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Social Networks BIG video conference

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  1. 1. Social Media… Join the Conversation and Gain More Leads March 3, 2011 A special thank you to:
  2. 2. Today’s Speakers Anthony Sanzio Sharon Buntain Group Director US Brand PresidentCorporate & Brand Communications TISSOT, Swiss Watches Campbell Soup Company The Swatch Group, Ltd. Moderator Barb Pellow Group Director InfoTrends
  3. 3. Tips for Webinar Attendees• Technical difficulties? Let us know by using the “Ask a Question” box, or trouble-shootby clicking the “Help” button below• Please disable pop-up blockers• Get a PDF version of this presentation by clicking the “Download Slides” button• Like what you’re seeing/hearing? Tell peers using the “Invite a Colleague” button, orlet us know by clicking the “Survey” button and sending your feedback• Submit questions to today’s speakers using the “Ask a Question” box• View this event on-demand for the next 90 days Don’t forget to Tweet about this Webinar using hashtag #TMGWebinar
  4. 4. Today’s Agenda• All Channels On Barb Pellow• Social Media and the Digital Anthony Sanzio Marketing Taxonomy• The Changing Marketing Sharon Buntain Demographic• Recommendations and Conclusions• Questions
  5. 5. Reaching Consumers… It Used to be Easy!
  6. 6. Today’s Consumers are ALWAYS ON and Marketers Don’t Know Which Channels to Use!
  7. 7. Everyone is Connected!• The total number of global Internet users surpassed two billion before the end of 2010• More than half (1.2 billion) are citizens of developing countries – In developed countries, 71% of households own a computer, and 65.6% have access to the Internet Source: ITU, the information technologies and communication arm of the United Nations (UN)
  8. 8. Social Media: Making Connections • As of December 2010, Facebook had more than 500 million active users. 70% of users are outside of the United States. If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s 3rd largest. • LinkedIn had over 85 million members in 200 countries as of November 2010. A new member joins every second. About half of LinkedIn’s members are outside the United States. • YouTube exceeds 2 billion views a day. This is nearly double the prime-time audience of all 3 major U.S. broadcast networks combined • Twitter has over 106,000,000 registered users. 300,000 sign up per day. Twitter users are, in total, generating an average of 55 million tweets a day— that’s more than 600 tweets per second!
  9. 9. Texting Takes Off• SMS has jumped from an estimated 1.8 trillion in 2007 to 6.1 trillion in 2010.• At an average cost of seven cents per message, SMS traffic generates approximately $14,000 every second.• The U.S. and the Philippines combined accounted for more than one-third of the total number of messages sent last year.Source: ITU, the information technologies and communicationarm of the United Nations (UN)
  10. 10. A Focus on the Individual!
  11. 11. A Movement toward More Targeted Campaigns What percentage of your marketing campaigns fit into the following categories?N = 466 MarketersSource: Capturing the Cross-Media Direct Marketing Opportunity, InfoTrends, 2010
  12. 12. It’s Personalization Plus Engagement
  13. 13. Real Time… At the Speed of NOW!
  14. 14. A Growing Number of Media Options Which of the following media does your company use for marketing? Electronic Print Multiple Responses Permitted N = 518Source: Capturing the Cross-Media Direct Marketing Opportunity, InfoTrends, 2010
  15. 15. Average Number of Media Types Used in a Direct Marketing CampaignHow many different types of media does your company use for a typical direct marketing campaign? Mean = 3 N = 518Source: Capturing the Cross-Media Direct Marketing Opportunity, InfoTrends, 2010
  16. 16. Top Considerations in Media Decisions What are your top THREE considerations in deciding which media to use in marketing campaigns? Cost 66% Target audience 39% Customer preference 35% Nature of campaign (ret. vs. acq.) 27% Customer data availability 26% Past campaign performance 25% Ease of tracking/measurement 22% Ease of execution 21% Internal skill sets 8% Past budget allocation 7% Following competitor 6% Recommendation from agency 5% Multiple Responses Permitted Other 1% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80%N = 518 Marketers Percentage of RespondentsSource: Capturing the Cross-Media Direct Marketing Opportunity, InfoTrends, 2010
  17. 17. And the Winner Is…• Marketers will spend $4 billion worldwide on Facebook in 2011, with $2.2 billion of that in the United States. During 2011, Facebook will receive 68% of all social network ad spending worldwide.• Twitter is expected to attract $150 million in advertising this year and $250 million in 2012.• Social games will start to make a dent too. Expenditures will reach $274 million worldwide this year and $417 million in 2012.• Worldwide spending on social networks will reach almost $6 billion this year, amounting to $3.1 billion in the U.S. and $2.9 billion in international markets.
