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Cityland Services


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Cityland Services

  1. 1. Property and I Asset Management Solutions. .. - +; :- . .l: :1 3 its ‘ 2 : f -. 3 ' 3 E ' ‘ = Innovative solutions and a professional team to maximize your property returns
  2. 2. it THE CHAIRMAN MESSAGE -I’ K, .. Q 1 r-s/ € / kg ‘ —-o. :.’. ."t‘ Srinix '. l‘. Il‘£l0 Kuiiiicguiili www. ciIyIand. in A .4 . CITYLAND Manage your property assets to manage your financial returns. .. In today's ever changing business climate due to financial meltdown worldwide, managing risks and returns from your property assets are vital for your success. That's the prime reason why customers worldwide choose Asset Management Solutions from Cityland with one objective to maximize the value of real estate assets while strategically managing the risks involved. Our clearly designed and well-executed asset management solutions ensure that the returns from your property assets are maximized and financial risks are mitigated completely. It offers you a simple and easy way of building real estate assets portfolio through the right investments, managing and optimizing the financial performance and benefitting you on a continual basis. Our professional team with a worldwide real estate research, analysis and transactions experience offer you the right advisory support to help you realize the value for your Investments. We understand your needs and requirements and provide you a customized solution to give you the best results, whether it is identifying opportunity for investment, buying of new asset, managing the profitability of existing asset, leasingl selling, managing tenants or vendors or a facility management. By subscribing to our services today, you will be the most happiest customer in dealing with real estate investments, tenants and facilities. I can promise you that our team will go to last mile to deliver the finest care to your assets and tenants on your behalf, while creating enough time and opportunities for you to increase your earnings and a Better Living with sustainable profits. I take this privilege to communicate to you, that I am always available to hear your concerns and feedback to improve our services to serve you better. I hope you will be the most satisfied member of the Cityland community. Best Regards K’ Svi K, ~/ an-wZv~9 Srinivasarao Kanneganti Chairman & Managing Director lg‘. .. --
  3. 3. CITYLAND An Overview ityland Infrastructure India Pvt. Ltd. is an organization aiming to provide the best possible real estate and asset management solutions, develop a city infrastructure that contributes to nation-building and enhance the quality of life for Indian citizens. VISION "To be the nationally trusted and socially responsible City Infrastructure Development and Real Estate Solutions Provider” MISSION “To Build the City Infrastructure for Better Living” OUR VALUES -9 Service Consciousness : ‘Client First‘ is our principle and ‘Quality Service‘ is our business. -9 Value for Money: ‘Value for money‘ is our product delivery measure. -9 Professionalism: ‘Professionalism’ is our character. -9 Innovation & Excellence 2 ‘Excellence by Design‘ is our performance commitment. Services Delivery Model World Wide Access You can view and update your property or request any of the wide range of Cityland's services on www. cityland. in 24/7 Customer Care Our executives are available 24x7 to support you - ix‘ and your tenants. em Timely Communications ii We provide you with timely information on your investments and assets through periodicals. Professional Team Our professionals work to meet your requirements and assist you to profit from your property. vs ww. r:it_vland. in
  4. 4. OUR SERVICES '1 ' " W7” CITYLAND Real Estate Investments Portfolio Management ityland's Real Estate Investment & Portfolio Management is driven by a team of professionals and C experts who understand your investment goals and assist you in your real estate investment decision- making. The right investment in real estate can prove to be an attractive business opportunity. At Cityland, we direct your investments to the right opportunity, based on market research and knowledge. Through an analysis of the returns, risks involved and negotiations for the best price, our team offers you services in all aspects of portfolio and real estate investment management. Our mission is to help our clients get the optimum returns on their investments. Our investment managers craft strategies tailored to meet the requirements of individual clients. Institutional or individual clients, our team analyzes the clients’ needs, their resources and objectives, and moves on to create a project portfolio to optimize return on investments. Acquisition & Disposition 3 . ' We assist you in making the right investments in real estate assets and guide you through the acquiring process. Our investment managers provide advisory services in case of _ , - disposition of an asset. Due Diligence Our team studies the investment opportunities and carries out due diligence to assure / Q r ‘ I "I your investments are secured. Your project team provides you with a periodic update of ' , _ A your investments and the returns on it. ‘H . / Investment Analysis k A professional analysis helps you understand your investment better. Our investment managers analyze the appreciation in the value of your real estate asset, the potential capital gains on that investment, the associated risks and other opportunities that suit your investment portfolio. Capital Markets We provide you with advisory services on buying and selling of real estate and infrastructure stocks in the national and international stock exchange. I : -g. I RElT’s I " v‘ RE| T's provide the opportunity to reap benefits due to interests in the securities real Q‘ . . estate market. Cityland professionals provide you with investment advisory services in Q Y RE| T's. www. cit_vland. in l
