Newsletter Winter 2010


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Winter 2010 Newsletter

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Newsletter Winter 2010

  1. 1. Academic Affairs is Charging Forward in 2010 With Many New Initiatives and Plans 2009 was an exciting year in Academics for all City College campuses. The College welcomed many new students who have joined us to pursue their education. We are thrilled with all of our new and current students! the advisory body for Academic Affairs to review policy with regards to new and current curriculums, textbooks and all City College now boasts well over 1700 enrolled students. All of you should be proud matters that affect Academic policy and of the decisions that you have made to change your lives! curriculum for students. The council is Here are some of the exciting changes that have already occurred and those comprised of the Directors of that are on the horizon: Education and one faculty member from each campus. If students have ideas which they would like to get to the Moving and Shaking New Programs Council, they should contact their The Gainesville and Miami campuses 2010 will also mark the emergence Department Chair or Directors of will occupy new space in 2010. The of both new and revised curriculums. Education. Miami campus will move from 15,508 Among our new program offerings will be square feet to 24,228 square feet of space; Criminal Justice, an on-line PI diploma Special Academic Awards increasing from 14 to 16 classrooms. Our program along with other exciting medical Dr. Jerilyn Rogers Gainesville campus will move from 10,500 programs still to be unveiled in 2010. Make received the Educator square feet to 21,242 square feet of space; sure to stay tuned as we roll out each new of the Year Award for increasing from 11 to 18 classrooms. These program in the upcoming year. her outstanding years moves will allow both these campuses to of service as the not only accommodate more students but The Academic Council Director of Education also embrace new majors. The Academic Council has been at the Gainesville But, we aren’t stopping at just having revived and will be breathing new life into Campus. new, shiny campuses; we are also adding Academic Affairs. The new charter was Ms Angel Miraglia, Chair new programs and curriculums. The Miami ratified in November 2009; and, already of Business in Fort Lauderdale, received campus will be recruiting for their there is a zip of excitement as the Council the Exceptional Service of the Year Nursing program slated to start in has already begun the hard work of examining Award for her service and dedication to Summer 2010 and Gainesville will be and reviewing academic policies for City College, its faculty, staff and students. happily recruiting EMS students for needed changes, improvements and If you see Dr. Rogers or Ms Miraglia give Spring/Summer start. enhancements. The Council will serve as them a high five for a job well done! Equipment Galore The EMS program will also be Let’s welcome 2010 with gusto! enhanced by the addition of Ambulance I look forward to sharing with each and every s Simulator and new Sim Man simulator mannequins. The new additions will one of you as you enjoy all the new changes the allow our students to simulate real life New Year will bring. emergencies and get even more hands-on experience. _ Suzanne Morrison-Williams, VP of Academic Affairs
  2. 2. Fort Lauderdale Campus News • page 1 City College Ft. Lauderdale Hosts Book Fair The holiday season seemed to have come early for FTL faculty as they wandered among stacks of newly-printed textbooks, workbooks, manuals and software – all delivered for them. City College FTL conducted their first Academic Book Fair on Friday, November 6, compliments of Pearson Publishing. The Broadcasting Chair, Alvan Lewis presents awards to (left to right): Luis Garcia – Best Television publisher shipped over forty cases of books to Producer ; Ruben Lanier – Excellent Character; and Jamillah Faruk – Best Television Presenter the campus for review. FTL instructors and staff chose freely those books for consideration as primary and supplemental texts for courses Broadcasting Students Get beginning with the Spring 2010 term. Among the titles were new editions for anatomy and Special Recognition A physiology, nursing and medical assisting s broadcasting students, we have grown accustomed to a lot of manuals, first responder study guides, entry- excitement in this department. At the end of each term, we wait with level legal assisting primers, and a very wide ‘bated breath’ to know the winners of the coveted Broadcasting awards. assortment for all business disciplines. The awards are distributed during the terrific car wash on November 14th. This “This is our way of second week of each term when the year’s destination has not yet been disclosed, engaging the instructor who students (day and evening) have their stands in the classroom Where else does school work quarterly meetings with the Department s teaching the course,”said seem so enjoyable? It’s a Chair. Six awards are up for grabs. The Meredith Chandler, area satisfying experience to pinnacle prize is the Best Character representative of Pearson be a part of the award. Last term’s winners were Publishing. “It is their opinion Broadcasting Program. Weekenson Louima (day) and Ruben that counts most on which Lanier (evening). book meets the needs of Other prestigious awards were also but anticipation is high to know where both the course and the presented. Latasha Joseph won for Best we’re headed. The competition is students.” Radio Presenter; Cameron Grissett- Best fierce, as the Department Chair has Ms. Chandler worked with instructors to select Radio Producer, Jameelah Faruk- Best indicated that only 20 students will be the most appropriate titles. In some cases, she Television Presenter, Luis Garcia- Best chosen based on GPA performance for was able to locate and order additional texts Television Producer and Zachory the fall term. There are 86 students in that met specific needs for City College students. Johnson- Most Innovative Concept. the broadcasting program. That’s a tall FTL DOE Thomas Carpenter made it clear that During Student Appreciation week, order! Last April fifteen