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Cc spt web_928

  1. 1. Fort Lauderdale Campus News • page 1 market. It’s worth it. We have to thank the Department Chair Dr. Alvan Lewis and his team of Instructors for making learning such a fun experience, and for facilitating the level of exposure that every broadcasting student gets during their two years pursuing a degree at City College. For many of us, the pressures of our daily lives are enough to sap our energy and make us want to give up. But when we arrive at school for our broadcasting Broadcasting students and professor at WKMG TV in Orlando studies, there is a sense of having something special to look forward to. It makes a dreary day come alive. It It’s Worth It! somehow energizes us. News from the Broadcasting Department W hat is worth it, you might ask. Being a broadcasting major at City College. It’s hard work, but real fun. It’s demanding and tiring, but very exciting. And with each passing term life gets more excited and interesting in the Department. There is so much anticipation as taught in the classroom was reinforced we wait to hear what the Chair will in our educational field trip to radio and announce whenever we have our usual television stations in Orlando. We visited departmental meeting in the second week WKMG TV and Cox Radio Network. These Valex Lindor, Student of the Quarter (day) of every term. This, of course, is when all were two days of fun learning first hand the broadcasting awards are also from professionals in those stations. And that is great, because it helps in our We even sat in on the midday newscast learning. We have observed on the many There is always at WKMG and a few of us also got a trips that professional broadcasters have s real taste of live radio, as we introduced fun doing their job, and we too have fun something new to songs on one of the stations at Cox. learning the art, as we prepare to enter captivate us, and it It was all part of the effort to expose us to the industry. makes us enjoy our studies. real market conditions to complement our As we prepare ourselves to meet the training and studies here at City College. challenges of this very demanding and presented to the winners from the Soon we’ll know where our next competitive industry, we are learning previous term. The point is, there is exciting field trip will take us. We already not only the finer elements of the art, always something new to captivate know that our selection will be based on but the dynamics of how to function in a us, and it makes us enjoy our studies. our GPA, so the mad work is about to start broadcasting environment. The level of After all, the training is quite rigid and on October 4th, when classes resume. The teamwork we are allowed to cultivate demanding, so whatever we get to relieve top 20 students will have the privilege to helps to shape us into well-rounded the stress is always worthwhile. travel to broadcasting entities outside budding professionals. We are given the We had a revealing summer. Revealing of Florida, to get first hand exposure to privilege to run workshops while on trips because so much of what we have been another set of professionals in another Continued on page 2 Find this newsletter online at
  2. 2. Fort Lauderdale Campus News • page 2 Financial Aid Update: New Year, New Rules T he July 1st date is significant at all schools that offer January of each year. The earlier you apply the easier it is to financial aid because it is the end of one Financial Aid year award you the higher payment amount without delay! Never and the beginning of another however this year, City College say we back down from a challenge, we will be experts at Year Financial Aid Officers are challenged with a two new Federal Round Pell before next summer comes around!!! Rules: Year Round Pell and Direct Federal Loans. The second challenge is that student’s may only receive The first challenge will be a wonderful opportunity for our Stafford and PLUS loans from the Direct Loan Program. City student’s to receive more Pell Grant money than ever before. College has always been aware that this might come The new rule (for student’s who are Pell Grant Eligible only) to be therefore we have always kept our hand in the Direct Loan states that for the Summer Quarter the student must receive Program. However all students who have had FFELP loans (lenders outside of Direct) must complete Our biggest challenge will be to get all the active new Master Promissory Notes both for s students to come in and complete the student and parent in the case of a PLUS loan. Our biggest challenge will be the new DMPN in a timely manner to get all the active students to come in without feeling any lapse in loan delivery time. and complete the new DMPN in a timely manner without feeling any lapse in loan Pell out of the higher award year. For example, if a