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Moratorium letter final


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Moratorium letter final

  1. 1.       November  29,  2013     The  Honorable  Neil  Abercrombie   Governor,  State  of  Hawai‘i   Executive  Chambers,  State  Capitol   415  South  Beretania  Street   Honolulu,  Hawai‘i  96813     Dear  Governor  Abercrombie  ,   We,  the  undersigned,  seek  a  high  quality  of  life  for  all  Hawaii  residents,  advocating   affordable  housing  and  well-­‐planned  developments  that  meet  the  community’s  needs.   We  are  therefore  deeply  concerned  about  the  current  rapid  and  uncoordinated   development  taking  place  in  Kaka‘ako.    The  Hawaii  Community  Development  Authority   (HCDA)  is  approving  projects  and  granting  variances  that  undermine  existing  plans  and   infrastructure  capacity,  thereby  disregarding  community  health  and  quality  of  life.     To  realign  developers’  ambitions  with  sound  community  standards,  it  is  mandatory  to   impose  a  moratorium  on  any  new  Kaka’ako  development  until  sufficient  infrastructure   needs  –  sewer,  water,  roads,  parks,  schools  -­‐-­‐  are  properly  and  fully  addressed.    State  and   city  government  must  require  a:   • • • • • • • Supplemental  Environmental  Impact  Study  addressing  road,  water,  and  sewer   challenges   Comprehensive  Carrying  Capacity  Study  addressing  Kaka’ako  development  impacts   on  Honolulu  and  Oahu  water  supply  and  wastewater  treatment   Traffic  Impact  Analysis  Report   School  Capacity  Analysis   Parks  and  Open  Spaces  Master  Plan  linked  to  national  urban  community  standards   Low/Moderate  Income  Housing  Plan  for  families  earning  less  than  100%  of  Area   Median  Income  (AMI)   Law  imposing  a  one-­‐year  moratorium  on  HCDA  approval  of  new  projects  that   renews  automatically  until  the  above  requirements  are  satisfied.     We  would  be  happy  to  meet  with  you  to  discuss  our  concerns.  Please  contact  Sharon   Moriwaki  at  (808)428-­‐1348  or  email  us  at   KŪ:  Kakaʽako  Ūnited   415  South  Street  •  Honolulu,  Hawaii  96813  •       Ensuring  the  quality  of  life  for  an  integrated  Kaka'ako  community  from  mauka  to  makai.  
  2. 2. Respectfully submitted, Sharon Moriwaki Kaka‘ako United Alexandra Avery The Outdoor Circle Al Freznel Mālama Mākaha Donna Wong Hawaii’s Thousand Friends Kanekoa Crabbe Mālama Point Panic & Pure Point Panic Annual Bodysurfing Event Scott Brower Royal Capitol Plaza AOAO Cynthia Ong Admiral Thomas Coalition Eric Gill UNITE HERE! Local 5 Wil Okabe Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA) Stuart Coleman Surfrider Foundation Wayne Takamine Kaka‘ako Makai Community Planning Advisory Council Michelle Matson Oahu Island Parks Conservancy John Shockley Free Access Coalition Tim Vandeveer Defend Oahu Coalition Jesse Ryan Kawela Allen Kaka‘ako Cares Gerald Chun Kaka‘ako Do It Right Doorae Shin Student Sustainability Coalition of Hawaii Bernard K. Nunies Imperial Plaza AOAO George Beavin One Waterfront Tower AOAO KŪ: Kakaʽako Ūnited 415 South Street • Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 • Ensuring the quality of life for an integrated Kaka'ako community from mauka to makai.