Get 10000+ proven ways to make money from home


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Get 10000+ proven ways to make money from home

  1. 1. Get 10,000+ Proven Ways To Make Money From Home!
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  3. 3. Table of Contents1. 3 Easy Steps For Quick Credit Repair2. 3 Tips Of Solid Business Financial Advice3. 4 Tips For People Considering A Credit Card Consolidation Loan4. 4 Tips To Make Mortgage Debt Reduction Easy5. 5 Steps For Coping With Sudden Debt6. 5 Tips For Following Your Debt Management Plan7. About Money Market Investing - Is It For You8. How to help your CEO help you -- and the company. Candid thoughts, observations and a muchneeded venting by One Who Knows.
  4. 4. Get 10,000+ Proven Ways To Make Money From Home!3 Easy Steps For Quick Credit RepairQuick credit repair might seem impossible if youve been having credit problems. Its easy to thinkthat once your credit score is damaged you might never be able to fix it. Fortunately, its possible totake just a few steps and achieve quick credit repair that can make a huge difference in your score.If youre having problems with your credit, youve probably gotten behind on at least one debt. Latepayments or missed payments can dramatically damage your score. The first step toward quick creditrepair is to make sure you make the right payments on time.If youre having financial problems, just this first step can seem difficult. But if you figure yourincome and expenses and theres just not enough there to make the minimum payments, then youneed to contact the companies and let them know youre having a hard time.The credit card companies will usually be willing to work with you. They may lower your interestand/or your payments to make it easier for you to pay on time and get caught up. It can only help youto ask them.If this doesnt work and you still cant pay, you may want to look into a quick credit repair programthat negotiates for you to pay a percentage of what you owe in smaller payments. Its important to dosomething so that you don?t keep getting farther and farther behind.Paying less than you owe will show up as a black mark on your credit report, but doing that is betterthan letting your debt slowly grow as you pay late each month or not at all. That can be far moredamaging in the long run.If you can manage the minimum payments, then the best quick credit repair step you can take is tomake those payments on time. This will keep late payments from showing up on your reports. Step 2is to try to make more than the minimum payments.You can pay more on each card if you want. But youll get more of a feeling of satisfaction if youchoose one card to work on first. Make the minimum payments on the other cards, and pay as muchas you can on that one card.Using this method, youll see the balance of that card drop more quickly. It can help you feel likeyoure really starting to take control of your credit. Once that card is paid off, chose another card andstart applying what you were paying on the first card to it in addition to its minimum payment.That balance will start falling even faster. Then once thats paid, add what you were paying to theminimum payment of another card. This snowball effect can get you out of debt much more quicklythan youd probably imagined.The third easy step is to contact Experian, Equifax, Innovis and TransUnion and request your freeannual credit report. Look them over and contact them about any errors. These are 3 easy quickcredit repair tips than can really improve your score right away. Copyright Vijian Narayanasamy - 2012 4 of 14
  5. 5. Get 10,000+ Proven Ways To Make Money From Home!3 Tips Of Solid Business Financial AdviceWith the economy in the state it is currently in, its more important than ever to carefully plot thecourse for your business. Many businesses will fail during this economic downturn, but if you findsomeone who can give you good business financial advice youll have a much better shot at makingit through and being stronger when things turn around.One thing you can do to help your business succeed is to find a good accountant. You shouldnt paymore than absolutely necessary in taxes. A good accountant can help you find legal tax breaks andhelp you minimize your tax exposure. Just be careful, you dont want to get involved with someonewho is dishonest. Saving a few thousand dollars today isnt worth the nightmare that could comedown the road if you get audited.Here is a list of some of the ways you can find a good accountant to help you out with all of yourbusiness accounting needs. Keep these tips in mind when you are interviewing professionals, theywill help you choose just the right person for your business. Remember, you will be working closelywith your accountant so make sure to find someone who is not only qualified, but someone youactually like and think you can easily work with too.1. Ask other business owners if they can recommend a good accountant. Remember that anyaccountant will have the knowledge to help with your business, to a point. But you want anaccountant that specializes in business taxes specifically. Your business will require a much higherlevel of specialization than most peoples personal taxes. You want an accountant who is up to dateon all the rapidly changing rules and who can help you legally minimize your tax burden. Legallylowering your tax consequences with the right financial advice is one of the best ways to help yourbusiness succeed. The lower your tax consequences, the more money you can keep and put back intoyour business to help shore it up during these rough economic times.2. You may want to consider hiring an accounting firm instead of a single accountant. Why?Because you are likely to