student was delivery time. If you haven’t already completed a new DMPN, receiving $1750 from the ending year and is eligible for $1900 out check with your Financial Aid Office to see if this affects you. of the new award year we must pay them from the new award Come in anytime we are open and we will be glad to help you year. Sounds simple? In theory it is but the challenges to the FA complete the new process! With the help of our new Campus offices can be significant. If the old award was already posted Vue software we are able to track (through document tracking) to the student we must first refund that amount and then post it that we need to get a new promissory note as well as indicating from the new amount. This can be a time delay for a student’s if we already have one! Another positive thing that comes from Financial Aid to be posted for the student but in the end is a spending all that money on new software! What a great thing to great thing. This new rule is also why we begin encouraging have a corporate office that is supportive of needs on the students to apply with the new award year FAFSA beginning in school campuses! Broadcasting Club [from page 1] and also in some of our weekly broadcasting club meetings. We raise our own funds, and we compete vigorously. But it’s all fun, and certainly, it creates an atmosphere and a learning environment of success. So congratulations to those who were successful in winning awards last term. Valex Lindor and our club President Denise Florentino were our Students of the Quarter; Henry Troll and Anthony Fazio were Best Radio Presenter and Producer respectively. Best Television Presenter was Karen Melendez, Denise Florentino, Student of the Quarter evening and President of the with Alex Dawson winning the Best Television Producer Broadcasting Club award. Robert Capone won the Attendance Achievement award; Steve Haberman submitted the Most Innovative Concept and was awarded for it. And the Most Excellent Character award went to the Vice President of the club Laura Caiazza. Congratulations are also in order for three of our recent grads who have hit it out of the park! Kenrick “TC” Brown who graduated in July is making waves on WBIG station; Jasmina Landron who also graduated in July is now anchoring the news on HOLA TV in West Palm and Ruth Montilla just completed her studies in early September , and is already employed at La Nueva 88.3 FM. Great job Man in the middle, Kenrick “TC” Brown guys. We are proud of you! Visit the City College student web portal at
  3. 3. Fort Lauderdale Campus News • page 3 Did you know City College students and faculty qualify for exclusive “Alaiyo” s I discounts from AT&T? Go to n June, the Fort Lauderdale Library held a Poetry Contest. The entries that were submitted [New and current users eligible] covered a wide variety of subjects: love (of course), ambition, politics, Miami Campus News jealousy, dreams … and the heavens above. Five cash prizes were awarded: 1st prize: Kortney Kretschmer 2nd prize: Robert Capone 3rd prize: Gerard Hepburn 4th prize: Laura Rosenberg 5th prize: Antonio Moreira The following was announced at the awarding of the prizes: “Thank you for participating in the Poetry Contest. Poetry is not simply putting words onto a piece of paper. Some people are good at that; other people are very good at that. But that’s not what poetry is – merely an ability to write well. … When you sat down to write the poem you submitted to the Poetry EMS Extrication Process Day Contest, you decided to open yourself S up to your innermost thoughts, your tudents from City College went through a series of heartfelt emotions. And you weren’t events leading up to the final evolution of seeing how just thinking about your feelings, you a car is cut up in order to extricate a possible victim were acting on them – in submitting in the most quick and safe manner. Students first had a your poem, you were communicating hour long lecture about the different points and certain your feelings to others, you were things to look for when approaching a scene of any “making a statement.” vehicle accident. And that puts you in a very special The day was set up in three different stages. First stage class. You are an individual who is Dr. Abraham was removing a patient via KED (Kendrick Extrication not afraid to speak up, not afraid to Device) from a vehicle. Second Stage was actually back boarding patients, applying become vulnerable – not afraid to C-Collars and other different techniques we use to safely remove victims from an seek, as Studs Terkel put it, “that accident. Last but not least, the student watched and assisted as instructors actually which is within and all that’s outside.” cut open two different types of vehicles. They were able to witness the proper technique There is an African word for such and also visualize the different steps they had learned earlier in the day. Overall, the day people – Alaiyo – “one for whom was full of fun and lots of learning for students of City College. bread is not enough.” Everyone who participated in the Poetry Contest – which wasn’t really a contest, in that we will never know who looked the deepest into their hearts or who struggled the most to express their innermost thoughts – all those who participated in the Poetry Contest are to be congratulated for taking that inward journey. And then telling us about it. s Find us on Facebook. Visit the City College social media link Jesus Arias, Karol Romero, Leticia Guevarra, Maria Our Business Department Chair Joshua Caley at Suarez, Natali D’Alessandro, and Fredy Segovia
