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Dear members, friends, and stakeholders,
There is no more poignant illustration of what lies at the
heart of the City Club...
OurVisionis of strong, informed individuals and communities that prize freedom of speech and civil, civic dialogue.
Arts & Culture
Politics &
Public Policy
This past year, we made deepened engagement a
priority. By partnering with dozens of community
organizations, we invited n...
Our community has an insatiable appetite for
thought-provoking conversation, no matter when
or whe...
Thanks to our City Club members who have always been the foundation
of our success. Their financial support, at...
$50,000 +
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The City Club of Cleveland - 2016 Annual Report


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A review of The City Club of Cleveland's 2016 fiscal year, spent serving Greater Cleveland, the State of Ohio, and the nation with programs that convene leaders, engage citizens and provide all of our communities with opportunities to learn and participate in spirited dialogue on the issues that shape our future.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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The City Club of Cleveland - 2016 Annual Report

  2. 2. Dear members, friends, and stakeholders, There is no more poignant illustration of what lies at the heart of the City Club mission than the photograph on the next page of this annual report. At each forum we presented last year, community members challenged speakers with important questions. The woman pictured here, for example, asked the Palestinian representative to the United Nations where displaced refugees might return if there were a future two-state solution. Questions like this are a vital part of City Club forums. They serve as a constant reminder of how precious our first freedom—the freedom of speech—truly is. In May, we hosted a former Pakistani defense minister who discussed the history of relations between the U.S. and Pakistan. During the Q&A, a female Pakistani journalist, visiting Cleveland with a State Department delegation, asked if the Pakistani government is responsible for nurturing a culture that permits extremism to thrive. The speaker was taken aback, and we realized this question could not have been asked in Pakistan. It could only be asked here, at a City Club forum, where dialogue—even difficult dialogue—is given the space to breathe and grow. In addition to hosting 133 forums this past year, the board and staff came together to draft a new strategic plan. The result is a new mission and vision statement that truly reflects the work we do, its significance to the community, the region, and the world, and the impact we hope to have on all who cross our path. We realize it may be tempting to dismiss what we do as “simply talk,” but, through our work, we see lives change and people come together. As a community, when we share an experience of probing an idea, listening to a perspective different than our own, and gaining a greater understanding, we are stronger and better able to face future challenges. An integral part of our success this past fiscal year is due to the leadership of Board President Paul Harris. Serving as president for three years, he has helped guide the organization through much of our growth and development. Paul remains an active board member and, for that, we are grateful. Finally, we thank you. You play an essential role in our success with your support, your presence, and, of course, your questions. Thank you for helping us celebrate our first freedom. Sincerely, Robert M. Littman, Board President Dan Moulthrop, CEO BY THE NUMBERS: NUMBER OF STREETS NAMED FOR THE CITY CLUB:1 ESTIMATED NUMBER OF QUESTIONS ASKED BY CITY CLUB ATTENDEE