have many different elements of financial advice youll need beyond justbusiness tax advice. Hiring a firm can make it possible to work with several accountants, each onespecializing in a certain area. For example, one accountant might be an expert in business issues,while another might have more expertise in personal finance and estate planning. By combining thestrengths of each of these accountants you are getting the absolute best advice for all of yourfinancial needs. Making sure you have all of your bases covered is the reason you hired anaccountant in the first place.3. If you want to make sure you take good care of your business, but just dont have a lot of moneyright now to hire an expensive accountant, you might want to consider buying some accountingsoftware. Most software will have regular updates as tax laws change and they are usually just plugand play and pretty user friendly. Some software programs even offer live help if you havequestions that arent answered by the software. If you decide to go this route it would also be a goodidea to ask other business owners if they have a recommendation of which software they prefer.That will give you a starting point, though ultimately it will be your decision based on your needs.There are many highly trained professionals that can give you great business financial advice. Justtake a little time, ask some questions, and find the one who you think will be easy to work with andwho you think will be able to offer your business the best advice. Copyright Vijian Narayanasamy - 2012 5 of 14
  6. 6. Get 10,000+ Proven Ways To Make Money From Home!4 Tips For People Considering A Credit Card ConsolidationLoanMany who find themselves in debt feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of money that they owe.A credit card consolidation loan can help to relieve some of that pressure and stress. This type ofloan will be able to consolidate your loan into one single payment. This payment will be less thanyou would expect to pay each month. This can be an incredibly helpful tool for those who do feeloverwhelmed. If you are considering this type of loan, use these four tips to be as prepared aspossible.Know the NumbersIf you are considering a consolidation loan, you need to understand all of the numbers involved.These numbers include the current amount of debt that you have, and the interest on that debt. It alsoincludes the amount of interest that the loan will have, and the amount of time that it will be paidback in. You need to understand how much your current debt will cost you, and how much this loanwill cost you.Have a PlanIf you are considering a consolidation loan, you need to have a financial plan for your debt.Consolidation loans will not work for people without a plan, as they keep the same spending habitsthat caused their current debt. The loans still require you to budget to make a monthly payment. Youneed to have a plan to ensure that you can make this monthly payment.Spend LessIf you are considering a consolidation loan, you should look to spend less money each and everyday. Some people think of a consolidation loan and think that it will give them extra spendingmoney. This extra money should be used in a constructive way that will benefit your financialsituation.Be Sure to Continue a Savings AccountOne of these constructive sources for any extra money should be a savings account. A consolidatedloan will give you an opportunity to start up, or fortify, a savings account. A good savings accountwill help to prevent a repeat of the debt situation that caused the need for a consolidation loan. Tocreate this savings account, budget for a specific amount of money to be sent directly to savings perpay period. This will force you to save the money for the account.You need to completely understand how your debt will be affected by this type of loan. You need tounderstand the numbers of the consolidation loan to fully understand how your debt will change.From this point, you can make changes in your life that will help you to turn your debt situationaround. These tips will work alongside your credit card consolidation loan to give you the bestfinancial situation possible. Copyright Vijian Narayanasamy - 2012 6 of 14
  7. 7. Get 10,000+ Proven Ways To Make Money From Home!4 Tips To Make Mortgage Debt Reduction EasyYour home mortgage is often the largest debt most people have. In order to buy a home, taking out amortgage is necessary, but have you thought about a mortgage debt reduction plan to pay it offquickly?Mortgage debt reduction needs to be a long term goal, but it doesn?t need to be difficult. In fact,there are several simple ways to reduce your mortgage quickly and cut down the loan termdramatically. You have the option of using one or a combination of any of the tips mentioned belowas part of your mortgage debt reduction strategy.Payment FrequencyWhen a bank calculates your mortgage repayments, they use a calculation known as ?amortization?.This allows them to work out how much you need to pay each month so that a portion of yourpayment goes towards paying down your balance and the other portion of your payment is interestcharged on your balance owing. They tell you how much you need to pay in monthly instalments topay off your loan over the exact loan term written on your mortgage contract.However, if you?re paid bi-weekly or even weekly, you are able to adjust your repayments to thesame frequency for which you get paid. This not only makes budgeting much easier to pay a smallerportion each pay period, but it can also cut years off your loan term and save you thousands ininterest.Call your lender and ask them if you can adjust your payment frequency to bi-weekly, but beabsolutely certain you work out your own