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144 park urban design brief


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The Urban Design Brief for 144 Park street Waterloo Ontario

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144 park urban design brief

  1. 1. 144 PARK - TOWER 2PARK STREET AND ALLEN STREET WESTWATERLOO, ONTARIO Date: November 21, 2011 Project No.:08.104-Tower 2Urban Design Brief DRAFT
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 Introduction ..................................................1 1.1 Context ....................................................2 1.2 Vision Identity ......................................... 3 2.0 Landscaping .................................................4 3.0 Built Form/Elevations ...................................5 4.0 Parking .........................................................7 5.0 Transit ..........................................................8 6.0 Features .......................................................8 7.0 Lighting.........................................................8 8.0 Site Furnishings ...........................................8 9.0 Service Areas ...............................................910.0 CPTED Principles ........................................911.0 Sustainability ..............................................1012.0 Conclusions................................................11
  3. 3. 144 PARK - TOWER 2, PARK STREET AND ALLEN STREET WEST, WATERLOO, ONTARIO1.0 Introduction This design brief has been prepared by TurnerFleischer Architects Inc. to detail the design approachfor the second tower of the residential developmentat 144 Park Street by Mady DevelopmentsCorporation. The Tower 1 development is located Tower 1 Tower 2 Site Site il Traat the east corner of Park Street and Allen Street rse Ho ron dIWest in Waterloo Ontario. Tower 2 of the residential ate loc Redevelopment takes the one acre parcel that isdirectly east of the Tower 1 development. Tower 2is proposed to be 19 storeys, and will front alongCaroline Street South and the relocated Iron HorseTrail. Expansion of the Tower 1 parking and terracewill connect the two towers. The site is presentlyunoccupied and is being used for parking. The scopeof this Design Brief is to illustrate how the site will bedesigned, function and impact on the community ofWaterloo. Figure 1.0 - Aerial PhotoFigure 1.0.1 - Corner of Park and Allen Figure 1.0.2 - Park Street Looking Towards Allen Figure 1.0.3 - Corner of Caroline and John Page 1
  4. 4. 144 PARK - TOWER 2, PARK STREET AND ALLEN STREET WEST, WATERLOO, ONTARIO1.1 Context End of Existing Iron Horse Trail The land parcel for Tower 2 is zoned in threeparts, with two parts being Industrial and one part l rai dTCommercial. The existing neighbourhood consists of ate loc Revaried types of residential buildings, including single ed os op Prdetached houses, townhouses and condominiums. Existing Iron Horse TrailThere is a commercial main street running alongKing Street South. Being located in the OldWestmount neighbourhood overlooking UptownWaterloo, residents will have access to many Figure 1.1 - Proposed Trail Relocation Map Figure 1.1.1 - Zoning Mapupscale amenities within close range. Amenities LEGENDrange from retail, restaurants, parks, scenic walkingtrails, galleries, entertainment venues, city hall, anda recreational centre. The Iron Horse Trail runsthrough the property and will be relocated. SUBJECT SITEFigure 1.1.2 - Neighbourhood Reference Photos Figure 1.1.3 - Aerial Map of Amenities Page 2
  5. 5. 144 PARK - TOWER 2, PARK STREET AND ALLEN STREET WEST, WATERLOO, ONTARIO Tower 2 Condominium Entrance1.2 Vision Identity The vision for this site is for design creativity in Townhouse Tower 2 Entrancearchitecture and landscaping to be used to create Tower 2a complimentary building to Tower 1. Tower 2 will Townhouse Entrancebe 19 storeys, containing 190 units with 4 threestorey townhouses at its base. This will add to the140 units and the 8 townhouses of Tower 1. Bothtowers will be connected though its townhouse base,parking structure and the fourth floor terrace. Thedesign attempts to fit in with the existing residentialsurroundings by using a mix of brick, stone and glasson the exterior facade. The goal is to help redefinethe urban streetscape of Waterloo. The buildingwill include tenant amenities including guest suites,fitness centre, party room, landscaped terrace,theatre, carwash bay and bicycle storage area. Asection of the Iron Horse Trail will be relocated directlyto the south-east of the building and is a historic link Figure 1.1 - Vision Identity- Site Planbetween Waterloo and Kitchener. Parking, service Tower 2 Tower 2and garbage areas will be located away from the Townhouse Townhouse Entrance Entrancestreet front, behind the primary building frontage.Parking will be located on four floors, with one floorbelow grade and three floors above. Figure 1.2 - Concept Site Plan Page 3