  4. 4. Gainesville Campus News • page 4 Alumni Spotlight s July 24th, ‘10 Graduation Our graduation was on July 24th, Sunnie Alexander: 2010 at the University Auditorium, 11AM, Gainesville. We had 840 City College Alumni, guests, 95 grads show up, 50 plus Student, Author and faculty and staff… It was the largest group ever and we exceeded the Mom of Four capacity of the place. We have to move our venue for the next year. S unnie Alexander, may be similar in some ways to the many students who overcome great challenges in order to pursue life goals, but her story is soon to be published for the world to read. Alexander enrolled in 2000 to pursue her assistance in order to ensure the best Associate degree in Allied Health with a treatment for him and balance the needs of concentration in Medical Assisting. the rest of her family. At the time of her enrollment she was in Today she continues to balance her son’s the early stages of a divorce and pregnant treatment and her other children’s needs. with triplets. She already had two children. Her struggles and triumphs are She was determined to create a better life chronicled in a soon to be released book Florida State for herself and her family as a newly single titled: “Heaven Sent Me Kevin.” Alexander mother. She struggled to remain focused has a contract signed with Tate Publishing Representative on her academic career goals while her personal life appeared to be disintegrating and the book is under review and final editing now. Debbie Boyd Visits around her. Her plan is to do her first book signing at Debbie Boyd, Florida State Rep. She graduated in 2001. the City College Gainesville campus. visited and toured the City College, Gainesville campus on August 18, 2010. Boyd was greeted by Executive “I love everything about the City College campus. s Director, Steven A. Schwab and They are my family and it is my dream to teach Career Services Director, Gerald at City College one day.” “Zag” Zagaiski. She received a brief history of the College and then was toured through During her most difficult moments when “All the bad things that have happened the beautiful new campus. she contemplated giving up, the City to me in life are good,” said Alexander. Boyd was treated to two live College staff and faculty provided her Alexander returned in 2009 to pursuit her demonstrations in Dr. George Jacob’s with support and encouragement. She Bachelor’s degree at the Gainesville City patient exam lab. Clinical Laboratory contributes her completion to the faculty College campus. Procedures students who did not let Alexander give in to despair She continues to juggle family, work and were performing a and provided comfort and coaching during college. catheterization on an her most trying times She plans to enroll in a Master’s program anatomical model in “I finished with the help of Michelle in Psychology focusing on adolescent one exam area while Berry, Eddie Lee, and Andrew Nichols.” studies upon completion of her Bachelor’s across the room “Jan Jordan was always pushing me to degree in December. Her goals do not end another group of success too.” said Alexander. here. students prepped a “I have a strong belief in God who placed She is currently working on a second mock patient for an Rep. Debbie Boyd me around positive people and put them in book, “He Lives Through Me.” EKG. talks with students my path,” said Alexander. The novel is about her father’s murder in Her next classroom in Dr. Debra Newell’s While attending college her first born 1980. It is another amazing story, but fan’s Medical Terminology experience occurred class son, Kevin was diagnosed with ADHD and will need to wait for now. in Dr. Debra Newell’s Paranoid Schizophrenia during this time. “I love everything about the City College Medical Terminology class. Kevin is the first medical case of a child campus.” Each student in Newell’s class spent diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia “They are my family and it is my dream a few minutes telling Boyd about their and his unique case is in the medical books. to teach at City College one day,” said Continued on page 5 She eventually sought institutional Alexander.