students were enabling instructors to deliver the best quality Jasmina Greene (day) and Rodrigo selected to attend the National Asso- education in the classroom is key component of Estrada (night) were revealed as the ciation of Broadcasters Convention in the City College Academic plan. top students, winning the Student of the Las Vegas and ten travelled to Tampa “We want to remove every possible obstacle Quarter Awards which are for overall in August to visit media houses. to learning,” Mr. Carpenter shared with the outstanding performance. It’s so much fun. Where else does assembly. “Combine the best instructors with We understand there are plans to school work seem so enjoyable? It’s a the best resources and place them with students introduce another broadcasting award satisfying experience to be a part of the eager to learn to create the best educational next term. Broadcasting Program at City College. environment possible.” Currently as students we are engaged It’s a bitter-sweet feeling for those of us The Book Fair concluded with Pearson in rigorous fundraising for one of our who are graduating soon. We have to Publishing contributing over one hundred new usual broadcasting club field trips move on, but we don’t want to leave. books to the FTL City College library. outside of South Florida. We had another We’ll miss it!
  3. 3. Fort Lauderdale Campus News • page 2 Community s Outreach Tis The Season for Giving City College is once again giving back. Each year the staff chooses a charity to donate to for the Holiday. The month of November City College is contributing to The Broward Outreach Center. This organization provides food, shelter, clothing and job training for the homeless of Broward County. We have had wonderful “Jean Fridays” (pay $5.00 for the opportunity to wear jeans to work). The staff has opened their hearts and donated over and over again to give hope to others less fortunate. With the Holidays quickly approaching we are reminded that sharing our blessings with those in need is EMS/EMT Day Inspires and Informs very important and City College will continue O to open their hearts. n campus Miami-Dade Fire succeed in their future. Our future Rescue were delighted to graduates were very excited to find spend the day with our future out how crucial it is for them to use fire fighters! The captain and three their critical thinking skills! They were other firefighters/paramedics gave so happy to have been given this demonstrations of the truck and the opportunity to ask questions, observe materials used daily to complete their and touch instruments that they to will task and save lives. The students be using in the future. This day has were able to ask questions about the encouraged the students to continue multiple instruments used on calls. to persevere through school. Thanks The students were given valuable Miami-Dade Fire Rescue! information that will help them Broward Outreach Center was the beneficiary of Fort Lauderdale Campus’ November “$5 Jean Friday” English Dept. Captures City College Theme Haiku is a Japanese form of intense poetry that carefully crafts a powerful message into a few rigidly structured lines. City College’s English Department recently developed their own haiku statement. The Spotlight is proud to feature that haiku in its first public appearance: City College stands s at the corner of two roads pick a direction
  4. 4. Fort Lauderdale Campus News • page 3 Faculty Spotlight s City College Instructor Chosen for National Recognition The University of Wisconsin recently honored a City Writers.” Her undergraduate College adjunct instructor with a distinction reserved for and masters degrees, both in only a few educators. Dr. Louisa Rogers is one of twelve British Literature, are from specialists chosen nationwide to review, revise, and become Hunter College, and she has certified to train educators in the new English as Second completed post-doctoral work at Language (ESL) standards currently in use in twenty-three Florida International University, states. These new standards re-define the way ESL texts will where she received Faculty Merit be written as well as reform the methodologies employed in Recognition. Dr. Rogers is the author of two books, two ESL training at all levels. writing components of an online ESL program, and several Dr. Rogers earned her Ed.D in English Education (now a Ph.D standard-print articles and curricula focused on writing and in Rhetoric and Composition) from Rutgers University with her English skills. She currently teaches College English and dissertation, “The Composing Acts of College Freshman English Composition 1 at City College in Fort Lauderdale. Miami Campus News Miami Campus Tricks and Treats M iami Spartans are always up to having fun we believe that Halloween gives us a chance to bring out our creative sides and participate in the student’s activities that’s why this year we incorporated student appreciation week together during Halloween. On campus we created a murder mystery theme as well as gave the students the opportunity to dress up in their best costumes for prizes. Dress for Success– Miami Co-Founder Sony Jacobson (left) with Miami Campus Executive Director Mrs. Maricela Howard (right) during an educational presentation on how to dress for success for specific job industries Dress for Success Delivers Everyone at the Miami campus is always The Miami Spartans are always in Stylish Advice to Students after the money man the spirit for some fun Sonya Jacobson, the co-founder of Dress for Success– Miami visited the Miami campus to give a presentation on dressing for success. She gave different examples of how appearance can send mixed signals to employers. She also explained to the students that eye contact and a firm hand shake are important. Sonya demonstrated with the students how an actual hand shake should be conducted. She presented an informative PowerPoint slide presentation with images of clothing to demonstrate how specific colors, styles, Our managers are always the first to City College Admissions Representative, encourage a positive attitude and joyful Teresa Brewton, gets in the spirit during and size can make, and ultimately, the outcome experience at school Student Appreciation Week of the job interview.
