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Newsletter spring-2010

  1. 1. Fort Lauderdale Campus News • page 1 Earthquake Shakes Haiti and City College O n January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti and devastated the Capital City of Port-Au-Prince. This catastrophe affected millions of Haitians at home and abroad. Many City College students are from Haiti and most have family still residing there. Some had the opportunity to visit their families during the Winter Break and by January 12th, one of them had still not returned to class. The last anyone at City College had heard from business major Claudel Dessources, he was excited about returning to school. But that was before the earthquake. From left to right, standing- Dwayne Kuchar, Tom Carpenter, Ginger Ruback, Brenda Wan, Rosanna Claudel traveled to the island to visit during Lewis; Latoya Morrison, Angel Dunn, Ingrid Germain, Dean Weaver, Melissa Serrano; kneeling- the holidays. He was scheduled to return to John Camelo Fort Lauderdale on January 11th, but before Community Outreach s departure he found that his passport was missing. Unable to leave the country The City College Family ran a Haiti Relief Fund for the first three weeks without proper after the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010. identification, Claudel We delivered food, clothing, water, and much needed medical supplies to arranged to visit the Embassy in Port-Au-Prince the Calvary Chapel. to request replacement documents. He was at Our family and friends of Haiti will As a nation and the embassy when the earthquake struck. continue to need help to meet both Claudel had just stepped outside the building their immediate needs and fund the its people grieve s for a break when the ground heaved. long term effort to rebuild homes, Tons of steel and concrete crashed down schools, hospitals and cities. We and rebuild, as the Embassy collapsed, killing hundreds will continue our efforts to help our City College trapped within. Claudel ran to open ground and family and friends in Haiti. Boxes the relative safety of a nearby tree, where he will be set up in the Registrar’s remembers those held on and worried about his family. Office and marked Haiti Relief Fund; touched by tragedy The city continued to crumble as he ran in donations are urgently needed, search of his mother and sister, both of whom he please donate what you can now. found safe but shocked by what had happened. Haiti will continue to need donations The family spent much of the following weeks on to ensure they have the resources to the boat they use for their import-export trade. get food, medicine and supplies to Claudel said they did what they could to serve the people that need them. food and water to those in need. We can live in a world where Claudel is back in Florida and back in class everyone has a roof over their head, but several other City College students have enough food to eat and access to family and friends still missing in Haiti. Students, clean drinking water. Unfortunately, staff and faculty gathered food, clothing and despite some advances we’re far money for aid that was delivered by a church from this vision. The City College organization in late January. As a nation and Family does get this and are taking its people grieve and rebuild, City College action. Thank you for opening up Dennis Espinoza, Angel Dunn and Jim Cirone remembers those touched by tragedy. your heart in this time of need. help with the Haiti Relief Fund Find this newsletter onlinewas selected by students on completion of the performances. The winning poem at
  2. 2. Fort Lauderdale Campus News • page 2 Alumni Spotlight s my program was given to me. It took What are your comments about the “Are You Ready?” real hard work, dedication and persistence. My teachers equipped me usefulness of the broadcasting club? I think the club is useful in that it Sindy Rosario graduated in December, 2009 with confidence and tenacity to want to creates an organization to belong to and with an Associate of Science do things right and that’s needed in the be part of. It’s like a school family. We’re Degree in Broadcasting. industry. The need to want to do more accountable not only for ourselves but W ell Sindy was. She was so and expect more was cultivated in for others. Whenever I saw a fellow ready that she aced the this program. member/student in distress I felt Broadcasting Program, and compelled to help in any way I could. On a scale of 1 – 10 (1 being the lowest), Whether by sharing books or forming now she’s willing to share her journey how rigorous was the program for you? with others. We recently interviewed study groups before exams, the club It’s hard to separate the rigor of the helped to form bonds. I also know it to her about her experience as a program from everything else that’s go- broadcasting student at City College. be a good networking tool. Students ing on while you’re completing it. Many shared ideas and helped each other Here are some excerpts from