  3. 3. OurVisionis of strong, informed individuals and communities that prize freedom of speech and civil, civic dialogue. WWW.CITYCLUB.ORG | 1 WE CREATE CONVERSATIONS OF CONSEQUENCE THAT HELP DEMOCRACY THRIVE. ES: 880 NUMBER OF SPEAKERS OF COLOR: 64 NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO ATTENDED CITY CLUB FORUMS: 22,639
  4. 4. FORUMS Arts & Culture AnEarnestDiscussionofClevelandandThe SportsConnection BestBooksforyourSummerReadingList BestBooksof2015 CelebratingExellenceEverywhere ClevelandInternationalFilmFestivalFilm Forums ConnectingtheHumanitieswithCivic Engagement JustBelieve TheClevelandMuseumofArt:NewLeader, NewEra TheSoulofCleveland Economy CurrentChallengesFacingtheBanking Industry ExportingTalent,ImportingKnowledge LifeandLiteratureofMarlonJames MastersofInnovation:TheNottinghamSpirk Story Power,AuthenticityandEngagement: LessonsinLeadership RemarksbyJanetYellen RemarksfromthePresidentoftheFederal ReserveBankofCleveland TheEncoreOpportunity:MakingtheMostof TheLongevityRevolution TheMarketthatMovesAmerica:The ImportanceoftheU.S.MiddleMarket Education 21stCenturyOhioState:Re-envisioningOur Land-GrantMission IntegratingourEducationSystem,Employers, andJobCreators LessonsfromTulsa,OK:PreschoolasaStep TowardsLife-LongSuccess LiteracyCLE:PoweredbyPechaKucha MakingtheUnequalMetropolis:School DesegregationandItsLimits MiracleGrowforLife-AGrowthMindset OpportunityforAll:CollectiveActionfor CollectiveExcellence PromiseScholarships:TransformingtheLives ofChildrenandRevitalizingCities SayYestoEducation:BringingCommunities Together ThePowerofSecondLanguageLearning Unvironmentalism:HowtheSustainablitiy MovementhasGoneWrong WillCollegePayoff? YouthForum:CollegeAdmissions 2015StateoftheSchools Environment & Sustainability Climate:Change,Action,andNewEnergy for2016 HappyDogTakesontheWorld:On SustainabilityGoals-Can17Initiatives TransformtheWorld? NinthCoastGuardDistrict:EnsuringThe Safety,SecurityandStewardshipofour NationalTreasure RebuildingOurEnergyInfrastructure TheGreatLakesSeawaySystem-Connection NorthAmerica’s‘OpportunityBelt’tothe World What’sWrongwithLakeErieandHowCan WeFixIt? WeForgottoPayAmerica’sWater InfrastructureBill Health CommunitiesforAllAges:ACriticalTimefor Leaders DisruptingAging Don’tForgettheFamilies:TappingthePower ofParent-ChildRelationshipsforKid’sSuccess Recovery,NotJail:It’sTimetoStop AbandoningAmerica’sMentallyIll UnsungHeroes:BehindtheScenesofOrgan, EyeandTissueDonation Untangled:TheCriticalWorkofRaising TeenageGirls WhatWillItReallyTaketoImprove PopulationHealth? WhentheLightsGoOut:AConversation aboutConcussionsandYouthSports GuardingthePatient-PhysicianRelationship intheMidstofSeismicChange PatientExperiencePartners:RaisingtheBar inNortheastOhio Local Matters AttheHeartofCleveland’sWestSide CityBeautiful’sImagineFactory:Poweredby PechaKucha CookoutontheCuyahoga:TheFutureof Cleveland’sWaterfront FutureCleveland PlanningtheNextNortheastOhio StateofDowntown StateofDowntownRetail Forums Spread “ Thankyouforyourenduring traditionsofelevatingvoice,spiritand valuesofunity.Iamencouragedand gratefulfortheopportunitytolend myvoicetothechorusofotherswho havehadthehonortoaddressyou.” – Senator Cory Booker 2 | THE CITY CLUB OF CLEVELAND NUMBER OF PEOPLE PARTICIPATING IN PROGRAM COMMITTEES: 118 NUMBER OF AUTHORS WHO SPOKE AT A FORUM: 27 Knowing and understanding one another and our respective ideas, aspirations, and challenges can strengthen our social fabric. City Club forums are an invitation to break bread and breakdown barriers in order to build community one conversation at a time.