  5. 5. Miami Campus News • page 4 EMS/EMT Students Get Fired Up During Career Week D uring Career Week the EMS/EMT students were able to meet with the Miami- Dade Fire Department. The captain and three others from their department gave tours of the equipment and a fire truck demonstration. The Miami Spartans were very excited about this opportunity. They stated they can’t wait to obtain their degrees and foresee becoming a part of Miami-Dade Fire Department. Gainesville Campus News Faculty Spotlight s City College Professor Goes Where Eagles Dare T he warm, moist air of the rainforest carries the smells of the tropical jungle up above the tree canopy where it looks like rolling, green fields in each direction on out to hilly horizons. It is easy to forget that the ground lays another 100 plus feet below. Only Harpy eagles dare to rest at this height, but a few brave and adventurous scientists dedicated to studying the interesting predators briefly visit the Harpy living quarters. Dr. Eduardo Alvarez-Cordero, a professor for City College in Gainesville, Florida is just one of the few venturous scientists who will climb above the tree canopies to study, capture and tag eagles. His love for the raptors is just as important as his love for the people who live in and near the rain forests. “Working with local people to solve large conservation problems motivates me,” said Alvarez. (continued on page 5) Dr. Eduardo Alvarez wearing his transportation system at the Gainesville campus
  6. 6. Gainesville Campus News • page 5 Don’t Rain On My family members decorated and rode the float in the parade. Professor Bill Avery donated the use of his truck to transport the inflatable gator and pig. City College Parade! The planning and decorating began early on Friday morning, October 16. The rain was pouring down on the float decorating crew as they finished the T inflation of the gator and balloons. he homecoming parade in Gainesville, City College student ambassadors Michelle Rigli and Brenda Wynn-Wood Florida is an event that brings out the pitched in to put the finishing touches on the truck bed where the inflatable crowds which include cheering, waving gator made its traditional appearance. City College students, friends and alumni. By the time the parade started at noon, the rain stopped and the muggy trip Dean of Education, Dr. Jerilyn Rogers and through the streets of Gainesville commenced. Director of Career Services, Gerald “Zag” “It was great to see the graduates and students enthusiasm in the crowds,” Zagaiski spearheaded the Gainesville tradition of said Rogers. entering the University of Florida’s homecoming The float was driven by Zag, who demonstrated unusual restraint in that he parade. probably averaged speeds only in the single digits! The parade is an event that draws all Gainesville and Alachua county residents to the streets to cheer on their favorite football team and show community support. Professor Goes Where Eagles Dare (from page 4) Businesses and institutions from all over the Alvarez has been climbing the rain Alachua county area turn out to participate in forest tree tops of Venezuela since the and observe the grand parade as the lead up to late 80’s in an effort to advance the the homecoming football game. understanding of the largest flying Two student ambassadors, faculty and their raptors that earth has to offer. His interest in the natural world began in kindergarten where he would assist in the harvesting of tree bark for making bitters to be used as a medicinal remedy in his home town of Ciudad, Bolivar. Harpy eagles, native to the tropical areas of Central and South America are Alvarez’s favorite raptor of study. The name “harpies” is connected ecology and conservation from the to Ancient Greek mythological wind University of Florida. Alvarez spirits that would transport the dead launched the Peregrine Fund’s to Hades. The wind spirits were said Harpy Eagle Conservation Program. to have bodies like an eagle with the In 1998 he started a non-profit face of a woman. organization, to Gerald “Zag” Zagaiski, student ambassadors and City locate and coordinate protection for The Harpy Eagle is the most powerful College family winged predator. It can crush a monkey Harpy Eagles in their natural habitat. skull in its talons and lift almost twice Alvarez teaches earth science, of its body weight. biology and professional Alvarez launched the Peregrine Fund’s Harpy Eagle Conservation Program. In 1998 he s started a non-profit organization, Earthmatters. org to locate and coordinate protection for harpy eagles in their natural habitat. The Harpy eagle is the largest raptor development courses online and native to the Americas. It typically at the City College campus in nests in tropical lowland rainforests Gainesville. He has been with City and emergent trees above the canopy. College for seven years. Dr. Jerilyn Rogers, student ambassadors and City College Alvarez received his Ph.D. in wildlife family