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The Yale Brand 2 24 11


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A brand book designed to introduce potential licensees and/or retail partners to the Yale brand. Created with appreciated wisdom and guidance from Strand IP.

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The Yale Brand 2 24 11

  1. 1. yal e trademark licensing programThe Yale Brand
  2. 2. Contents 5 Introduction An Introduction to Yale Yale University at a Glance The Undergraduate Experience 9 The Yale Brand The Yale Mission Institutional Mark Athletic Marks Additional Marks Additional Graphics for Apparel Residential College Marks Graduate and Professional School Marks Slogans and Wordmarks 16 Trademark Licensing Business Profile Customer and Brand Segmentation Distribution of Yale Merchandise Marketing and Promotion Current Licenseesabove Harkness Tower is 21 Merchandising YaleYale’s most iconic buildingand was constructed between1917 and 1921. It was built Staying True to the Yale Brandto a height in feet equivalent Classic Yale Productsto Yale’s age in years whenconstruction began, 217. New Graphics and Products Usage Guidelines 26 Yale’s Trademark Licensing Process How to get started Contact Information2
  3. 3. Welcome to YaleWe are delighted that you are interested in considering We seek licensees who are prepared to treat Yale in aa license to manufacture and sell Yale insignia products. manner commensurate with that of their most valu- able properties, and we hold them to that expectationThe Yale University Marketing and Trademark throughout the life of the license.Licensing Program takes great pride in working withits licensees to make available to the University’s Yale boasts a long and cherished history of excellencestakeholders and visitors a portfolio of merchandise and leadership that is complemented by a 21st centurythat is both aesthetically appealing and of uniform global vision of the University’s role in shaping thehigh quality. future. We are proud to offer an Insignia Collection that reflects this dual celebration of the past as well asOur staff is dedicated to working with licensees the promise of the future.and with our key distribution channels to marketand promote their products through a variety of Stephanie Schwartzmechanisms, including, but not limited to, social Associate Secretary and Director,media, events, and traditional advertising. Marketing and Trademark Licensing, Yale UniversityWe approach each new license purposefully andthoughtfully, with the philosophy that ‘your successis our success.’ 3
  4. 4. Introduction
  5. 5. left Completed in 1753, Connecticut Hall is the oldest building at Yale and one of four National Historic Landmarks on campus. Connecticut Hall formed part of the Old Brick Row, the original building complex that lined what is now the Old Campus. While the rest of the Brick Row was demolished at the turn of the twentieth century, Connecticut Hall remained intact. Connecticut Hall served as a dormitory in the 18th Century, and housed many famous residents, including James Hillhouse (1773), Noah Webster (1778), Eli Whitney (1792), and Nathan Hale (1773), whose statue stands just outside the building.An Introduction to YaleHistory ExcellenceYale was founded as then “Collegiate School” in 1701 Now in its fourth Century, Yale boasts America’sto preserve the tradition of European liberal education third oldest college, thirteen renowned graduatein the New World. In 1718, the school was renamed and professional schools, and global recognition for“Yale College” in gratitude for the donations of excellence in teaching, research, and service. Yale isWelsh merchant Elihu Yale. In the 19th Century, the consistently ranked among the top three Universities inInstitution added several graduate and professional the world by US News and World Report. Yale Collegeschools, becoming “Yale University” in 1887. is also ranked among the top three undergraduateIn addition to the undergraduate College, Yale programs in the United States, and many of Yale’s otherestablished schools of Medicine, Divinity, Graduate Schools hold similar distinctions. Consistent with Yale’sArts and Sciences, Engineering, Fine Arts, Music, high quality of education, the University has the second-Forestry and Environmental Studies, Public Health, largest university library system in the world.Nursing, Drama, Architecture, and Management. LeadershipTradition For centuries, Yale graduates have been pioneers in theirYalies are immersed in a rich tradition that