  5. 5. ()UR SERVICES ' 7 CITYLAND Property Management ityland's Property & Asset Management team offers you globally integrated services, innovative C management strategies, proficient team of asset managers and assistance in managing and enhancing the value of your property. Our expertise across the different dimensions of property management offers you services like tenant identification, lease management, tax payments, financial assessment, accounts management, facility management, property inspection, interior design, consultancy and advisory. : Cityland provides a platform for a comprehensive and successful tenant management, including tenant identification, rent collection, remittance and background verification. Tenant Management . Project Management : Our team of professionals offers you unparallel service that meets your project requirements and objectives. Our experts ace in every dimension of project management and assist you with a feasibility study, construction management and sales & marketing management. “ Account Management : We assist you in managing your I property accounts, income and expenditure draft, calculating your tax payments and processing it according toyourconvenience. 0 Legal & Real Estate Advisory I I ‘ I With our legal insight and knowledge of the real H estate, we provide you with credible legal support on ‘! your property, transactions, property valuation and I financing. . Statutory compliance management Our asset managers assist you in dealing with the local regulatory bodies and laws of the land for statutory compliance related to your property all the time. A O VendorManagement 4 4, Our asset managers effectively execute the vendor management strategies designed to suit your property requirements. ww w. cit_'land. in
  6. 6. W ~ F ~ A. ‘ CITYLAND Facility Management ur fully integrated facility management services aim to meet the growing needs of facility 0 management in the corporate quarter, residential zones and commercial space. Facility management services at Cityland focus on reducing the possibility of an operational loss due to facility failure, optimise the quality of the work environment and carry out a time and cost—effective facilities operations. Our facility management model is designed to deliver a sound workplace management and attend to the various aspects of facility services. Engineering & Maintenance Our trained and qualified team ensures smooth functioning of all your facilities which includes preventive maintenance, breakdown support and troubleshooting. I! Landscaping H0U5eI<eePIn9 The designers and architects at Cityland Tne n°U-Sekeeplng teem eS5I5t5 YOU In the suggest modifications that not only maintenance Of C°fnFnUnItY hall, beautify your land, but also create a gymnasium, parking area. swimming pool. pleasing environment. play area, cafeteria and waste disposal which includes cleaning services. Interior Design & Carpentry Cityland's interior designers are creative Securltl’ people who aim at developing a Our security services will provide peace of fUnCIiI0naI» Safe and ee5tnetICeIIY mind from all the threats to your property pleasing environment for you with and business risks through deployment of contemporary and innovative designs. trained staff and modern Security systems. Office Support Services ~. The office support system is an integrated concierge service system including travel desks, help desks and dispatch. T www. cityland. in
  7. 7. SERVICES PLAN Asset Management Plan — Residential Properties 3:: "‘T-t; C-ll= {:(0l"‘ Tenant Management Accounts Management Legal Advisory Real Estate Advisory Statutory and Regulatory Compliance Supplier Management Customer Care 24/7 Electrical, Maintenance and Repair Cleaning Gardening Civil Works Plumbing Security Service Management Painting interior Design 8- Carpentry Pest control an ‘Al-t: ":5ll| li: .‘>‘ llllllllulzu Tenant identification Tenant Ancedents verification Rent Collection Agreement Documentation, Enforcement and Renewal Rent Col| ection, ’Payments, Remittance to the owners account, Balance Sheet for the House covering returns and Expenditure Advisory support - Consultation. Document verification investment Advise and Consultation on Sell/ Rent. Valuation, Pricing, Rental Information, Market trends update Check on Statutory Compliance Payment processing Taxes and violation charges Supplier identification, Estimations, Quotes Verification, Vendor Agreement Documentation, Renewal and support of Contracts. Customer care on telephone Web Based Chat, Access Support Daytime Service Support Supervision of Repair Supervision of Cleaning Activities Cleaning before and after tenant move in/ out. Supervision of Gardening Activities Gardening Advise, 4 man days for maintenance of existing garden Coordination with the contractors, Supervision for 10 days Free Supervision of Plumbing Activities 6 Visits Free in a Year, for existing plumbing work Identification of security guard Threat study, Preventive measures advise Consulting, coordination and Supervision Consulting, Coordination and Supervision Consulting, coordination and Supervision i-i-ii-iioimi am Registration Fee Departmental Expenses Draft making Charges, if any Registration Fee Departmental Expenses Advertisement Charges for Sell Departmental expenses actual fees payable as part of compliance Actual Payments to Vendors; Material 8. logistics cost; Departmental Expenses; Registration Cost; Security Deposits Materials Cost associated with repairs. Materials Cost associated with repairs. Material cost for cleaning chemicals. Machinery charges, if required Gardening Materials Cost associated with repairs. Security Guard Cost Material cost Material cost Material cost ‘UYIFHIOTIFI 5Y: J""iI(: Jx‘ Corporate Tie Ups Service Apartment Management Guest House Management Group Accounting, Portfolio Management. Disputes Handling, Court Follow-ups. Buying of New Property Specific study on interested Property Classified Research Information Obtaining Permission and Approvals Supervision of work on daily basis. New work related any construction, or contracted work. Research Requests processing New facilities installation on cost + fee approach Additional requests for cleaning inside/ common areas of the property. New Garden creation, Periodic Watering, Maintaining. New work is charged as per estimate at Actual cost plus + Fee approach New work is charged as per estimate at Actual cost plus + Fee approach Security systems Installation Fire safety management regular inspections. New facilities painting on cost + fee approach. Estimation 8. costing Designing of new interiors Fumigation & Spraying Services Please contact us for detailed information at : asset@cityland. in Tel : 080-4262 6000 www. cityland. in
  8. 8. Manage property risks effectively Profit from our solutions. .. ; .4?= ’<~: ' -'-4» . —_uriirl' . .—, :‘-vii V ill ”. I. Contact Us : Asset Management Division CITYLAND INFRASTRUCTURE INDIA PVT. LTD #325/4, 3rd Floor, CMH Road, 12th Cross, lndiranagar 1st Stage, l Bangalore - 560038, Karnataka, India. Tele : +91 80 4262 6000, E-mail : contact@cityland. in, website : www. cityland. in V