that of the students who attend have jobs interview. with individual projects. and families, but the program is do-able. Of course, we cannot forget those What are your impressions of the If you’re committed to finishing on time, wonderful educational field trips! broadcasting program? you will; no matter what obstacles get I feel as though this program, which I in your way. After all, that kind of mind have just completed, gave me enough frame is what will make you Staff Happenings skills and tools to further my interest in a better worker in the long run. On a whatever avenue I may be inclined to scale of 1 to 10, I’d have to request a City Spotlight is Shining On... pursue. Broadcasting as a whole is very switch to sliding scale. Sometimes it’s a ‘broad’ but in this program I was able to 6, sometimes it’s a 10. Congratulations dabble in different aspects. to our very own If you had to speak to prospective I came away more enthusiastic about Jacqueline students about the program, what what I would like to do in the future. Thomas who would you say to them? I feel like this program is a good received her “Are you ready? Are you really ready? stepping stone in a long road of major Bachelor Degree Because there should be no going life steps. Not only did it mold my in Business back.” That’s what I’d say. Investing character but it worked on my discipline Administration your time and money is no joke. Making and my commitment to my dreams. on November 11, sure that you’re mentally prepared and 2009, graduating How much do you think it has that you have a strong support team cum laude. Along helped you for the real world of is crucial. If you have al the above with her duties as Assistant Librarian, broadcasting? covered then the only thing left would Jackie wears several hats. She is I definitely feel it has helped me be to congratulate them. involved in student TABE testing, enormously to prepare for the real It takes a courageous person to assisting instructors with materials world of broadcasting. Nothing I realize what he or she wants and go among others things. She is now accomplished during the course of through the steps of getting it. pursuing her Master’s Degree at Everest University and hopes to finish in two years with her MBA – HR Master of Find us on Facebook. Visit the City College s Business Administration in Human Resources. We are so very proud of her social media link at accomplishments. Keep it going Jackie. Never a Dull Moment! Antonio Moreira made it a double, winning both the poetry and T he excitement continues in the broadcasting department. short story contests in the evening. The winners were selected Last term a new feature was introduced in our extra by their peers. A total of eleven students entered the contests. curricula program, and already there is great anticipation On January 19th the various winners for the broadcasting for the next go-around. department’s quarterly awards were announced. DeShawna The Department held its first poetry and short story contests Scott (day) and Kenrick Brown (evening) won the Students of for both day and evening students. Lorenza Blair captured the the Quarter awards. Other award recipients were Lauren poetry contest in the day time, while Karen Melendez and Concepcion – Best Radio Presenter, Lathon Miller – Best Radio Maria Vasquez were joint winners of the short story Producer, Dujuan Walker - Best Television Presenter and John competition among the daytime students. Antoine – Best Television Producer. (Continued on page 3)
  3. 3. Fort Lauderdale Campus News • page 3 Dr. Alvan Lewis, Broadcasting Chair presents awards to (left to right): Lorenza Blair, winner of poetry contest (day) receives his award; DeShawna Scott, Student of the Quarter (day); Maria Vasquez, joint winner of short story contest (day); and Karen Melendez, joint winner of short story contest (day). (Continued from page 2) Antonio Moreira: Broadcasting Club 1st Place Winner, The award for “Most Innovative Concept” was Poetry Contest [Evening Session] shared by Laura Caiazza and Ruben Lanier. Jean “I Want Peace” Samuel Jean-Louis Jr captured the attendance I want to see peace achievement award for never missing any of his I do not want to see war and loneliness in the eyes of a child in El Salvador… broadcasting classes and Kedeley Brevil (day) with his rifle in his hands. and Orfa Duran (evening) were joint winners of The guerrilla with his sponsor educated and exported to Nicaragua. the “Excellent Character” award. Winners for I do not want to see the Israeli nation and Palestinian people in pain… all these awards are chosen at the end of the women of South Africa crying for their vanquished children. each term. I do not want to see bodies like duplicates defenseless in Ethiopia There are some exciting plans for the And revolt of the I.R.A. striving to free Belfast. This is not a lie! department during the spring term. A group of I do not want to see the war and the loneliness in the eyes of the children 18 students, all of whom were top