  5. 5. Politics & Public Policy AnInsider’sOutlooktoFall2016:Oneforthe HistoryBooks? AsOhioGoes:LifeinthePost-RecessionNation ClevelandWelcomestheRNC:FirstDebate NightWatchParty ConstitutionalChallenges:MirandaMeetsthe 21stCentury DemocracyandTheRoadtoProsperity Desserts+Debate:FirstDemocraticDebate WatchParty GovernmentTransparencyinthe21stCentury InvestinginCleveland,NottheCaymans:How toAligntheTaxCodetoourNation’sInterests January1973:TheMonththatChanged America LeadingtheU.S.NavyandMarineCorps: PreparingourExpeditionaryFightingForce fortheFuture MeetU.S.SenatorCoryBooker NoLabelsTheoryoftheCase-ToMake AmericaWork! ObservationsfromOhioAttorneyGeneral MikeDeWine OhioBallotBeat:CuyahogaCountyArtsand CultureLevy OhioBallotBeat:MarijuanaLegalization Initiative&OhioInitiatedMonopolies Amendment OhioPrimaryDebate:DemocraticCandidates forUnitedStatesSenate OhioPrimaryDebate:RepublicanCandidates forOhioSenateDistrict24 OntheTriumphofWilliamMcKinley RaisingVoters’AwarenessaboutJudicial Candidates RestackingTheDeck:WhyRestoringthe ValueofWorkisEssentialtoGrowingour Economy SocialSecurityWorks!WhyExpansionWill MakeitEvenBetter 2016StateoftheCity 2016StateoftheCounty TheNationalDebtandthe2016Campaign TheNewMedicaid TheTwoMostImportantPlayersin2016 Aren’tNamedClintonorTrump ThisSideofImmigration:HowReformingOur ImmigrationLawWillMakeAmericaStronger WeareNotEnemies What’satStakein2016 Science, Technology & Innovation DiversitySpursCreativity,UrbanInnovation DrivingCorporateInnovationThrough PersonalDisruption FredTalks:HowtoBuildaDigitalEconomy inCleveland Inevitable:HowDisruptiveShiftsin TechnologyandBehaviorareRedefining CitiesAcrosstheGlobe TedXCLESalon:Einstein Social Justice OurWorkingFuture YouthForum:BreakingTheCodeofSilence: PoliceRelations $2ADay:LivingonAlmostNothinginAmerica IWillFindYou LeaningInandGettingPaid:GenderEquityin TheWorkplace Re-Entry:Past,PresentandFuture YouthForum:WillGunControlWorkinAmerica? BetweentheWorldandMe ChangingtheFaceofRe-Entry EnsuringtheSuccessoftheClevelandConsent Decree FamilyResilienceandaFather-Daughter Dance…InPrison FosteringInclusivityforLGBTEmployees Grandfather’sLessonsinNonviolenceand HowtoMakePeace It’sTimetoTalk:TakingAction StrengtheningFamilies,BuildingResilience ToDefusePoliceViolence,HireMoreWomen Officers BreakingPovertyBarriers World Affairs ACaseforOpeningCuba HappyDogTakesontheWorld:“Personofthe Year”or“HerBigMistake?”AngelaMerkel, theRiseofPopulisminEurope,andthe ChallengeofMassMigration HappyDogTakesontheWorld:Challengesof theEuropeanUnioninthe21stCentury HappyDogTakesontheWorld:PuertoRico’s DebtCrisis HappyDogTakesontheWorld:Putin’sRussia ontheWorldStage HappyDogTakesontheWorld:WhatYou NeedtoKnowabouttheIranNuclearDeal HighSchoolDebateChampionship HappyDogTakesontheWorld:HowtoHide aBillionDollars-DataLeaks,TaxHavens,and ThePanamaPapers IsIslamCompatiblewithFreedom? MillionsandMillionsofMigrantsand Refugees…andWhatAmericansCanDo toHelp PreventingExtremistNarratives:IslamnotISIS StatusoftheCurrentPeaceEffortsBetween IsraelisandPalestinians HappyDogTakesontheWorld:TheWarin YemenYouDon’tKnowAbout U.S.-PAKRelations,asSeenbyaFormer DefenceMinisterofPakistan HappyDogTakesontheWorld:Welcometo Havana-ANewErainU.S.-CubaRelations YouthForum:MoreorLess?Possible SolutionstotheWorldwideRefugeeCrisis RADM June E. Ryan of the U.S. Coast Guard’s 9th District delivers the 2016 State of the Great Lakes WWW.CITYCLUB.ORG | 3 DIALOGUE AND DISCOURSE: The City Club believes that insightful, inquisitive, well-rounded, honest, and respectful dialogue and discourse is a cornerstone of democracy and a vibrant Northeast Ohio. C O R E V A L U E S NUMBER OF BLOG POSTS BY COMMUNITY MEMBERS: 41 NUMBER OF VIEWS OF ALL FORUMS ON YOUTUBE: 151,569
