Banner, Buchanan & 40th Street Rehab Presentation


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Overview of the City of Hyattsville's proposed Banner, Buchanan & 40th street rehab project as presented by Mayor Marc Tartaro on November 26, 2012.

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Banner, Buchanan & 40th Street Rehab Presentation

  1. 1. Banner, Buchanan, Crittenden 40th Ave Project Community Meeting , November 26, 2012Budget Presentation
  2. 2. Project Scope (General)The Banner, Buchanan, Crittenden, 40th Avenue project scope is toaddress a number of deficiencies having to do with sidewalks, streettrees, roadways and stormwater drainage.1. Besides general sidewalk issues having to do with maintenance related to heaving of tree roots and settlement creating tripping hazards along with stormwater damming in residential yards, the current sidewalk route is not ADA compliant and needs to be extended.2. A solution needs to be developed to address significant tree root girdling due to lack of space between the sidewalk and curb on Banner Street where one condition is threatening a PEPCO power pole. Also a separate issue is the threat to the power and communication infrastructure by tree growth (limbs) encompassing the PEPCO and Verizon lines on Banner and 40th Avenue. Pruning to create clearance may not be adequate.Budget Presentation
  3. 3. Project Scope (General cont)3. A tree management plan for the existing trees will need to be established along with a new tree planting plan. New design features for tree boxes (curb bump outs?) will need to be developed and incorporated into the overall project plan.4. A comprehensive stormwater drainage plan of the Banner, Buchanan, Crittenden, 40th Avenue project needs to be developed to create positive drainage to all of the stormwater structures to stop ponding in the roadway and creating erosion at each. Additional stormwater structures (rain gardens, etc) need to be developed at both ends of Buchanan Street and at the Crittenden Street cul-de-sac terminus. Existing roadway and curb elevations will need to be surveyed and reengineered , requiring removal and reconstruction.Budget Presentation
  4. 4. Project Design Principles1. The project design will make every attempt to preserve the character of the neighborhood.2. Provide safe accessible pedestrian access throughout the neighborhood in conformance with the City Sidewalk policy.3. Comply with the City’s Sustainability policy and best practices.4. Reduce vehicular traffic and vehicle speeds.5. Avoid right-of-way impacts to residents and limit impacts to owner improvements within the right-of-way6. Save existing mature trees, and where necessary recommend native species for new planting.Budget Presentation
  5. 5. Overall Project AreaBudget Presentation
  6. 6. Banner Street Street trees Sidewalk girdling the damming curb and sidewalk Street trees underneath and Divert growing into roadway PEPCO and Teldrainage to linesstormwater outlets Budget Presentation
  7. 7. Banner Street Banner trees heaving Banner trees heaving Banner stormwater and girdling sidewalk and girdling sidewalk damming north side of street south side south side Banner power lines, transformer and telephone lines in tree canopy Banner stormwater outlet drainage problemBudget Presentation
  8. 8. Banner Street Banner power lines, transformer and Banner tree roots Banner tree roots telephone lines in girdling sidewalk girdling sidewalk tree canopy south side south sideBanner trees planteddirectly underneathpower lines south side Banner trees heaving and girdling sidewalk and PEPCO pole south sideBudget Presentation
  9. 9. Buchanan Street Gutters, no curb typical Divert Roadway roadway terminationdrainage to andstormwater drainage outlets Stormwater structure , rain garden or ? Budget Presentation
  10. 10. Buchanan StreetBuchanan looking east from Buchanan stormwater outlet Buchanan stormwaterat end of street mid block south side drainage problem 40th Ave BuchananBuchanan stormwater Buchanan stormwater outlet stormwater outlet mid-blockoutlets at Banner Street mid block north side south side looking westBudget Presentation
  11. 11. Crittenden Street ADA sidewalk connectivity to Crittenden 40th Place project Roadway termination and drainage, stormwaterstructure , rain garden or ? Street tree underneath growing into PEPCO and Tel lines Budget Presentation
  12. 12. Crittenden Street Crittenden looking east from Crittenden cul-de-sac 40th Ave Crittenden tree in power lines Crittenden looking towards cul-de-sac Crittenden looking Crittenden looking west from at 40th Ave east from cul-de-sac Banner and 40th PlaceBudget Presentation
