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Philip Dudchuk (RIA Novosti) News the new way - Semantic Publishing platform


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Philip Dudchuk (RIA Novosti) News the new way - Semantic Publishing platform

  1. 1. News the New Way Semantics in the Driver’s Seat
  2. 2. Philip DudchukHead of Semantic Production Department,RIA Novosti
  3. 3. 1941Founded in the beginning of the WW2, RIA Novosti wasinitially a news agency reporting on the situation at thewar front
  4. 4. First news websites lookedlike simple news feeds
  5. 5. Metadata rules the world of news• News metadata gets right content to right departments of the customer• Metadata locates the reported events• Metadata enables vertical products focused on selected areas (banking, automotive, government)
  6. 6. Boom of platforms in late 2000s
  7. 7. 2011: Need in a common Semantic Publishing Platform• Build and manage a common news ontology and vocabularies for all products and news websites• Generate metadata for both news items and articles on websites• Aggregate content and metadata for further use in end- user applications (websites and mobile apps)
  8. 8. Evolution of the Publishing Process
  9. 9. News Ontology
  10. 10. Impact 1: Broadcasting News with Semantic MetadataFiltering news content by triple queries at the customer’s end(via API): • content about any oil & gas company • content about any employee of any public body in a given region of Russia • content about any event going to happen in my cityCommon metadata for newswire and web content allow toblend free and paid content into new products (news archive)
  11. 11. Impact 2: Adaptive Content of WebsitesMy• Locating the user and filtering the content by region• Gathering user interests and filtering content by entities and topics
  12. 12. Impact 3: Non-traditional Aggregations and AnalyticsPutting together news metadata with external content• summer forest fires• juvenile delinquency in towns and regions• election fraud cases
  13. 13. 3 21 4 10 10 2 11 3 1 12 16 3 9 1 14 11 2 1 2 12 17 1 5 Combination of crowd-sourced geo data about forest fires and local reports by RIA NovostiPhilip Dudchuk & Daniel HladkySemTechBiz, San Francisco, June 5, 2012
  14. 14. A case study: country image analysis
  15. 15. Country image analysis• Searching news content related to Russia across more than 3,000 foreign sources• Processing search results, tagging and aggregating content with its metadata• Producing statistics about reaction on subjects connected to Russia (events, people, organizations)
  16. 16. Negativity Index Tymoshenko’s case in Ukraine, threat to boycott Euro 2012 ‘Pussy riots’ punks arrestedTop sources with biggest number of negative publications oninvolvement of Russian politicians and businessmen in YuliaTymoshenko’s case
  17. 17. US media on Russia’s reaction on the events in SyriaThe New York Times The Financial Times The Washington Post Syria’s media on the same topic