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Boylan response


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Boylan response

  1. 1. Response to Schatz campaign memo from Peter Boylan, Hanabusa’s campaign spokesman, Oct. 16, 2013: "There's a lot more to winning over voters in Hawaii than this sort of cynical and mechanical political calculation. The Schatz campaign seems to have forgotten that Brian was appointed to his seat by Governor Abercrombie, and the people of Hawaii have yet to express their opinion about who can best serve them in the United States Senate. In Hawaii, raising the most money or getting the most endorsements doesn't always win the race. The voters are smarter than that. Nor do Hawaii voters cast their ballots based on identification with a particular ideology. It's more accurate to say that they have preferred highly-qualified candidates who reflect their core values." "I don't think a majority of Hawaii voters could define 'progressive politics,' nor do they define themselves by those labels. They know what concerns them, they know what's important to them, and they vote accordingly. They're not going to vote for you just because you say, 'I'm a progressive.' They'll vote for you if you really listen to them, truly understand what is important to them, and demonstrate real leadership in providing what they need to make their lives better. Colleen's record shows that she does just that. Voters have responded by electing her to the State Senate and to Congress, and her colleagues responded by electing her Senate President." "This election will come down to who voters believe will be the best U.S. Senator, and who will provide the leadership that Hawaii needs now. It's their first chance to have their voices heard on that, and we don't think they will care about money or labels. They will care about experience, effectiveness, and leadership."