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National Civic Summit - Brennan Center For Justice - Justin Levitt

  1. Redistricting and the Census Justin Levitt July 16, 2009
  2. Downtown Minneapolis
  3. Is this a good district?
  4. Is this a good district? You can’t know if a district is “good,” unless you know what it’s trying to achieve
  5. Key redistricting dates April 1, 2010 ― December 31, 2010 ― January 10, 2011 ― April 1, 2011 ― End of session 2011 ― Census Day Census count to President Apportionment to U.S. House Redistricting data to states Most redistricting complete
  6. Other redistricting institutions State legislative districts Congressional districts Advisory Backup Primary control in the legislature Primary control outside legislature
  7. The Voting Rights Act and beyond
  8. 2000 population in hard-to-count areas Source: Election Data Services
  9. 2000 Denver hard-to-count areas Source: Community Research Institute, Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, Grand Valley State U.
  10. Mapping community boundaries