calculation amounts before you call.Bi-Weekly CalculationsFind out exactly how much your minimum monthly payment will be and then divide it by two ifyou?re paid bi-weekly. If you?re paid weekly, then divide your monthly payment by four. Don?t useany fancy calculations or try to figure out how many weeks in a year and then divide by how manyfortnights. This won?t work. Simply divide your minimum monthly repayment by two for bi-weeklyor divide by four if you?re paid weekly. Write this figure down. It?s your new minimum repayment.You?ll pay this new amount every time you?re paid.More than MinimumOnce you have your new bi-weekly minimum repayment worked out, round this figure up to thenearest $5. For example, if your payment comes to $423.24, then round this up to $425. This smallamount won?t break your budget and you?ll find it easier to remember how much you need to pay.Rounding up your repayments seems like such a small amount of money, yet it can save you tens ofthousands of dollars in interest and reduce your loan term dramatically.Lump Sum ReductionsLenders calculate your interest repayments based on the balance you owe at the end of every day.Then they add up how much interest has accumulated and show you one simple figure at the end ofthe month. By making more regular payments, such as weekly or bi-weekly payments, and thenrounding up those amounts, you?re reducing the amount you owe on a more regular basis. Thisreduces the amount of interest the bank can charge you.If you receive a pay raise or a tax refund or a bonus or if you earn some extra cash from a yard sale,pay it as a lump sum payment off your mortgage. This reduces your outstanding balance and lowers Copyright Vijian Narayanasamy - 2012 7 of 14
  8. 8. Get 10,000+ Proven Ways To Make Money From Home!the amount of interest you?ll be charged. Mortgage debt reduction really is as simple as finding aplan and sticking to it. Copyright Vijian Narayanasamy - 2012 8 of 14
  9. 9. Get 10,000+ Proven Ways To Make Money From Home!5 Steps For Coping With Sudden DebtThere are some people who must deal with debt that they have consistently gained over the courseof time. There are others who must deal with a certain unfortunate and sudden situation that putsthem in sudden debt. It can be difficult to deal with debt that comes up unexpectedly. It can be hardto regain your footing and your financial focus when you are blindsided with a large amount of debt.These five steps will help you to cope and deal with this debt.List All DebtsIf you have a surprise amount of debt, the first step that you must take is to list all of the debts thatyou have. Do not worry about the amounts of the debt. Simply list all of the sources of debt. Whensome debt takes you by surprise, you need to take extra measures to ensure that any other sources ofdebt are not forgotten. Forgetting about these debts could cause you to lose extra money throughraised interest rates and late fees.Assess The Amount of Debt You HaveWhen you have listed all of your debts, you then need to assess the amount of debt that you have.You need to list all of the amounts of debt. You also need to list their interest rates. If possible, listthe amount of years it will take to pay off that debt as you currently attack it. This will help you tocorrectly budget for your new debt while still managing your old debt.Talk to a Financial CounselorIf you feel overwhelmed, talk to a financial counselor about your situation. The counselor will beable to steer you on the right path. They will be able to show you how your new debt will affectyour other debt, but will also be able to show you how it will affect the rest of your budget.Talk with FamilyOne of the first things that you need to do when coping with debt that is sudden is to talk with yourfamily. They may be able to offer you assistance if you are struggling. They will also be able tooffer emotional support as you work to pay down the debt.Stay StrongIt is important for you to remind yourself to stay strong as you go through these other steps. Do notlose sight of your goal, and realize that with motivation and focus, you can overcome debt, evenwhen it is sudden and unexpected.You need to attack the debt as best as you can. The more than you can pay off in the beginning, theeasier the debt will be to manage. Be sure to identify each debt source and the amount of debt thatyou have. By talking with a financial counselor and with family, you can stay strong as you workthrough this debt. These steps will help you to stay on your feet as you deal with this sudden debt. Copyright Vijian Narayanasamy - 2012 9 of 14
  10. 10. Get 10,000+ Proven Ways To Make Money From Home!5 Tips For Following Your Debt Management PlanA debt management plan is the best way for you to attack your current debt. This plan will help youto stay on a path that will lead you to freedom from your debt. It can be difficult to stay on this path,and to see it through to the success of a debt-free financial situation. These five tips will help you tofollow your management plan.Set Attainable GoalsIt can be easy to set lofty goals. People will set goals that aim to reduce debt in an incredibly shortperiod of time. These goals are simply too unrealistic to reach. If you have a plan in place, setrealistic goals. These attainable goals will help to keep you on track. Goals that are unreachable willonly make you disappointed and disheartened.Check In OftenYou need to check in with your goals as often as possible. By checking in, you can know if you areon track to meet your goal for that specific time period. You may be well ahead, or far behind, ofyour goal. Checking in can help you to readjust your plan as time goes on.Talk to a Financial CounselorIf you are putting a