  6. 6. 144 PARK - TOWER 2, PARK STREET AND ALLEN STREET WEST, WATERLOO, ONTARIO2.0 Landscaping The landscape treatment along the street edgeshould compliment the architecture. The plantsselected should provide all season interest. Theoutdoor fourth floor terrace will include soft and hardlandscaping. Landscaped areas with trees, planters,stone and trellises will be provided to make it aninviting gathering area for tenant social events. TheIron Horse Trail is part of the Trans Canada Trail, andan important historic link between downtown Kitchenerand uptown Waterloo. Part of it runs north-souththrough the property and will be relocated directly to the Figure 2.0.1 - Landscaping Streetscape Rendering south-east of the building. As well as relocation, the trail will be upgraded and both will be at the developers expense. These upgrades will improve the trail for cyclists and pedestrians with increased landscaping along the newly paved section of trail. Figure 2.0.2 - Landscaping Terrace RenderingFigure 2.0 - Landscaping Roof Reference Photo Figure 2.0.3 - Iron Horse Trail Reference Photo Page 4
  7. 7. 144 PARK - TOWER 2, PARK STREET AND ALLEN STREET WEST, WATERLOO, ONTARIO3.0 Built Form/Elevations Tower 2 will have complimentary architecture to Tower 1. The buildings are designed to be visually attractiveand create an upscale urban identity. It will be a mix of a high rise condominium and street level townhouses.The condominium will be 19 storeys high, which will be 6 fewer than is permitted on site. Surrounding thebase of the tower will be three storey townhouses. The towers will be connected by the fourth floor outdoorterrace that will be landscaped with both soft and hard landscaping. The base townhouses will be a mixof brick, precast panel, stone, and ample glazing. Each one will have a third storey balcony. The mix ofthese materials with pedestrian scaled architecture will help tie the development into the existing residentialneighbourhoods and help reinforce the urban condition. The condominium will be a mix of glass and precastpanels with each unit having a walk out balcony. The use of the different materials will create a distinct base,middle and top. EIFS cornice mouldings will help detail the building and add a unifying element betweenthe condominium tower and the townhouses. Canopies will be provided over all townhouse entrances. Thecondo lobby entrance will be along Caroline Street Figure 3.02 - Tower 1 Rear Reference Renderingwhere it intersects with the relocated Iron HorseTrail. The lobby will feature a glass entrance that willact as a feature for the street.Figure 3.0 - Tower 1 Lobby Reference Rendering Figure 3.0.1 - Tower 1 Front Reference Rendering Figure 3.0.3 - Tower 1 Street Reference Rendering Page 5
  8. 8. 144 PARK - TOWER 2, PARK STREET AND ALLEN STREET WEST, WATERLOO, ONTARIOFigure 3.0.4 - Allen Street View Figure 3.0.5 - Caroline Street ViewFigure 3.0.6 - Iron Horse Trail View Figure 3.0.7 - Park Street View Page 6
  9. 9. 144 PARK - TOWER 2, PARK STREET AND ALLEN STREET WEST, WATERLOO, ONTARIO Tower 2 grade Tower 2 grade level parking level parking4.0 Parking entrance entrance Parking for Tower 2 will work in conjunction withthe Tower 1 parking and will be screened behind thebuilding frontage. There will be four levels of parkingwith three levels above grade and one below.There will be an access between the two towers Tower 1 entranceon all levels except for grade level. There are three to parking ramp. Access to Tower 2entrances to the parking. The Grade level parking levels above and below grade.has two entrances from Caroline Street. The belowgrade and two levels above are accessed from AllenStreet. Those levels must be reached by using the Figure 4.0 - Below Grade Parking - Underground Level Figure 4.0.1 - Grade Level Parking - Level 1ramps in the Tower 1 section of the parking levels.A total of 311 parking spaces are to be added withinthe four floors of the Tower 2 parking section. Theywill be added to the 159 parking spaces providedin the Tower 1 section. The total parking spacesprovided will exceed the minimum requirement by128 parking spaces. 194 lockers and 117 bicycleparking spaces will be provided within the parkingstructure, meeting the required number. A TrafficImpact Study analyzed impact the increase in Trafficon Park Street and surrounding road network andconcluded the effect would be of minimal impact. Figure 4.0.2 - Above Grade Parking - Level 2 Figure 4.0.3 - Above Grade Parking - Level 3 Page 7