  5. 5. Gainesville Campus News • page 5 Learn about City College’s Pay It Forward rewards program: Rep. Boyd Visit [from page 4] Casselberry Campus News Graduation and Student Awards Ceremony T he City College graduation in the following categories: Student ceremony took place on July 24th, of the Quarter, Outstanding Academic 2010 at Lyman High School. The Achievement, Director’s List and the Rep. Debbie Boyd chats with Dr. George Jacobs graduation ceremony went very well and President’s List. All awards given to in the patient exam lab all graduates were very excited to have students for academic achievements are background, goals and why they completed this important milestone in based on their GPA. If you were not able chose City College. their lives. A big thank you goes out to to attend the ceremony or didn’t receive Boyd spent 30 minutes in the Ms. Kendall Mirville and Ms. Michelle your award, please see the receptionist classroom speaking with and Morton for all their hard work. The for it. Congratulations to all City College questioning each and every student student awards ceremony took place on graduates and award recipients! The about their backgrounds, desires and August 11, 2010 to honor students of City faculty and staff of City College are very challenges. College for their academic achievements. proud of all its students! Boyd stated she was very impressed Awards were presented to the students and moved by the diversity of student stories she heard. Many of the students relayed their challenge of balancing work, family and school. Left to right: Victoria Freire, Lisandra Linares, and Nadege Adgar Gerald “Zag” Zagaiski, Rep. Debbie Boyd and Campus Director, Steven A. Schwab Rep. Debbie Boyd talks to a City College Michelle Morton and Ronnie Vega Left to right: Jasmine Lopez and Lasharie McKnight- student in the Medical Terminology class Cecil
  6. 6. Casselberry Campus News • page 6 Community s What Can the Registrar’s Office Do for Me? Outreach T he registrar of City College, Casselberry is Cindy Bracero. Ms. Bracero has been the registrar at City College for about two Back to School Drive years. What exactly does the registrar’s office do? The Ambassador Club of City College, Ms. Bracero assists new students by making Medical Allied Health Association, and sure all their paperwork is complete and the Legal Assisting Private Investigation new student can start school without any Services Association joined forces to hassles. Ms. Bracero assists current students sponsor a back to school drive for Kids with many things: schedules, grades, issues House of Seminole County. Kids House of with grades, attendance, student awards, Seminole County sponsors a Back to School transcripts, and the student web portal login Splash every August, and the organization issues. The registrar’s office receives students’ turn to the local community for donations. requests for transcripts. If a student wishes This program was created to help families to have a copy of their transcripts or have the in Seminole County with back to school transcripts sent to another school, the student expenses. The children are invited to a pool must fill out a transcript request form and pay party, have lunch, and play games. After the a two dollar fee. The request will be granted, Cindy Bracero, Registrar event, each child is given a new backpack pending no financial aid holds, in five to seven filled with new school supplies. The business days. Ms. Bracero enjoys working at City College because of the students, faculty, and staff of City College students she helps on a daily basis. Ms. Bracero’s hours are Monday and donated many school supplies for this drive. Tuesday from 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:30 AM to Thanks to all who donated, and a special 6:30 AM, and Friday 8:30 to 5:00 PM. Please call her with any questions or to thank you to City College Ambassador set up an appointment. Denisa Digiannantoni for delivering the materials to Kids House of Seminole County. The Ambassadors are currently looking for Visit the City College student web portal at their next community project, if anyone has any ideas, please see Ms. Satterwhite. EMS Dept. Mass Casualty Training: It’s a Plane Crash! In May 2010, the Emergency Medical Services Department created a reenactment of a mass casualty incident. The incident was an airplane crash that involved several hurt patients. The reason for the reenactment was to test the core paramedic students on their final practical test out for pre-hospital trauma life support. The room the reenactment took place was filled with smoke from fog machines, loud music, and tables and chairs placed everywhere. These things where used to distract the paramedic students while they rescued the victims of the airplane accident. EMT students played the part of the victims by dressing up in ripped clothing and covering their bodies with fake blood. A total of thirty- five students participated in the mass casualty incident and all of the paramedic students passed. Mr. Merrill Seabury, Director the EMS Department wanted to show the paramedic students what a paramedic might Left to right: Henricho Feliciano, John Locher, Kimberly LeClair, Latoya Meade, Dean Dilkes, face on an emergency call. and Heather Smith