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Zeuzheim letter pdf

  1. 1. November 5, 2013, 1:07:35 AM HST Aloha Chief KEALOHA and SHOPO President MA’AFALA, I am very deeply troubled to hear of, and partly witness, the testimony made to the House of Representatives today 11-4-2013 by not only one of Honolulu Police Department’s most visible and recognizable Officer’s but also the President of the State of Hawaii Police Officer’s Union, Officer MA’AFALA. Members of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered community of Honolulu has voiced on numerous occasions to me directly in the line of duty, to me personally while off duty, and also to the media of their complete distrust in the Honolulu Police Department, when it comes to taking their criminal complaints and voiced concerns. In the past I have spoken with great pride of the integrity of the department as a whole and the individual officers I am proud to have worked with directly. I have tried to convince members of this community that HPD truly acts with Integrity, Respect, and Fairness. Due to SB1 being such an incredibly important topic to this community almost the entire community has been keenly focused on the hearings, either by being present at the hearings, watching them live on ‘Olelo, or following them live via streaming on the internet. Officer and President of SHOPO MA’AFALA, has single handedly destroyed any trust not only from this community directly but also the friends and family members of this community. Not only those who have witnessed the testimony themselves, but also those who have been inundated with posts to their Facebook accounts as well as other internet BLOGS of his testimony in which he identified himself as not only a police officer, but the President of SHOPO. During this testimony MA’AFALA acknowledged he is quite possibly one of the most recognized Officers of The Honolulu Police Department, and he may be putting is career in jeopardy with his testimony, he still stood by his testimony which most shockingly included the statement that not only does he not believe in Equal Marriage Rights, SB1, but “You would have to KILL ME before I supported such a law”. To his defense just prior to making this statement, he did say, he would uphold the law until he retired. However if someone is so vehemently opposed to a law that you would have to kill him before he would uphold it, that would overwhelm the weaker statement that he believes he must do his duty as an Officer first.
  2. 2. I have never spoke of my sexual orientation as a gay male to anyone’s without them first asking me a personal question such as am I married or do I have a girlfriend. When these common questions are asked of me, I will answer honestly. This goes to say throughout my 13 plus years in this department I have been out to many beat partners and supervisors. I have been treated with complete respect and have been given numerous words of support over the years. I have been able to answer many questions for many people who have not been comfortable asking questions regarding homosexuality and the GLBT community. This has never been an agenda of mine, however, I have tried to always make it clear to all my co-workers, that I would be happy to discuss these topics with them at any time, without fear of my being offended or filing a complaint. I am not intending to paint a picture of harmony and bliss, there have been numerous times I have been witness to derogatory comments being made by commanders down to officers from the time I was in the academy to present. I do not challenge these individuals or address their comments due to these comments having been made within the walls of the Honolulu Police Department, outside of earshot of the public, and I understand all Officers have their individual beliefs and I respect that. However, I am not able to sit by and allow any officer to address the public and speak in a disrespectful manner of any portion of our diverse community of Hawaii. I am beyond words with how shocked, appalled and horrified I am that any officer, much less the President of SHOPO, would identify himself as such and then speak the words he has. I am truly ashamed and am not asking for Tenari to attempt to apologize for his words or beliefs, because the damage has been done, and everyone would know his apology would not be honest, but a reaction to fallout. I am sincerely asking that The Honolulu Police Department put out a clear statement indicating Tenari’s statements do not reflect the sentiments of our department or all of its officers. Corporal John Zeuzheim “Zeuz” D-2/ 2nd Watch