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Young cittaslow

The youth exchange got Citaslow as theme and the name of this exchange is "Young cittaslow II". It's a part two of the exchange from last year and the goal is to explore each other's Cittaslow, to build relations and also do some group work on the criterias of Cittaslow. We would like to work out some suggestions on criterias that have focus on Youth, and youth activities. There will be 24 youth from each country. The exchange lasts from 1st – 8th of august, and is supported/financed by the "Youth in action"-EU program (important to mention that if you/we publicize information about the exchange).

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Young cittaslow

  1. 1. Young Cittaslow Youth exchange June 2012
  2. 2. o 24 youth from Levanger and 24 youth from Orvieto o 7 days youth exchange in Orvieto o Financed mainly by the «Youth in action» –program (80%), the rest from Levanger municipality and the participating youth from Levanger. o Initiativ by the youth council of Levanger o Wish of involving young people more in international relations. o Wish of involving young people more in the Cittaslow work. o Natural venue: The city hosting the Cittaslow headquarter: Orvieto.
  3. 3. Goals o Experiencing Orvieto as a Cittaslow o Knowledge of the Cittaslow movement o Knowledge of the youth aspects of Cittaslow o To learn more about youth policy and rural/urban development through the Cittaslow movement o To increase young people´s interest and participation in the work of Cittaslow o Getting international relations o Cultural competence/better understanding of cultural diversity o Social competence. o Comunication and language knowledge.
  4. 4. The Specific work concerning Cittaslow and youth Practical work  Going through the Cittaslow criterias  Doing research in the municipalities concerning the criterias  Researching the youth dimention in Cittaslow  Discussing the research work together. Conclusion  The language used in the criteria itsself is complicated. Not very easy for youth to understand fully.  Many of the criterias take care of values that also include youth´s, but none of the criterias mentions youth in specific. If youth were mentioned, that would obligate the members more concerning the youth issues.
  5. 5. Goals for the future o Arrangeing a revisit, an exchange in Levanger with the youth from Orvieto, summer of 2013. o Showing the Cittaslow spirit and the culture of Levanger in the same impressive way we got to experience Orvieto. o Comparing and discussing differences and similarities o Develop suggestions of criteria containing a direct youth dimention. o Further working with Cittaslow and youth through exchanges and other projects, including more nations and members.