Cb legislative session january 2013 toplines & demographics


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Cb legislative session january 2013 toplines & demographics

  1. 1. 1 • 813 Registered Voters Throughout Hawaii • January 7-8, 2013 • 16% Cell Phones, 84% LandlinesHawaii’s State Legislature begins its 2013 session later this month. One proposalmay be to legalize gambling in Hawaii. What do you think? Would you say thatgambling should be legal or illegal in Hawaii? Gambling a. Legal 36% b. Not Legal 53% c. Doesnt Matter 7% z. Unsure 4% Total 100%One specific gambling proposal could involve allowing just one casino in Waikiki.Would you support allowing one casino in Waikiki? Casino a. Support 29% b. Oppose 60% c. Doesnt Matter 7% z. Unsure 4% Total 100%Another proposal could be to create a state-wide lottery. Would you supportcreation of a state-wide lottery? Lottery Support 57% Oppose 33% Doesnt Matter 5% Unsure 5% Total 100%
  2. 2. 2In 2011, the Legislature approved a Civil Unions bill for all couples, includingsame-sex couples, and Governor Abercrombie signed it into law. How do youfeel about the decision to make civil unions legal in Hawaii? CivilUnion Support 48% Oppose 42% Doesnt Matter 7% Unsure 4% Total 100%How do you feel about marriage for same-sex couples? Do you believe thatsame-sex couples should or should not have the legal right to get married? Marriage Yes 42% No 50% Doesnt Matter 6% Unsure 2% Total 100% Ideally, how do you think the issue of same-sex marriage should be decided inHawaii? Directly by a vote by Hawaii’s residents? By the Hawaii legislature andGovernor? By Hawaii’s state courts? Or by a nation-wide law from the federalgovernment? MarriageDecide Voters 59% Legislature/Governor 12% Courts 7% Federal 14% Other/Unsure 8% Total 100%
  3. 3. 3Another proposal could be for all of Hawaii’s elections to be conducted entirely bymail. The states of Oregon and Washington currently have a similar all-mail-invoting system. Would you support or oppose using this system in Hawaii? VoteByMail Yes 47% No 35% Doesnt Matter 11% Unsure 7% Total 100%This year, Hawaii’s legislature may also consider how to address a 22 BillionDollar budget shortfall, mostly due to increasing costs for state worker pensionsand retiree healthcare coverage. What do you think is the best way for the stateto address the pension and healthcare deficit? By increasing the general excisetax? By cutting retiree pensions and benefits that were previously agreed to? Byincreasing the amount that current state employees pay for their benefits? Or bysome combination of those options? BudgetDeficit Excise tax 17% Retirees 9% Current employees 26% Combination 31% Unsure 17% Total 100%
  4. 4. 4Hawaii’s Public Land Development Corporation--or PLDC--was created in 2011to help the state government and private companies work together to developstate lands and generate revenue. Some people have criticized the agency forsidestepping environmental regulations and Native Hawaiian concerns. Otherpeople say the PLDC hasnt had enough time to show the positive impact it canhave. Now, some state legislators and activist groups want to abolish the PLDC.What do you think—should the PLDC be abolished? Should the laws be changedto put stricter controls on the PLDC? Or should the PLDC be left as it is? PLDC Abolish 28% Control 35% Leave alone 12% Doesnt matter 8% Unsure 17% Total 100%How do you feel about the Honolulu high-capacity Rail project--do you generallysupport or oppose it? Rail Support 40% Oppose 50% Doesnt Matter 6% Unsure 4% Total 100%
  5. 5. 5How do you feel about Barack Obama’s job performance as President? Do yougenerally approve or disapprove? Obama Approve strongly 41% Approve somewhat 24% Disapprove somewhat 11% Disapprove strongly 18% Unsure 6% Total 100% Obama_Condensed Approve 65% Disapprove 29% Unsure 6% Total 100%Do you generally approve or disapprove of Neil Abercrombie’s job performanceas Governor? Abercrombie Approve strongly 13% Approve somewhat 35% Disapprove somewhat 24% Disapprove strongly 21% Unsure 8% Total 100% Abercrombie_Condensed Approve 48% Disapprove 44% Unsure 8% Total 100%
  6. 6. 6Last month, Governor Abercrombie appointed Lieutenant Governor Brian Schatzto fill the Senate seat that was left open when Senator Inouye passed away. Doyou generally approve or disapprove of that decision? Schatz Approve 45% Disapprove 36% Unsure 19% Total 100%According to state regulations, Governor Abercrombie was able to choosebetween three people to fill Senator Inouye’s seat—Brian Schatz;Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa; and former Office of Hawaiian Affairsofficial, Esther Kia’aina. If the choice had been up to you, who would you havepicked? SenateChoices Schatz 36% Hanabusa 36% Kaiaina 7% Unsure 22% Total 100%Before Senator Inouye passed away, he wrote a private letter to GovernorAbercrombie asking the Governor to appoint Colleen Hanabusa to fill his Senateseat. After Inouye’s death, someone on his staff released that letter publicly, toput pressure Abercrombie to appoint Hanabusa. What do you think of the Inouyestaff member’s decision to release that letter? InouyeLette r Approve 33% Disapprove 45% Unsure 22% Total 100%
  7. 7. 7 Demographics GenderMale 46%Female 54%Total 100% Age_Group18-29 6%30-39 9%40-49 14%50-64 32%65+ 39%Total 100% Race_EthncityCaucasian 32%Japanese 20%Filipino 14%Hawaiian 8%Chinese 10%Hispanic/Latino 1%Other/Mixed 15%Total 100% PhoneTypeBoth 80%Cell Only 11%Landline Only 9%Total 100%
  8. 8. 8 PoliticsLiberal/Progressive 26%Moderate 32%Conservative 24%Unsure 18%Total 100% Party_IDDemocrat 47%Republican 19%Independent 30%Unsure 5%Total 100% EducationNo degree 3%High School Degree 29%College Degree 42%Graduate Degree 27%Total 100% RelationshipMarried 55%Partner 4%Single 18%Div/Sep 10%Widowed 13%Total 100%
  9. 9. 9 Military_FamilyYes 17%No 83%Total 100% Union_HouseholdYes 30%No 70%Total 100% Income$50,000 or Less 38%$50,000-$100,000 37%$100,000 or More 25%Total 100%