  6. 6. This past year, we made deepened engagement a priority. By partnering with dozens of community organizations, we invited new audiences to discover our forums, and in partnership with ideastream®, we captured more than 120 of our forums for broadcast, YouTube, and podcasting. Add in our new Friday Forum simulcast at the Parma-Snow Branch of the Cuyahoga County Public library, our weekly newsletter, our video archives, daily social media, and blog updates and we are reaching more people than ever before. GOP presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson with members of the City Club Youth Forum Council Only at the City Club: Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, granddaughter of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, with City Club past President Rick Taft, great grandson of William Howard Taft. 4 | THE CITY CLUB OF CLEVELAND EXCELLENCE:The City Club is committed to creating consistently high quality experiences in which the community can engage with well-informed speakers and one another in meaningful dialogue and discourse about substantive, timely, and relevant ideas. NUMBER OF TWITTER FOLLOWERS:13,202 NUMBER OF SCHOOLS THAT ATTENDED FORUMS: 78 We were proud to honor six stellar inductees in the Hall of Fame: Len Calabrese (son, Phil, is pictured), Judge Jean Murrell Capers, Bob & Sally Gries, Jim Foster, and Ralph Hayes (deceased). C O R E V A L U E S
  7. 7. THANKS TO OUR MANY COMMUNITY PARTNERS ACulturalExchange AdoptionNetworkCleveland TheAnisfield-WolfBookAwards AtlanticCouncil BenjaminRoseInstituteonAging BetterHealthPartnership BikeCleveland TheCenterforCommunitySolutions TheCenterforHealthAffairs TheClevelandAssociationofPhiBeta Kappa ClevelandCouncilonWorldAffairs ClevelandFoundation ClevelandInstituteofArt ClevelandMagazine ClevelandMemorialSociety ClevelandMetropolitanBarAssociation ClevelandStateUniversityCenterfor EducationalLeadership ClevelandWaterAlliance ClevelandYoungProfessionalSenate CouncilonOlderPersons CuyahogaPlaceMatters CuyahogaValleyRepublicans DowntownClevelandAlliance EducationLawAssociation EffectiveLeadershipAcademy EqualityOhio EversightOhio FacingHistoryandOurselves FamilyConnectionsofNortheastOhio FellowshipofChristianAthletes FloraStoneMatherCenterforWomen GlobalCleveland GoodwillIndustriesofGreaterCleveland andEastCentralOhio,Inc. GreaterClevelandSchoolSuperintendents’ Association GreaterClevelandSportsCommission HackCleveland HandsOnNortheastOhio HispanicAlliance,Inc. ideastream® LeagueofWomenVotersofGreater Cleveland TheLegalAidSocietyofCleveland Lifebanc LutheranMetropolitanMinistry MagnoliaClubhouse MPowerment NAMIGreaterCleveland NeighborhoodHousingServicesofGreater Cleveland NEOEA NiagaraFoundation NOCMES OpenNEO Plexus TheRefugeeResponse RefugeeServicesCollaborative SierraClubOhioChapter SocietyofSt.VincentdePaul,Dioceseof Cleveland TeachforAmerica WestSideRepublicans WesternReserveLandConservancy YWCAGreaterCleveland WWW.CITYCLUB.ORG | 5 NUMBER OF INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS:1,483 NUMBER OF COMMUNITY PARTNERS: 60 “ TheCityClubisatremendouscommunity asset. IapplaudtheCityClubfortheir communitypartnershipprogram,which hasallowedLegalAidtobecomejustthat,a communitypartner,engagedindialogues ofconsequencearoundissuesalignedto ourmission,addressingpovertyandjustice. Ourstaff,volunteersandsupportersare moreengagedwiththeCityClubbecauseof thisprogram” – Colleen M. Cotter, Esq., Executive Director, The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland
  8. 8. HAVE GONG, WILL TRAVEL. Our community has an insatiable appetite for thought-provoking conversation, no matter when or where, so we’ve taken the show on the road whenever we can. From monthly world affairs forums at The Happy Dog to the annual State of County address at the Huntington Convention Center to a cookout on the bank of the Cuyahoga to explore the future of our waterfront, the City Club has brought civic, civil dialogue to innovative and unusual places throughout the city. 6 | THE CITY CLUB OF CLEVELAND INCLUSION: The City Club holds the space for diverse voices and perspectives, encouraging all to participate and treating all with respect, courtesy, and consideration. NUMBER OF DEBATES HOSTED: 6 NUMBER WHO ATTENDED A FORUM IN A BAR: 1,283 NUMBER OF COOKOUT FORUMS: 1 C O R E V A L U E S “ TheCityClub/ideastream® globalaffairseventsatThe HappyDoghavebeencomparedtothesaloncultureof France:ahigh-qualitysharingandairingofknowledge andexperienceinalocalpub.It’shardinthedigital ageforustojusttalkandlearnandbecuriouswithone anothersometimes.That’swhatIhopeoureventoffers forcitizensandscholarsalike.” – Tony Ganzer, ideastream® Host/Producer
  9. 9. MEMBERSHIP Thanks to our City Club members who have always been the foundation of our success. Their financial support, attendance at forums, and outstanding questions, set us apart from any other institution. 323 REVENUE Our $1.8 million annual budget continues to be built on diverse revenue streams and a strong mix of earned and contributed revenue. CATERING An indispensable but often hidden revenue component is our catering team. In addition to City Club events, they hosted 221 private events serving a total 50,000 people. 156luncheons 37breakfast meetings 15dinners 7cocktail receptions 6wedding receptions WWW.CITYCLUB.ORG | 7 1 NUMBER OF NEW MEMBERS WHO JOINED: 223 NUMBER OF LONG-TIME REGULARS WHO COME TO EVERY FRIDAY FORUM: 28 78% 12% 10% Program Fundraising Management and General EXPENSES Program Revenue Membership Individual Gifts Foundation Grants Catering and Rental Income In-Kind Contributions Corporate Support 25% 8% 6% 13% 20% 4% 24% 60STUDENTS $25 286CIVIC CITIZENS $100 CIVIC PARTICIPANTS $200 44CIVIC FAMILIES $350 31CIVIC ENTHUSIASTS $500 30CIVIC CHAMPIONS $1,000 CIVIC LEADERSHIP CIRCLES $2,500 10
  10. 10. $50,000 + AdvanceOhio ClevelandFoundation TheCityClubForumFoundation* RobertConrad NordsonCorporation PNC TheRaskindFamily $20,000 -$49,999 AT&T ClevelandStateUniversity Eaton TheGeorgeGundFoundation KeyBank McGregor NortheastOhioSewerDistrict WilliamJ.andDorothyK.O’NeillFoundation ThePayneFund SaintLuke’sFoundation SistersofCharityHealthSystem ThompsonHine $10,000 - $19,999 BakerHostetler Dominion GlobalCenterforHealthInnovation HuntingtonBank KulasFoundation MedicalMutual DorrisC.MichalskeTrust* JohnP.MurphyFoundation AlbertB.&AudreyG.Ratner FamilyFoundation LaurelRonis-Krieger* TecovasFoundation TheUngerFamilyFoundation $5,000 - $9,999 BenjaminRoseInstituteonAging E.V.Bishoff Calfee,Halter&GriswoldLLP TheCenterforCommunitySolutions CumberlandDevelopment DDRCorp. EY TheFreedoniaGroup PaulN.Harris HospiceoftheWesternReserve JudsonatUniversityCircle LevelSeven Meaden&Moore TheMetropolitanatthe9 Hon.RaymondPianka PorterWright FredE.SchollCharitableFoundation MaryJane SpahrandCharlesE.Spahr CharitableTrust StartMart Walter|HaverfieldLLP $2,500 - $4,999 BDO DwightH.Bowden CitizensBank ClevelandCavaliers DollarBank DowntownClevelandAlliance MortonG.Epstein JeffreyDavidEpsteinMemorialTrust FallsCommunications JudiFeniger FifthThirdBank SallyandRobertGries JonesDay TheLaubFoundation LubrizolCorporation GeorgeA.MisencikLivingTrust RebeccaMorgan MargaretClarkMorganFoundation MorganStanley MorinoVentures MichaelD.Murphy* MichaelMurphy RichardW.Pogue HewittB.Shaw Sherwin-WilliamsCo. SkylightFinancialGroup SquirePattonBoggs KenWeber MargaretW.Wong&Associates WoodruffFoundation $1,000 - $2,499 ADAMHSBoardofCuyahogaCounty KristenBairdAdams KarenL.Allport AmericanRedCrossofNortheastOhio HarrietApplegate BaldwinWallaceUniversity BetterHealthPartnership GinaBrian ArthurV.Brooks MichaelCaputo JamesP.Carulas TheCenterforHealthAffairs JoanneClark CityofCleveland,ClevelandCityCouncil Cleveland-CuyahogaCountyPortAuthority