respective fields. Samuel Morse invented the telegraph,encompasses all aspects of student life. In athletics, and Harvey Cushing is known as the “Father of ModernYale has the two oldest football rivalry games, most Neuroscience.” More recently, Donna Dubinsky inventednotably the Harvard-Yale game, known as “The the Palm pilot, and Maya Lin designed the VietnamGame.” Halloween has become an important tradition Memorial. Yale has also been a place of firsts, awardingthat culminates with the Halloween show, a silent film the first MD and PhD degrees in the United States,put on by the Yale Symphony Orchestra. All Yalies end and founding the first university art gallery and collegetheir studies with Commencement, which at Yale is an newspaper. Presently, the Institution is committed toaffair packed with activities and ceremonies over the leadership in globalization, providing students withcourse of three days. On “Class Day,” one day before many study abroad opportunities. Yale University alsograduation, the Yale undergraduates wear silly hats leads the way in promoting environmentally friendlyinstead of mortarboards, and enjoy a speech from an policies while setting an example by utilizing greenindividual of their own choosing. buildings and biofuels on campus. 5
  6. 6. Yale University at a GlanceUndergraduate Students 5,232Graduate and Professional Students 6,318International Students 1,910Faculty 3,695Staff 9,267International Scholars 1,970Living Alumni (Overseas) 153,687 (10,297)Yearly Tourist Visitors 550,000Library Holdings 12.7 million volumesVarsity Athletic Teams 356
  7. 7. The Undergraduate Experience‘Yale is at once a tradition, a company of scholars, and a society of friends.’george w. piersonThe students of Yale College are the heart of the careers with students. Though students are assignedUniversity, and the group that identifies most with to a residential college randomly, they quickly identifybeing a “Yalie.” Equally as important as their Yale with their college, and most claim theirs as “the best.”identity is their pride for their respective residential Outside of the colleges, students can take part incolleges. Much more than dorms, the colleges are a 108 varsity, club, and intramural sports teams,microcosm of Yale, and serve as centers for student 17 dance troupes, 4 cultural houses, 8 comedy groups,culture. Each of the twelve colleges has its own gym, a sustainable farm, 9 theater organizations, 22 musicaldining hall, library, computer lab, kitchen, music ensembles, 19 political organizations, 36 studentpractice rooms, laundry rooms, and other amenities publications, and dozens of other organizations.specific to certain colleges, such as theaters, printingpresses, dance and recording studios, and basketballcourts. The colleges host numerous events includingstudy breaks, where students can meet each otherover snacks, and Master’s Teas, where prominentindividuals in various fields come to discuss their 7
  8. 8. The Yale Brand
  9. 9. The Yale MissionYale has a tripartite mission: to create, preserve, anddisseminate knowledge. Yale aims to carry out each partof its mission at the highest level of excellence, onpar with the best institutions in the world. Yale seeksto attract a diverse group of exceptionally talentedmen and women from across the nation and aroundthe world and to educate them for leadership inscholarship, the professions, and society.Yale merchandise is an important part of this mission,serving as an extra face to promote the Yale Brand.What follows is a list of the marks used in Yale’strademark licensing enterprise. 9
  10. 10. Institutional MarkYale LogoThe Yale logo embodies Yale’s identity and conveys astrong connection to the University. The logo is set ina modified version of the Yale typeface. The logo alsoaims to reflect the University’s global reach in today’sdigital world.Athletic MarksBulldog with ‘Y’ Yale BulldogsYale became the first university to adopt a live mascot The original Handsome Dan was the first in a line ofin 1889 with the purchase of a bulldog by a student. twenty six mascots of that name, each chosen after theThe bulldog became known as “Handsome Dan” previous Handsome Dan retires. Yale’s athletic teams,and inspired Cole Porter to create the Yale fight song called the “Yale Bulldogs,” are graced with Handsome“Bulldog, Bulldog.” Thus, the Bulldog became Yale’s Dan’s presence at many sporting events. The logomascot. Here, the Yale Bulldog is depicted in front of for the Yale Bulldogs consists of the name written ina “Y” in a bold collegiate font. all capital letters in the collegiate font.10
