanticipate that the rate of growth in mobile usagewill exceed the growth in usage through personalcomputers for the foreseeable future and that theusage through personal computers may be flat orcontinue to decline in certain markets.”- Facebook SEC filingimage  by:  Brian  Solis
  9. 9. Countries like India and China have “leapfrogged”the personal computer ...source:  Yahoo  Finance,  May  ’13 image  by:  SpleMe
  10. 10. ... as companies like BlackBerry and Nokia introduce smartphones for less than $100 in those countries.sources:  Financial  Post,  May  ‘13  and  the  Wall  Street  Journal,  May  ’13 image  by:  Sham  Hardy
  11. 11. The rise of social media has been most profound inemerging economies. The number social network usersin India grew more than 50% from 2011 to 2012 ...source:,  February  ’13 image  by:  Pratheepps
  12. 12. ... while those same networks expanded by lessthan 10% in the USA and the UK.image  by:  gnahcgemsource:,  February  ’13
  13. 13. In China, smartphone sales as a percentage ofmobile phone sales increased from 9% to 59% ...... in just 4 years, between 2008 and 2012.source:,  no  date image  by:  randomwire
  14. 14. As digital media becomes increasingly pervasive inthe lives of those in the emerging world ...... it is changing the world in many ways.image  by:  Rupa  Gupta
  15. 15. Arab Spring activists gained power through numbersthat allowed them to topple powerful dictatorships.source:,  July  ’12 image  by:  lokha
  16. 16. Marketers in emerging markets must pay moreattention to mobile channels ...... where digital campaigns are 4 times more effective thanin developed nations.source:  WARC,  March  ’13 image  by:  Jus?n  Brown
  17. 17. Global philanthropy is changing as 30% of donations tocharity are now made through digital channels ...source:  The  Guardian,  April  ’13 image  by:  Jrwooley6
  18. 18. ... and Kiva, a leader in crowdsourced micro-lending is nowable to connect lenders to borrowers throughSMS money transfers.source:  Kiva,  March  ’13 image  by:  Luuk  Diphorn
  19. 19. Social media is being used by the healthcare industry to sharehelpful medical information and to provide patient care ...source:  Digital  Trends,  April  ’13 image  by:  Karolina  A.  Mar?nez
  20. 20. ... with doctors in the BRIC nations up to 3 times more likelyto use social media sites than their American andEuropean counterparts.source:  PMLive,  June  ’12 image  by:  Joshua  Adam  Nuzzo
  21. 21. While the One Laptop Per Child project has broughttechnology into classrooms from Paraguay to Rwanda.source:  Digital  Trends,  February  ’13 image  by:  One  Laptop  Per  Child
  22. 22. With digital media changing the world, in bothdeveloped and developing nations, 2 things are clear:image  by:  José  Cruz
  23. 23. 1) Social media is big, and growing ...... with as many monthly users across China’s 4 main socialmedia platforms as Facebook has worldwide: 1 billion.source:  Spectrum  Insight,  Feb  ’12  and  CNET  January  ’13 image  by:  Claudio  Ruiz
  24. 24. 2) The world will continue to change, in drastic ways ...... affecting politics, commerce, and friendships.image  by:  Tom  RaYery
  25. 25. Images:(all images have a creative commons license, and were sourced from Flickr, or Wikimedia Commons searches)1. hMp:// hMp:// hMp:// hMp:// hMp:// hMp://­‐_South_by_Southwest_2008_-­‐_5.jpg9. hMp:// hMp:// hMp:// hMp:// hMp:// hMp://­‐05-­‐09_17-­‐48.jpg15. hMp:// hMp:// hMp:// hMp:// hMp://­‐N-­‐JN664-­‐004_Lt._Cmdr._Howard_Pryor,_a_Navy_doctor,_s?tches_an_incision_while_Hospital_Corpsman_3rd_Class_Des?ny_Dansby_observes_in.jpg20. hMp://­‐N-­‐4515N-­‐109_Lt._Cmdr._Sugat_Patel_listens_to_the_lungs_of_an_elderly_woman.jpg21. hMp:// hMp:// hMp:// hMp://
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