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How to Make a Mobile App and Make it Viral


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How to Make a Mobile App and Make it Viral

  1. 1. How to Make a Mobile App and Make it Viral
  2. 2. Innovative and New Idea: The concept must be new. This means no one ever heard or seen it before. It could the key success point of any mobile app or game that comes along and based on entirely a new idea. It doesn’t limit to the new, in fact, it must be innovatively interesting enough to attract and engage the audience. Entertainment Factor: The factor of entertainment is an important key. The entertainment isn’t just amusement. In fact, it must have a flavor of utility and benefit for the users. When you start using that app or playing that mobile game, it must entertain you the way you have never been entertained before.
  3. 3. The Solution as an Output: It must be a big challenge for a mobile app to actually bring out an output for the user who is actually using it, which should be new, unique, and effective. Prisma brought a newish picture style and format which got viral on the social media. So, the app must have such a feature to give away some kind of output that is either helpful or entertaining for the audience.
  4. 4. The Viral Formula • We’ve seen some key elements that describe the success of any app. The secret key could be the experience of making and launching the apps but the there is no formula to make any mobile app go viral. • This could be a bitter reality to understand. This doesn’t mean it can’t happen or we can’t do it. This happens and anyone who put things together in the process or maybe gain experience by making the apps over the years can certainly do this.
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