  18. 18. Social Media and the Digital Marketing Taxonomy Anthony Sanzio Group Director, Corporate & Brand Communications Campbell Soup Company
  19. 19. The Campbell Portfolio
  20. 20. About Campbell• Founded in 1869• Global Food and Beverage Manufacturer – Simple meals, anchored in soup – Baked snacks, anchored in Pepperidge Farm & Arnott’s – Healthy beverages, anchored in V8• Key Brands – Campbell’s – Pepperidge Farm and Arnott’s – V8• $8 Billion in Sales
  21. 21. How We Operate• Classic matrix organization• Business units & corporate functions• Public Affairs – Corporate Communications – Brand Communications • BU-funded and part of integrated marketing – Wellness Communications • BU-funded and part of integrated marketing
  22. 22. Media Mix• Campbell uses a variety of media across brands – TV - :30 and :15s – Radio – Print: Recipe ads – Out of home – Digital & Mobile – Spend nearly doubled in last 4 years
  23. 23. Social Media is a Tactic within Digital MarketingSource: MECi
  24. 24. Stickybits UPC Code Promotion Highlights New Condensed Labels, Offers Prices What is Stickybits? StickyBits is a mobile application that allows users to affix videos, photos, text, or audio to any product that has a barcode. How it works A consumer can enter the Soup Scan Sweepstakes by uploading a photo of themselves holding one of the new can labels for a chance to win $500 in prize money. A consumer can enter in one of two ways: 1.Online/Facebook: Taking a digital picture of themselves holding a can with one of the new labels and uploading it to the Soup Scan Sweepstakes entry tab on the RW Condensed Facebook page 2.Mobile device: Downloading the Stickybits application and scanning one of the new can labels to upload a “bit,” in this case a photo of themselves holding one of the new cans. The bit then be uploaded via the mobile application to the Soup Scan Sweepstakes tab on the RW Condensed Facebook fan page.
  25. 25. What’s Working, What’s Not• What’s Working – Engagement – Apps – Mobile• Challenges – Measurement – Organization Structure
  26. 26. The Changing Marketing Demographic Sharon Buntain US Brand President for TISSOT, Swiss Watches The Swatch Group, Ltd.
  27. 27. Company Background• Tissot was founded in 1853 and is currently active in 165 countries• Member brand of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch company• $6 billion in sales 2010, $1 billion operating profit• Number of Employees• The fascinating back story… Tissot – Innovators by Tradition
  28. 28. Product Offerings and Distribution Models• Business Model• Distribution and Retail Model• Why Tissot?
  29. 29. New Opportunities for MarketersOld School Industry Example Today’s Example National Print Campaign Retail Outdoor Catalog
  30. 30. WHY? Print Example: Style Cards
  31. 31. WHY? Print Example: 2-Sided Style Cards
  32. 32. WHAT? Media that EngagesTissot QR Code Tissot AR TV
  33. 33. WHY? A Printed Image that Generates a CRM Database
  34. 34. WHY? Immediacy!Prompt User to Call/e-Mail Regarding a Specific Product
  35. 35. WHY? Virtual Business Cards
  36. 36. WHY? QR Codes
  37. 37. WHY? Education!Educate Consumers by Linking to Social Profiles/Blogs
  38. 38. WHY? Tracking!A Printed Image that Can TRACK RESULTS for Your Customers
  39. 39. WHERE?
  40. 40. WHERE? At Retail Using in-Counter Displays
  41. 41. WHERE?
  42. 42. Key Challenges• Integrated marketing, the 10 platforms: — Print? Direct Mail? — Online? Mobile? — Social Media? Viral recommendations? — TV? Radio? — OOH? — Sponsorship activitation
  43. 43. Recommendations If you didn’t start in 2010, then 2011 is the answer!• It’s about growing databases/mailing lists• It’s about creating content• It’s about your clients tracking ROI on their marketing spend
  44. 44. In Conclusion…
  45. 45. Conclusions: It’s Time to Rethink Your Strategy! • Marketers and service providers need to accept that the balance of power between buyer and seller has changed ... forever • Economy, technological advancements, and cultural changes will continue to drive cross-media direct marketing opportunities • Customer engagement and interactivity will be essential to marketers of all types…It is print, mobile, online, and social • Campaigns need to communicate with customers and prospects through multiple channels • Communications strategies need to create uniquely powerful opt-in preference driven databases to enhance future communications
  46. 46. It’s Time to Become an Integrated Cross-Media Marketer• Embrace a “phased” cross-media adoption plan• Select partners that expand your reach• Start and end all marketing efforts with data• Establish interactive communication with your customers• Develop campaigns with measurement and multiple media types in mind• Test and iterate, then scale for all new programs
  47. 47. “An ostrich with its head in the sand is just as blind to opportunity as to disaster.”
  48. 48. Question & Answer SessionIf you haven’t done so already, please take thistime to submit questions to our speakers using the “Ask a Question” box on your console.
  49. 49. Thank You!Thank you for taking the time to attend our Webinar today. For additional information about our Webinar series, check out the following Website: Please take a moment to fill out our feedback survey.