  13. 13. 40th Avenue Street tree girdling the curb and sidewalk Complete sidewalk Street trees connectivity underneath and growing into PEPCO and Tel linesBudget Presentation
  14. 14. 40th AvenueTree 40th Ave &Crittenden heaving 40th Ave & Banner drainage 40th Avesidewalk problem (see right) stormwater outletTree 40th Ave & Trees planted directly 40th Ave incompleteCrittenden heaving underneath power sidewalksidewalk lines on 40th Ave connectivityBudget Presentation
  15. 15. Project ScheduleBudget Presentation
  16. 16. Project Scope (Preliminary BAI Proposal)Proposed deletions in red and additions underlinedBAI understands that the City of Hyattsville desires to upgrade BannerStreet, Buchanan Street, Crittenden Street, 40th Avenue, and Alleys 8and 9 in the city of Hyattsville, MD. The improvements will encompassthe entire “block” in this area, and will be designed to tie inaccordingly to the Crittenden Street 40th Place Improvements project.These improvements will be based on the City-provided list of issuessubmitted to BAI on August 15, 2011, containing details on specificengineering upgrades needed in the project area and in accordancewith the City’s Sidewalk policy and Environmental Sustainability Policy.Budget Presentation
  17. 17. (Preliminary BAI Proposal continued)Additionally, the following design principles will be incorporated intothe project: safe pedestrian facilities, sustainability, reduced vehiclespeeds, avoidance of right-of-way impacts to residents, avoidance ofimpacts to surface/subsurface utilities, reduced vehicular traffic, andlimiting impacts to owner improvements within the right-of-way. Thedesign will make every attempt to preserve the character of theneighborhood, save existing mature trees, and recommend nativespecies for new planting.Upgrades to these streets will include:1. Partial or Full-depth patch, as necessary, any areas exhibiting pavement distress.2. Mill and overlay the surface course on all the roadways.3. Wedge and level pavement to establish positive drainage throughout.Budget Presentation
  18. 18. (Preliminary BAI Proposal continued)4. Reconstruct curb and gutter, in-kind, as necessary.5. Reconstruct all ADA non-compliant sidewalks in the project area.6. Resolve concerns over varying cross-slopes of existing sidewalk.7. Redesign sidewalk to alleviate drainage issues on all streets Banner Street and Crittenden Street, remove tripping hazards and comply with the City’s sidewalk policy.8. Resolve drainage issues on the following streets/locations: •Intersection of Crittenden Street and Alley 8 •Crittenden Street terminus at trail head •Banner Street, Buchanan Street, Buchanan Street terminus •40th Avenue terminus •Intersection of Buchanan Street and Alley 9 •And up to six additional locations that the City identifiesBudget Presentation
  19. 19. (Preliminary BAI Proposal continued)9. Re-engineer the Crittenden Street terminus, the Buchanan Street terminus and determine the feasibility of installing rain gardens or other storm water management facilities.10. Re-engineer the 40th Avenue terminus to address drainage issues, prevent soil erosion and determine the feasibility of installing a rain garden.11. Address conflicts while minimizing impacts to existing trees. Potentially narrowing roadway to create new sidewalk paths and tree boxes of adequate size.12. Obtain all permits for performing the work. “Blanket” permits from PG DER and PG SCD may be warranted, depending on disturbed area calculations.Budget Presentation
  20. 20. (Preliminary BAI Proposal continued)13. Take inventory of all existing pavement markings and signage and ensure that they are adequate and meet standards, and are replaced correctly following any improvements.14. Clean, rehabilitate or replace any roadside drainage appurtenances, as needed, including grate replacement.Additionally, upgrades will include:15. Storm drain inlet installation and system connection at SB 40th Avenue and Buchanan Street16. System connection of existing storm drain inlet at NB 40th Avenue and Buchanan Street17. Stabilization of the area south west of the intersection of 40th Avenue and Buchanan StreetBudget Presentation
  21. 21. (Preliminary BAI Proposal continued)18. Coordination with PEPCO utility work including pole relocationBudget Presentation
  22. 22. Next Steps (next 60 days)1. Receive comments from residents2. Review overhead tree issues with PEPCO and Verizon3. Revise Scope and negotiate BAI engineering proposal4. Report out to City Council and residents. Seek approval of revised BAI engineering proposal.5. Start engineering work for project.Budget Presentation