  11. 11. Additional MarksYale University Wordmark Block ‘Yale’Yale Shield Yale Shield with no fill Block ‘Y’Additional Graphics for ApparelShields Harkness Tower Boola BoolaThe Commencement Mark Bulldogs 11
  12. 12. Residential College MarksEach residential college is distinguished by its motto, cheer, andmascot, as well as by its architecture and landscape. Furthermore, eachhas its own visual identity, represented by the shields shown below. Berkeley College Branford College Calhoun College Davenport College est. 1934 Est. 1933 Est. 1933 Est. 1933Ezra Stiles College Jonathan Edwards Morse College Pierson College Est. 1961 College, Est. 1932 Est. 1961 Est. 1933Saybrook College Silliman College Timothy Dwight Trumbull College Est. 1933 Est. 1940 College, Est. 1935 Est. 193312
  13. 13. Graduate and Professional School MarksYale’s graduate and professional schools are represented visually byshields and wordmarks, enabling students, alumni, and faculty toself-identify based on their academic affiliation. 13
  14. 14. Slogans and WordmarksSlogans‘Lux Et Veritas’ ‘For God, for Country, and for Yale’ Yale’s motto was conceived to represent its early days This phrase is sung at the end of Yale’s unofficial Alma as a college of both secular and religious education. Mater, “Bright College Years.” The song in turn is sung By the 1730’s, Yale had come to see secular study as at the end of Yale Commencement, making this phrase indispensable to the production of America’s future particularly nostalgic for alumni of the University. leaders. To embody Yale’s progressive ideals, the Outside of Commencement, the Yale Precision Institution chose its Latin motto, which translates to Marching Band performs “Bright College Years” at the“Light and Truth.” The Institution felt that a proper end of sports events, and The Yale Glee Club sings it education consisted of both the “Light” of a liberal to conclude their concerts. education and the “Truth” of religious tradition. In 1736, “Lux Et Veritas” first appeared on Yale diplomas. ‘Yale is at once a tradition, a company of scholars, and a society of friends’‘Boola Boola!’ Yale’s first historian, George W. Pierson (B.A 1926,“Boola Boola,” a phrase of no particular meaning, was Ph.D 1933), wrote the above quotation as a pithy written in a Yale fight song of the same name in 1901. description of the University in “Yale: A Short History,” In the song, Yale defeats Harvard so handily in football published in 1976. His words have gained popularity that the men of “poor ole Harvard” cry “Boola Boo.” in subsequent years, and is now found in a myriad of The phrase is now more resonant than the song, and is University publications, both online and in print. an important embodiment of Yale school spirit.Wordmarks‘Yale’‘Yale University’‘Yale Bulldogs’‘1701’‘Established 1701’14
  15. 15. Trademark LicensingBusiness Profile
  16. 16. Customer and BrandSegmentation Aspirational Souvenir/Gifting Prospective Students Tourists Gilmore Girls Fans Campus Guests Affinity Students Alumni Friends of Yale16
  17. 17. Distribution of Yale MerchandiseTotal Number of licensees: 127Current DistributionLocal Retailers National RetailersYale Campus: The Yale Bookstore (Barnes and Noble Neiman Marcus, TJ Maxx/Marshall’s, Target, Old Navy,College Bookstore), Yale Campus Dining Retail Stores Wal-mart, Meijer, Sears, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters,(Durfee’s, Yale Health Cafe, Marigold’s), The Museum Pacific Sunwear, Lids, Finish Line, K-Mart,Shop at Yale Center of British Art, Peobody Museumof Natural History International RetailersNew Haven: Campus Customs, Enson’s Inc, J Press, Western Europe: Foot Locker Europe, High End BoutiquesThe Study at Yale, DelMonico Hatter, New Haven Japan: J Press, Forever 21, High End BoutiquesTrain Station Australia: Foot Locker Australia, Trade Secret Korea: E-land World 17
  18. 18. Marketing and PromotionWebsite Email MarketingFacebookPaid Media Events18