plan into place, talk to a financial counselor. The counselor will be able to helpyou with your plan. They will give you tips as to the best goals for that plan. The financial counselorshould be able to direct you to the right path for managing your debt quickly and efficiently.Use Your Support SystemFriends and family members can help you to stay on your management plan. Tell them about yourfinancial plans. Ask them to help you stay on track. They can offer encouragement when you meetyour goals. They can also offer warnings when they notice that your financial habits are not in linewith your plan. A support system can help you to stay focused and motivated as you reduce yourdebt.Curb Your SpendingIf you are working to follow a plan for debt management, you must make a conscious effort tospend less. When you spend less, you can put the money toward your debt. Spending too much willsimply hinder your overall goal.You want to make sure that you are doing what you can to see success with your debt. Your debtmanagement plan is the tool to this success. By setting attainable goals and checking on yourprogress, you are constantly analyzing that plan. This will help to ensure that it is the right plan foryour debt. This simple tip can help to keep you on track. Follow all of these tips to ensure that yourplan works for your debt situation. Copyright Vijian Narayanasamy - 2012 10 of 14
  11. 11. Get 10,000+ Proven Ways To Make Money From Home!About Money Market Investing - Is It For YouMoney market investing is depositing money with a bank or financial institution that keeps its cashin financial obligations that span a short term. This is done to provide low risk money marketinvesting that yields modest returns. Money market investing is not for the individual who wants toget rich quick. The short-term debt strategies held in money market investing are usually made inhighly rated companies and government agencies.Money market investing yields an average of 2% to %5 per year. You can, theoretically, lose moneyin a money market investment, but it is highly unlikely. The FDIC does not insure money marketinvestments. You can lose all of your investment if the company holding it goes bankrupt.Money market investing is beneficial because of its low risk. Many investors hold their money in amoney market account when they are not investing in a more aggressive strategy. This gives themoney a place to rest where it can still earn moderately, at low risk. Because of this procedure,money market investing represents one of the most widely held securities in finance.Investors often deposit profits from bonds, stocks, and mutual funds into money market accounts.Dividend and interest proceeds from more aggressive investments are generally deposited directlyinto money market accounts.Initially, you must deposit higher sums of money into money market investments than into bankaccounts. Money market investing generally requires deposits of at least $100 to $5000 at the onset.The per share price of money market investments is usually one dollar. Proceeds from moneymarket investing are paid in shares. Check writing services are provided as a part of most moneymarket investing.Money market investing is not one-size-fits all. Money market investing firms put their money indissimilar securities. Because of this, they pay different interest rates. You can deposit your moneyinto a money market savings account that will yield a low interest rate, but is somewhat higher ininterest than a standard bank account, or you can do your money market investing in a mutual fund.A mutual fund pools the resources of many money market investors. The mutual fund?s managerbuys money market securities for the mutual fund.Money market investing is generally open-ended, which means that the investors can deposit orwithdraw monies at any time without risking penalties. Most money market accounts and fundsrequire that a minimum balance be maintained.Interest rates from money market accounts are usually based on risk. The money market accountsand mutual funds paying the highest interest are, thereby, likely to run the highest financial risk.This is where the money market investor needs to weigh the security of their monies against thepromise of return.Different money market accounts make varying demands on the investor. Some will maintain ahigher minimum balance, while others will limit the number of allowable withdrawals, some mightdo both.It is important to be aware of the restrictions and obligations placed upon your money marketinvesting before you decide where and how to make your investments. Copyright Vijian Narayanasamy - 2012 11 of 14
  12. 12. Get 10,000+ Proven Ways To Make Money From Home!How to help your CEO help you -- and the company. Candidthoughts, observations and a much needed venting by OneWho Dr. Jeffrey LantAuthors Program Note. In the 1980 film "9 to 5", Dolly Parton sings the title song. Of course it is anattack on "the boss" in memorable lines like this:"Nine to five, for service and devotion You would think that I Would deserve a fair promotion Wantto move ahead But the boss wont let me I swear sometimes that man is out to get me."When I saw the film the head of every Sally and Sam in the audience was rhythmically nodding inunbreakable solidarity... the boss was a schmuck... and that was that.Pity the poor CEO.If these are the sentiments directed at every boss in every business on this planet, then you can besure these sentiments may be multiplied by many times when directed at the Chief ExecutiveOfficer, THE Boss, the biggest cheese. El Jefe Maximo, a person universally known as fake,incompetent, probably immoral, certainly amoral, a disaster for the company, vastly overpaid andalready richer than