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Liza Schuster - PREDICT Project


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Liza Schuster - PREDICT Project

  1. 1. September 2010 TECHSHOW Case Study Demonstrating the effective use of education technology at City University London. Moodle is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is replacing CitySpace and educators can use it to create effective learning environments.LIZA SCHUSTER, ACADEMIC IN SOCIOLOGYSpeaks on how she feels about using Moodle at City University London. Liza used Moodle as part of herteaching on her “Global Migration” module and plans to use it again this year in the run up to full Moodleimplementation in September 2011.Interviewer: Hi Liza, what did you hope to get out parts to be answered each week. Other than thatof becoming involved with the initial Moodle they liked most of it.implementations? Interviewer: Okay, what have been the mostLiza: I was partly involved in choosing Moodle so positive aspects of the project for you?I’d seen some of how it worked and gettinginvolved in the Moodle pilot allowed me to find my Liza: It was the chance to work with a small groupway around what seems like an exciting piece of of students to find our way through thetechnology. Being an extremely curious person, I technology and to learn all the jobs so to speak. Itwanted to find out what all the whistles were was also the flexibility, once I understood theabout and I thought it would be a good structure. In particular in relation to theopportunity, so I though if I get involved in the assessment, using a Wiki to have full continuousinitial implementation then I’ll have undivided assessment that allows the student to assessattention, lots of support and be able to make themselves and me to asses and give themmistakes and be forgiven. feedback.Interviewer: Excellent, did the technology meet Interviewer: Okay, are you planning to do theyour expectations? same project next year? Liza Schuster Is a lecturer in bothLiza: Yes, it did actually…It didn’t meet my Liza: Definitely, the module will go a head again, I undergraduate andexpectations in terms of being able to use the have learned lessons and I will make alterations. I postgraduate modules, seniortechnology quite as well as I wanted but that was am going to change the assessment because it tutor for research and chairmostly due to not really having enough time in the was a bit clunky but that was just because I didn’t of APPSC.lead up. Having the support meant that when I know what I was doing then.went wrong I had somebody there to very quickly Liza came to City in 2005explain to me that it was my mistake not the Interview: Finally, what advice would you give totechnology. other academics? from the Centre on Migration, Policy andInterviewer: How do you feel that the students Liza: Start small and work your way up, don’t try Society at Oxfordresponded? and do everything at once because you’ll confuse University. the students and confuse yourself. The other thingLiza: Amazingly… they really liked it; they were is you will not remember everything you’ve been Liza’s work focuses onvery nervous in the beginning as they didn’t like taught by the education technologist so you need domestic and European asylumbeing pushed out of their comfort zone with the to keep going back and get continuous support. policy and is developing herwiki-formatted assessment. They needed a lot of This can be quite frustrating if you are trying to research interests inhand holding for the first three weeks but that was do this on a whole range of subjects. migration and racism andin particular in relation to the novel assessment,which asked them to divide their essay in smaller migration and rights.