performers of Lebanon. last term, will be taken on an educational field I want to see the world holding hands. trip to visit some prominent broadcasting entities I want to see peace! in Atlanta from April 21st to 24th. Read our report The winning poem was selected by students on completion of the performances. in the Summer issue. The Broadcasting Dept. Karen Melendez: Joint 1st Place s announces the winners Short Story Winner [Day Session] “Sunset to Sunrise” of its first poetry and It was my first night at my new place. Even though it looked like a decent place, it short story contests. was a scary thought to know that a 93-year-old lady had died not too long ago in this apartment. The only thing that felt right was the five hundred dollars a month in a nice neighborhood. Lorenza Blair: 1st Place Winner, That night after I brushed my teeth and combed my hair there was a heavy thunder Poetry Contest [Day Session] and the lights went out. “A lightning must have hit the transformer” I thought to myself. I jumped in bed and cuddled under the brand new sheets that my friend had given me “LIFE” as a house warming present. What is life without trials and tribulations Once under my covers I started hearing weird noises. Seeing shadows where I Happiness and devastation knew they were none. All of a sudden a huge ‘bang’ exploded by my ear. I got so fright- Peacefulness or frustration? ened that I pulled the covers over my head and closed my eyes as tightly as I could. A nation’s ‘miseducation’ Then like music to my ears the thunderstorm ceased and I could hear the rain drops Will have us facing unsure situations. on the roof. The air filled with the sweet scent of him. A warm feeling came over me Start embracing stop erasing and I could feel his arms keeping me warm. I fell into the deepest sleep I’ve ever expe- God is Love…hate is Satan – rienced. Unification of all creation should be What seemed like seconds were actually hours. I opened one eye at first and a ray our motivation of sunshine splashed into my room. I opened both eyes then and saw a beautiful red To preserve our generation. rose with a card right next to it. I walked to it, opened it and read. The winning poem was selected by students “You never looked more beautiful than you looked while sleeping in my arms; went for on completion of the performances. coffee. Love you.” Visit the City College student web portal at
  4. 4. Miami Campus News • page 4 Miami Campus Student Appreciation Week S tudent appreciation is a way for us to give back to our students. City College-Miami campus believes that in order for the success and growth of our campus we must not only tell the students we appreciate them, but also show our students that we care. Here at the Miami campus we dedicate a week to our Student Appreciation. We order pizza, ice cream, cookies, you name it, anything to show our students are truly appreciated! Medical Assistants Master Blood-Drawing At City College we give our students an in-depth and hands-on education. Pictured here are some students from our Medical Assistant program practicing the important task of drawing blood. Being able to draw blood is a very important skill for students to master. Being able to draw blood from a patient will help medical facilities including, but not limited to, doctor’s offices, hospitals and various other locations. Students are given the chance to practice this skill that will prepare them to become excellent Medical Assistants in an ever-changing work environment. Learn about City College’s s Pay It Forward rewards program: Career Week Informs and Inspires PI Students Mr. Robert Coppel, Lead Investigator for Paramedic Students Practice Advanced the Public Defenders Office came to the City College-Miami Campus to speak with the Life-Saving Skills Private Investigation and Legal students during Career Week. He addressed issues such as employment and positions available at the Public Defenders Office. Mr. Coppel also gave a presentation assuring the legal students that law is all around them. He specified the different aspects of law, and gave pointers on how to assess one’s self to know which field of law the students may be interested in once they have completed their City College Paramedic/EMT students performed Cricothyrotomies using pig program. He also discussed employment tracheas. A Cricothyrotomy is a very advanced skill that is used when all other options available for private investigation options have been exhausted to secure a patient’s airway. A Cricothyrotomy students, such as fingerprinting, court is performed by making an incision into the patient’s trachea and inserting a testimonies, witness statements, surveillance endotracheal tube to help facilitate breathing for an unresponsive patient. This or case investigations for particular cases is a skill that is very rarely performed, and being able to give students hands-on assigned to public defender attorneys. training will help ensure that they will be excellent paramedics on the field, and help save lives.