  19. 19. Current Licensees(As of February 2011)180s LLC Fiori LLC RFSJ, Inc.2108 Vintage For Bare Feet RingwareAccent Screenprinting and Embroidery Four Point Products Roaring Spring Blank BookAccolade USA Gant Ruppshirts, Inc.Adidas Geiger Russell Corp.Adrenaline Promotions Glass Graphics School House, LLCAHEAD Headgear Global Neckwear Marketing Screencraft Tileworks, LLCAntigua Group Hartmann Seville MarketingAsgard Press Herff Jones Inc. Shenandoah FramingAT Cross Co. Howard Roe SignorelliBaden Sports, Inc. Imperial Headwear Skin ItBalfour It’s All Greek To Me, Inc. Smart TurnoutBarbarian Rugby Wear, Inc. Ivysport Inc. Smathers and BransonBethel International J America Spirit Products, Ltd.Boathouse Sports J Press Stall and DeanBoxercraft, Inc. Jansport Inc. Stamps.comBranded Custom Sportswear Jardine Associates Standard Chair of GardnerCamp Connection JemSports Wear Step Ahead SportswearCamp David Jones and Mitchell Stockdale TechnologiesCampus Clothing Jostens Inc. Storm DudsCarson Industries Kashwere U Tailgate Clothing Co.Cathi Bosco Kirby Collection TCX, LLCChampion Custom Products Knights Apparel Team EditionCharles River Apparel Kudzu Team GolfChaser Merchandise Laser Magic The College ShopChurch Hill Classics League Collegiate Wear Tommy Hilfiger EuropeClass Watch Legacy Athletic Top of the WorldClub Colors LXG Laser Engraved Gifts TopsoxCollege House M. LaHart and Co. Town Talk Manufacturing Co.College Kids Major League Brands (Australia) Trau and LoevnerCollegiate Pacific Mead Westvaco TribecaColosseum Athletics Metro Swim Shop T-Shirt InternationalComputer Decals Michaelson Entertainment Twins and Banner 47Control Industry LLC Midwest College Marketing Under ArmourCSI International MV Sport University Blanket and FlagCutter and Buck New Agenda dba Perrin University Frames, Inc.Denco Sports Luggage, Inc. New Era Cap Company, Inc. U-TrauE. LAND World Limited (Korea) Nick’s Enterprises, Inc. Vineyard VinesEglomise Designs Nordic Company Westport CorporationFanatic Cards Outerstuff Ltd. Wildcat Apparel Group, Inc.Fanattik LLC Professional Framing Co. WinCraftFanmats LLC Project 571Fine World LLC Pure Country 19
  20. 20. MerchandisingYale
  21. 21. Staying True to the Yale BrandThe Yale brand comprises an array of images,identities, histories, communities, traditions, andideals, all united by a promise of excellence.The most effective way to communicate the Yalebrand through merchandise requires acknowledgmentof what the brand embodies, but in addition requiresan understanding of how best to reach the appropriateaudience. Consumers of Yale merchandise are globaland diverse. Thus, an awareness of what ideas andmessages most appropriately convey the brand to theseaudiences is essential. The next few pages are intendedto help guide the creative process for designingeffective Yale merchandise. You will find images ofour most popular products, examples of new productcategories, and examples of unapproved designs. 21
  22. 22. Classic Yale ProductsNew Graphics and ProductsBoola Boola (phrase, lyrics) Yale Commencement Event LogoHarkness Tower Luggage Home Decor22
  23. 23. Usage GuidelinesMarks should be clear and recognizable Marks should not be distressed excessivelyThe Yale shield should be filled If filled, the Yale shield should not be filled withwith its colors, or have no fill a different color from the backgroundGarment background colors not identified closely Yale marks should not be paired with crimson, orange,with other Ivy League schools should be used green, brown, or light blue garments 23
  24. 24. Usage Guidelines(Continued)The complete mark should always be used Merchandise should not include partial marksWhen using multiple marks, sufficient space Marks should not overlapshould be allowed between marks excluded Product categories Yale does not license marks on products in the following categories: Alcohol products Undergarments or other sexually suggestive items Tobacco, lighters and other smoking related products Weapons Drug paraphernalia Skateboards, scooters and other high-risk leisure items Products related to gambling or lotteries Infant amenities such asCreativity is encouraged feeding bottles, teething rings, pacifiers, and rattles24
  25. 25. Yale’s TrademarkLicensing Process
  26. 26. How to get started Contact InformationInterested licensees are invited to visit Stephanie to download an application. Associate Secretary of the University Director of Marketing and Trademark LicensingA completed application should be submitted with 203 432 4659blank samples of the merchandise intended for 203 432 4645 Faxproduction. stephanie.schwartz@yale.eduA member of the Trademark Licensing staff willcontact interested licensees within 4 days following Denise Castellanoour receipt of your application. Assistant Secretary of the University Manager of Trademark Licensing 203 432 2313 203 432 4645 Fax mailing address Office of Marketing and Trademark Licensing PO Box 208375 Yale University New Haven, Connecticut 06520-8375 street address 2 Whitney Avenue, 6th floor New Haven, Connecticut 0652026
  27. 27. ya l e t ra d ema r k li censing