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Rep. Brower's SB1 floor speech


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Hawaii Rep. Tom Brower's floor speech on Senate Bill 1, Nov. 8, 2013.

Published in: News & Politics, Education
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Rep. Brower's SB1 floor speech

  1. 1. As a long-time resident of Waikiki, I’ve met people who are… gay, quasi-gay, gay-sian, bisexual, metro-sexual, pansexual, hetero-flexible, faafafine, transgendered, androgynous, mahu and a granny who was a tranny. While we are tolerant of different cultures in Hawaii’s melting pot. The majority must strive to be tolerant of someone who is different, and people of alternative lifestyles must be respectful of society’s norm. The strongest of all human qualities is acceptance. Through acceptance we achieve wisdom and that helps us to reach our full human and cosmic potential. Because you are a spiritual being having a human experience. And today is an opportunity for people on both sides of this issue, to show the world you have what it takes to evolve to higher standards… Personally speaking, the issue of same-sex marriage was not on my legislative priority list - Not on my radar or my Gay-dar. But similar to how a fireman must go into a burning
  2. 2. building. A legislator must go to where the controversy is, with conviction, without excuses, when called to special session. Personal feelings should influence but not over – rule a legislator’s objective thoughts and behavior. That is why I listen to the testifiers on both sides of the issue. On this topic, truth exists on both sides. I am supporting the bill because it is the duty of state government to help minority groups, especially when the group is asking for what many consider logical, rational and fair. I believe that intimate monogamous relationships-with people taking care of people-- is the backbone of a strong society. I have such respect for marriage, I’m not sure I can achieve it because I want it to be such a soul mate connection. I noticed, figuratively speaking, this bill has all the same DNA as Hawaii’s heterosexual marriage law. All the same rights, benefits and protections. The major point of contention is the eight letter word, marriage. Most against the bill say it is
  3. 3. because it includes the word marriage. But, it would be illogical to call the law anything else other than marriage? What are we going name it? ―I can’t believe it’s not marriage.‖ Or marriage with an asterisk, or marriage in quotation marks, or marriage winkwink, or hashtag marriage. I’m not religious in the traditional sense. I believe I have a relationship with God and I ask for his guidance. And guidance from his supernatural partner Jesus. Perhaps, God does not approve of homosexuality— it’s not how he intended things to be, but neither is a lot of what we see in today's "quote," ―normal heterosexual lifestyle.‖ Spiritually, I do not feel that legalized same sex marriage will make our State any more or less moral than it is or will be. In the eyes of God, how is same sex marriage any different than same-sex couples living together monogamously, without the marriage license? I encourage Christians to be more concerned with
  4. 4. the actions of people who call themselves ―Christians,‖ than gay people calling themselves ―married.‖ Isn’t our faith in the institution of marriage between a man and a woman strong enough to withstand an adjustment to its definition? This bill does not redefine God or the Bible’s idea of marriage. It does not mean… that gay is the new straight. It only readjusts, or expands the State of Hawaii’s definition of marriage. Perhaps, it just declares, that love is the answer…