  5. 5. Miami Campus News • page 5 Private Investigation Students’ Fundraiser C ity College-Miami PI students take pride in their chosen field. Our students are eager to help out with almost anything that pertains to their success. These students have teamed up to Legal/Private Investigation Department Chair Janet Campos, left, and Miami Campus Director support their program events through fund- Marcella Howard, right raising. The money will help students who can not afford to purchase the necessary equipment needed to conduct surveillance. The funds will also help them attend the 65th Annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference, August 15-18, 2010 in Orlando Florida. Let’s all help support their cause! Lets all help the Miami Campus Private Investigation students meet their fundraising goals Consuelo Riviera, left, and Linda Horta, at right Gainesville Campus News City College in Gainesville is Relocating to New Facility City College in Gainesville will be moving lab, a blood-drawing lab, group study area, beautiful brand new building in order its campus to a brand new location in time expanded library facility, and much more. to better serve our students and for the spring start of classes. The construction was officially the employers of the north-central The City College Gainesville campus completed on February 16, 2010. The Florida area,” said Steven A. Schwab, opened its doors in 1988. For 23 years the College will be physically relocating on Executive Director for the Gainesville College serves the surrounding community March 25th and ready for the spring campus. by providing career-focused diplomas, quarter start on Monday, April 5th. The new campus is located at 7001 Associate and Bachelor’s degrees. A grand opening celebration is N.W. 4th Blvd., Gainesville, Florida. The College will be relocating all of its scheduled for Friday, April 23rd commenc- Take Newberry Road exit west to operations to a brand new custom-built ing at 5pm. Food, beverages, fun and Tower Road and then turn south. Go campus just off of the Newberry Road exit. festivities are being served up and the one block and turn into the Tower The new facility is twice the square footage general public is invited to stop in and Road complex. City College is located of the old campus building and will house all join our celebration. at the east end of the pond and east the current programs, but is designed with “We are thrilled to be relocating to the of the Home Depot. expansion in mind. The Grand Opening s is scheduled for Friday, April 23rd, commencing at 5pm There are plans to roll out an Associate Science Degree in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) at the Gainesville campus. The EMS degree is currently offered at the Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando campuses. The College is also seeking approval to launch an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice. The new facility features a custom designed medical lab, patient exam lab, newly installed ambulance simulator, student lounge area, student open-computer
  6. 6. Gainesville Campus News • page 6 Faculty Spotlight s City College Gainesville Faculty Member Displays Remarkable Experience G eorge Jacob, is truly a renaissance man. Jacob’s experience and interests span a wide variety of subject areas, but the center point to all of his ventures is the caring and concern for the individual human. Jacob’s caring and concern shine through in the classroom where his passion for teaching his students is evidenced. He has a gift for bringing practical application to every detail of health science education. Jacobs introduced the utilization of pigs’ feet for teaching about suture and staple removal. He utilizes the pigs’ feet because their skin is most similar to human, but most important in this exercise is the realistic experience of actual practice for the students. When not in the classroom, Jacobs balances his time working on his other hobbies and interests. He currently operates a hydroponic farm on his property that is powered by solar Dr. George Jacob has practiced as a physician in several countries. He also operates radiation. He received a grant in 2009 to build a hydroponic farm on his property (above) that is powered by solar radiation. George successfully grows herbs for sale locally, such as basil (below.) the hydroponic facility and he now successfully grows herbs for local sale. Jacobs holds patents in the area Jacob’s expertise in Medical Herbalism is of natural products for the treatment combined with an interest in Complementary of symptoms of several refractory and Alternative Medicine. Jacob’s is realizing (treatment-resistant) diseases. the fast approaching end point in the toxicity George Jacob, MD, D.Ortho, DMHS of chemotherapeutic agents with his research served as Assistant Director of the in Alternative Medicine leading to patents and Clinical Trials Office at the University the discovery of unique natural products for of Florida Shands Cancer Center. He the relief of symptoms for several refractory practiced as a physician in several diseases. countries and also served a 10-year tour as Physician Instructor, EMS and Staff Physician, United States Army, Europe. He was a member of the Shands Hospital Cancer Committee at the University of Florida and a Long Term Care Ombudsman for the State of Florida. Jacobs teaches exam room proce- dures, clinical lab procedures, phar- macology and other courses at the City College campus in Gainesville. He has been with City College for five years. Learn about City College’s s Pay It Forward rewards program:
