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Senate letter to gov 10 4-13


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Senate letter to gov 10 4-13

  1. 1. HAWAII STATE SENATE State Capitol, Honolulu, HI 96813 October 14, 2013 Governor Neil Abercrombie Executive Chambers State Capitol, 5th Floor Honolulu, Hawaii 96813, Dear Governor Abercrombie: We are writing to request that you make appointments to fill two vacant positions on the Hawaii Community Development Authority's Kakaako Community Development District board by October 28. The vacant positions are the cultural specialist and a county-nominated member. The cultural specialist position has been vacant since May 2, 2013, when the term expired for interim appointee Kamaki Kanahele. Honolulu City Council Resolution No. 13-219, adopted on October 9, 2013, lists five names for the county nominee position, which has been vacant since April 25, 2013. The resolution does not identify the position as a small business or resident in the Kakaako area, which is an eligibility requirement pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes §206E-3. In 2008, the Legislature amended H.R.S. §206E-3 to require Kakaako small business representation on HCDA. The cultural expert and Kakaako resident members were added last year by Act 323. At present, HCDA does not meet these membership requirements. Filling the vacant HCDA positions now would allow input from a cultural expert and small business and/or resident on pending and future development proposals which will have significant impacts on our community. We believe public confidence and involvement in HCDA's decision-making process would be enhanced by compliance with H.R.S. §206E-3, especially since four of the seven remaining voting board members are Cabinet directors. In order that we may be able to advise and consent purstl~nt to Hawaii Constitution Article V, Section 6, during the upcoming special session, we request that appointee names for the vacant positions be submitted to us by October 28, 2013. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, ~~~~K enator Donna Mercado Kim Senate President ~ Senator Brickwood Galuteria Majority -Leader JWK Senator Ronald Kouchi Senate Vice-President )i;~;r Majority Policy Leader