National Civic Summit - Project Vote


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National Civic Summit - Project Vote

  1. 1. About Project Vote • Project Vote is a national nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that promotes voting in low-income and minority communities. • Project Vote’s staff are experts in the fields of voting rights, election law, and large- scale voter contact programs. • Project Vote’s vision is full participation in the democratic process so that government is elected by and accountable to America’s diverse population. What we do What we’ve accomplished We help Americans register to vote, connect Since 1982 Project Vote has developed state-of- voting with the everyday issues that affect their the-art voter registration and Get-Out-the-Vote lives, and dismantle barriers to political programs, and has helped more than 5.6 million participation. Americans in low-income and minority communities complete voter registration Project Vote develops customized voter applications. Project Vote has also achieved a registration and voter education programs nationwide presence through long-term that local organizations use to engage relationships with service and advocacy their communities. partners, and takes a leadership role in nationwide election administration issues, working through research, legal services, and Project Vote provides resources, advocacy to ensure that our constituencies are management tools, and technical not prevented from registering and voting. assistance to local partners who use our programs. The 2007-2008 election cycle represented a landmark period in Project Vote's work. Our Project Vote advocates to make election Voter Registration Program represented the systems better so that everyone can be largest voter registration drive in our history, and confident that they can vote and have their one of the largest nonprofit, nonpartisan drives vote counted. ever conducted in the nation; working with our partner ACORN, Project Vote collected over 1.3 Why we do it million voter registration applications, the Despite recent upticks in voter participation, a majority from low-income and significant portion of the electorate, concentrated minority communities. At the same time Project in low-income and minority communities, is still Vote expanded its Election Administration alienated from the electoral process. This Program, which achieved several significant weakens our democracy by excluding from victories that helped protect our constituencies major public policy decisions the voices of the from disenfranchisement, whether from legal most vulnerable and least powerful. Project Vote barriers, unfair policies, or partisan suppression. knows that strong democracy needs active Our Public Agency Registration Project, in participation from all sectors of society, and cooperation with Demos, achieved important works hard to engage low-income and minority advances in bringing several states into voters in the civic process. compliance with requirements under the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, which requires states to offer voter registration services through agencies providing public assistance and assistance for people with disabilities. 739 8th Street SE • Washington, DC 20003 1.800.546.8683