  7. 7. Casselberry Campus News • page 7 Above, left to right: Natalee Peter, Julius Furlow, Ivy Foust, and Diansky Rouzard Students Send Emergency Relief to Haiti In response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the Ambassador Club teamed up with Harvest Time International to start a donation drive. Boxes were placed around campus for the students and staff to donate much needed items to the people of Haiti. Within a matter of days, the boxes were filled up. Common items donated were: bottled water, basic medical supplies, blankets, non-perishable foods, and small toys for Above, left to right: Ana Moreno, Holly Satterwhite, Samantha Gumble, Alana Wood, Denisa children. The boxes were dropped off at the DiGiannamtoni, and Tammy Wilson enjoy their pizza break Harvest Time International office and will soon be on their way to Haiti. A big thanks to all of the students and staff that donated. Student Appreciation Week: January 25-27, 2010 P Below, left to right: Katherine Andrades, Pin Osaji, and Jackie Martinez izza, cookies, and candy were served to the day and evening students. The following students won the drawing of gifts and prizes. DVD players: Jennifer Saunders, Denise Francavilla, Steve Vandenburg, Tumeeka Luc. Gas cards: Sandra Bermudez, Michael Munday, Lasherie McKnight-Cecil, Ana Moreno, Cheyenne Faluski, and Javier Morales. Congratulations! Connect with City College, Casselberry s on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. New Medical Lab Opening City College, Casselberry is in the process of building a new medical lab for the Medical SimMan Will Provide Advanced Training Assisting and Medical Billing and Coding The City College, Casselberry EMT/ clinical functionality. SimMan provides students. The new addition is a result of student Paramedic department has ordered a simulation-based education to challenge growth over the past year. The new lab will be “SimMan”. We are very excited as it and test students’ clinical and approximately 1,000 square feet. It is expected will be a great addition to our program. decision-making skills during realistic to be finished by the spring start. We will also The SimMan will provide more hands patient care scenarios. SimMan gain one new classroom. The old medical lab on training for the EMT/Paramedic includes well-proven software and will be refurbished as a lecture classroom. students. What is a SimMan? an interactive technologically We are excited about the creation of the new A SimMan is a portable and advanced advanced manikin allowing learners lab. Watch for photos of our new lab in the patient simulator for team training. to practice the emergency treatment next newsletter. SimMan has realistic anatomy and of patients.
  8. 8. Casselberry Campus News • page 8 Casselberry Team Travels to Fort Lauderdale for Road Rally! Clockwise from upper left:Carlos Vazquez, Belinda McSween, Latina Anderson, Jackie Carasas, Time To Pay It Forward Ivette Cruz, Madrianne Vas, Eliot Lopez, David Jones, Arlene Willis, Pam Gordon and Enock Belony. When someone does you a big favor, don’t pay it back... pay it forward! Your desire to help others succeed can inspire them to do the same, making the world a better place. It M embers of the Admissions, Financial Aid, and Academics team went down to the Ft. Lauderdale campus to attend the “Power of Teamwork” workshop on February 12, 2010. During the workshop, everyone learned about the strength and power of teamwork. Awards were given out to the mem- bers of the City College, Casselberry team for their hard work. Ms. Arlene Willis only takes a few minutes to get started. won two awards: for the highest ARC percentage for Winter 2010 and for being an outstanding leader for her Academic Affairs team. The Financial Aid Department won an award for the most collections for accounts receivable Your desire to help others for Summer 2009. Congratulations and a big thank you to everyone on the City s succeed can inspire them College, Casselberry team for all their hard work and dedication. After the to do the same, making the workshop, staff from all the City College campuses went out to eat at Taverna Opa. A good time was had by all. world a better place. Refer your friends, relatives or acquaintances to one of City College’s campuses using the link below. When your referral enrolls in one of City College’s programs, your name is recorded into our rewards database. When one of your referrals starts school and completes their first 30 days, you will automatically have your choice of one of the rewards shown on our Rewards page, rewards. A City College associate will contact you to notify you of your eligibility to receive an award. Get started paying it forward at