  10. 10. 144 PARK - TOWER 2, PARK STREET AND ALLEN STREET WEST, WATERLOO, ONTARIO5.0 Transit 6.0 Features The development is close to existing Grand River The development will provide many tenanttransit lines, with existing bus routes running along amenities. Guest suites , a concierge, a fitness room,King street. The site is in close proximity to a planned theatre room and party room will be provided. The Figure 7.0 Nighttime Terrace Renderingstop for the future light rail rapid transit, which will Party room will be equipped with a caterers kitchenbe a $300 million investment by the Government of and bar. There will be direct access to the fourth floor 8.0 Site FurnishingsOntario. The new transit will better connect the cities terrace from the party room. The landscaped terrace will feature gas barbecues. The indoor parking will The thoughtful design and placement of site furnitureof Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge. It will provide be heated. Storage areas for bicycles will also be will contribute to the character and visual continuitya better link to the existing Grand River Transit and provided. of the development. Site Furniture will be placed onGo Transit. the fourth floor terrace. Trash receptacles, benches, tables, shade umbrellas and barbecues will be co-ordinated and consistent in terms of design, colour and materials. Figure 6.0 Landscaped Terrace Rendering 7.0 Lighting Lighting will be used throughout the development to enhance visibility, safety and to reinforce the architectural and landscape design. Decorative lighting will be used on the fourth floor terrace to provide ambient night time lighting.Figure 5.0 - Future Light Rail Transit Map Figure 8.0 Terrace Furniture Rendering Page 8
  11. 11. 144 PARK - TOWER 2, PARK STREET AND ALLEN STREET WEST, WATERLOO, ONTARIO9.0 Service Areas 10.0 CPTED Principles Service and delivery areas will not be visually The residential development should integrate CPTEDobtrusive to the public. Consideration will be given principles (Crime Prevention Through Environmentalto sight lines from public streets and neighbouring Planning) to ensure safety and security. These principlesbuildings. The visual impact of these areas will be range from access control through surveillance andminimized and screened behind the primary building territorial controls. Any CPTED opportunities should befrontage. monitored and promoted by the condo management. 1. Access Control: Signs should clearly mark public entrances, spaces. Zones not open to the public should be secure, such as garbage areas which should have a gate and not be accessible to the general public. Sidewalks and public areas should be clearly marked by way of special paving or landscaping with a change in texture. 2. Natural Surveillance:The parking areas should be well Tower 2 Loading lit. Areas not visible should incorporate an electronic and access to garbage type of surveillance system. Loading areas should not create dead-end alleys or blind spots. Plant materials should be sited so that visual penetration into areas is provided. Plant materials should not be grouped to allow a person to hide under the material. 3. Territorial Reinforcement: Property perimeters and borders should be defined by a strong landscape edge including fencing where possible. Signage should be large enough to be visible from the street.Figure 8.0 - Plan Service Areas Page 9
  12. 12. 144 PARK - TOWER 2, PARK STREET AND ALLEN STREET WEST, WATERLOO, ONTARIO11.0 Sustainability Providing a sustainable environment will be an important aspect of the proposed development. Alternativemodes of transportation will be supported through close proximity to transit stops, and provision of bicyclestorage areas. Apartment units will be designed to minimize energy and water use by using Energy Stardishwashers and fridges and through the use of low flow toilets and showers. The central heat HVAC systemswill have high efficiency boilers which will reduce gas consumption and the lighting design will incorporateenergy efficient fixtures. Low VOC paints will be used to protect the air quality and lessen the impact on the Figure 11.0.1 - Energy Star + Recycling Logosenvironment. Recycling facilities will be created that permit the separating and disposing of recyclables. The4th floor terrace will be landscaped and will use eco friendly furniture. Figure 11.0.2 - Energy Star + Recycling LogosFigure 11.0 - Transit Stop Reference Photo Figure 11.0.3 - Green Terrace Reference Photo Page 10
  13. 13. 144 PARK - TOWER 2, PARK STREET AND ALLEN STREET WEST, WATERLOO, ONTARIO12.0 Conclusions 144 Park - Tower 2 will attract young professionals and empty nesters to one of Waterloo’s best known neighbourhoods by being pedestrian friendly in nature andin close proximity to numerous amenities within the neighbourhood. Careful attention to detail has been incorporated in order to fit within the existing neighbourhood.All parking and services are appropriately screened from the public view. The building will provide many desirable features to the tenants and shall incorporatemany green initiatives that will be beneficial to the community. The development will help the community by enhancing the urban environment, help the economyby creating new housing whose tenants will make use of neighbourhood amenities, and it will help the environment through its green initiatives that will benefit bothtenants and the community as a whole. Page 11