ClevelandMuseumofNaturalHistory CommunityPartnershipforArts&Culture KevinCondon CouncilforEconomicOpportunitiesin GreaterCleveland CuyahogaCommunityCollege CuyahogaCountyPublicLibrary BarbaraJ.Danforth DavidandInezMyersFoundation DestinationCleveland MatthewDolan RobertFalls KathleenandThomasFutey JerryA.Gootee GreaterClevelandPartnership GreaterClevelandSchoolSuperintendents’ Association RalphHayes* RobertT.Hexter RichardHollington Hotcards WilliamD.Hughes JohnCarrollUniversity Specialthankstoallofourdonorswhocontributed$500ormoretosupportourwork.DONORS CIVIC LEADERSHIP: The City Club demonstrates civic engagement, partnership, thought leadership, and a legacy of service to the community. 8 | THE CITY CLUB OF CLEVELAND NUMBER OF MEDIA MENTIONS: 196 NUMBER OF STUDENTS WHO ATTENDED CITY CLUB FORUMS: 1,793 NUMB C O R E V A L U E S
  11. 11. SharonSobolJordan LaborersLocal860 TheLegalAidSocietyofCleveland RobertM.Littman MagnificatHighSchool CharlesMaimbourg ShanaF.Marbury JohnJ.McGuire HughE.McKay RobynMinterSmyers StephenMorris NEOMED StevenE.Nissen,M.D. OhioGuidestone BonniePeabody CharlottePerkins PolicyMattersOhio KathyandWelcomeRetz KayeRidolfi BarbaraS.Robinson* SchubertCenterforChildStudies@ CWRU SherwickFund AnnSmithandFelixBrueck JanetRoselSmith MarkK.Smith CharlesStack StepstoneAcademy TheUniversityofAkron UniversityHospitals MollyWalsh HollyandDouglasWang DavidE.Weiss ZacharyWemple WesternReserveAreaAgencyon Aging $500 - $999 FranBelkin WilliamP.Blair,III Dr.JeanetteGrasselliBrown andDr.GlennR.Brown EileenM.Burkhart JamesP.Carulas PatriciaChoby Rev.V.YvonneConner DavidJ.Cook ThomasJ.Cook EnsignJ.Cowell BarryDoggett WilliamB.Edwards NancyFoltz JoyceFyfe JohnGadd victorgelb HarrietHadley KirstenandTomHagesfeld BillHanavan RobertsonHilton MarkHoltzblatt WilliamHouston SanjivKapur ThomasKruczek TomE.Leib TobyD.Lewis CharlesMaimbourg JohnC.Morley DavidNash BillNottingham JeanneShattenandLarryOscar LinnJ.Raney JoelRatner NancySchramm KimSherwin TarasSzmagala BarbaraJ.Walden BrianM.Zimmerman JeffreyZimon *ForumFoundationGifts WWW.CITYCLUB.ORG | 9 BER OF FEMALE SPEAKERS: 100 NUMBER OF CORPORATE PARTNERS: 74 NUMBER OF FORUMS HELD IN FY 2016: 133
  12. 12. BOARD OF DIRECTORS KristenBairdAdams* KarenL.Allport JoanneClark KevinCondon MortonG.Epstein RobertFalls JudiFeniger* JerryA.Gootee* PaulN.Harris* SharonSobolJordan RobertM.Littman,President* ShanaF.Marbury JohnJ.McGuire* HughE.McKay KristenMorris AugustA.Napoli,Jr. KayeRidolfi* HewittB.Shaw FareedSiddiq DebraAdamsSimmons CharlesStack RobynMinterSmyers* MollyWalsh* DavidE.Weiss ZacharyWemple *Executive CommitteeMembers TEAM DanMoulthrop ChiefExecutiveOfficer WesleyAllen OfficeAssistant NeilBaron SousChef CatalinaCaraballo Fiscaland Executive Coordinator NoelleCeleste DirectorofAdvancement AdamCrawford ExecutiveChef MikeCrimaldi AssociateDirectorof Advancement TeddyEisenberg ContentCoordinator MariaGerstenberger ManagerofContentand Experience StephanieJansky DirectorofProgramming JulieKelly ChiefFinancialOfficer MickiKennedy DirectorofCatering JessicaRowe AssistantDirectorofCatering FayWalker MarketingandOutreach Coordinator FORUM FOUNDATION BOARD JerryA.Gootee,President RobertLustig J.DonaldCairns DavidE.Weiss ZacharyWemple The City Club Building, 850 Euclid Ave, 2nd Fl, Cleveland, OH 44114 216.621.0082 | | NUMBER OF TIMES WE REMINDED AUDIENCES TO LEAVE THEIR CELL PHONE ON: 133 NUMBER OF WEDDINGS AT THE CITY CLUB: 6 Printed by DESIGN • PRINT • MAIL (counter clockwise from top) City Club staff celebrates Gary Musselman’s last forum, Maria Gerstenberger preps Karl Rove for his City Club address, and City Club is #allin. /CityClubofCleveland /the-city-club-of-cleveland /CityClubofCleveland/CityClubofCleveland Thecityclub @TheCityClub Photography: Donn R. Nottage Design: Ellen Seguin Design