Croesus by squeezing the last drop of blood and service out of every employee,especially those whose ideas he steals with alacrity, impunity, and a demented grin for the credit andenhanced compensation such Machiavellian dexterity always delivers.Thus CEO, the culprit of the enterprise, a personage causing universal grief, outrage,embarrassment, and of course, secret envy from aggrieved personnel who would assume the toxicburden and every affronting characteristic, criticism and derogatory comment without thinkingtwice, even if it involved garroting their own mother.It is in defence of this sitting target that I, CEO for over 18 years and counting, rise and must speak,for although there is much grandeur in his lofty position and the luxurious lifestyle many millions ayear can deliver, there is no one who knows the true value and significance of CEOs than one who isone himself. He knows! And must therefore speak out of experience augmented by joy at theopportunity to sustain and laud his corporate peers, since so much said about them is inaccurate,mean-spirited, venomous, petty, painful, hurtful, distorted, unhelpful, biased, malicious, erroneous,mischievous, balderdash and complete rubbish... but you get the picture.Insight one for CEOs of every age, temperament, disposition, and success.Each and every one of your employees, directors, agents, representatives, et al knows (not justsupposes) that he could run the company better than you, the sitting duck with the mahogany deskand assured parking place, even if blind folded, one hand tied behind his back, and baboons asdepartment heads. Oh, yes, and double profits, increase salaries and circle corporate headquarterswith a riot of Christian Dior roses. So there!Exhibit Number One, Your Honor.There is a reason I am writing this article today rather than wasting my limitless corporatesubsidized time on the golf course, which is universally known as a den of the most expensive andrare executive iniquities. That is a stinker of a letter I received the other day from one of mycompanys representatives. Now the contents and commentaries found at their most prolix profusionwere in no way new , viz. the author of the letter summed me up as a bumbler, stupid, arrogant,supercilious, out of touch, brain dead... and that was just for openers. The rest of the condemnatory Copyright Vijian Narayanasamy - 2012 12 of 14
  13. 13. Get 10,000+ Proven Ways To Make Money From Home!barrage was unprintable, even in these lax days.No, Id heard that all before. Even the misspellings were unoriginal and pedestrian. No, what madethis epistolary stink bomb so notable was the time I received it... the very day I was receiving specialrecognition upon the completion and implementation of an innovative system for the assistance ofindividuals, organizations,enterprises, companies, and corporations which needed timely,professional copy for their blog sites. Much time, energy, imagination and intelligence had gone intocreating what was acknowledged by experts to be brilliant.And because of the projects importance to our company and world, there was to be specialrecognition for me, the lead sled dog. Thus gathered the poobahs of our organization in gay regaliain good voice and good temper to sing hallelujah... all but the individual who chose this moment, ofall moments, to expostulate about my many defects, on the day one of the signal achievements of mylife was acknowledged.Deliberately hurtful, or just bad luck?There is a question here I would like an answer to, but shall probably never get: Why was thispunishing letter deliberately sent at that specific time to blot a grandly festive day... or was thedelivery time accidental, a coincidence? This is a factor in evaluating the matter... but does not, ofcourse, fundamentally change it. No matter. What does matter is the following list of crucial thingsyou must know and do, things which the sender of the badly conceived e-mail letter needs to know-- and begin implementing at once:1) Even if you are as "mad as hell", and especially if you are master of a slashing prose style, leaveanything you write to your CEO for your tempered evaluation 24 hours after writing. Youll mostlikely be glad you did. A stitch in time, saves nine!2) Whatever communications you sent to your CEO should be respectful of tone, brief, put aspositively as possible and as professionally as possible. Every purplish prose patch must be deletedat once and completely. Remember, this is your CEO youre contacting. Unless you have a deathwish, tread warily and conservatively.3) Couch all communications as problems to be solved, not voluble attacks to hurt and inflame.Problem solvers get promoted. Attackers get no such consideration.4) Consider whether raising the issue now is the best possible time for progress and resolution.Timing is everything.5) NEVER make the issue personal. That is always the worst possible way to secure CEO attention,CEO action, CEO assistance. And remember this, a pearl of wisdom from Niccolo Machiavelli(1469-1527), when you attack the prince, you must kill the prince, or the prince will kill you. ACEO saying "me recordo" (I remember) may not be a prince available to assist you when you needhis services, for the prince is human... very human indeed. Thus, to my final and most importantreflection: the CEO is the designated leader of your company. He has a right to expect your respect,your support, your courtesy, your wisdom and your help, as he leads you to the promised land --"Waitin for the day your shipll come in/And the tides gonna turn/ And its all gonna roll your way." Copyright Vijian Narayanasamy - 2012 13 of 14
  14. 14. Get 10,000+ Proven Ways To Make Money From Home!ResourceRepublished with authors permission by Vijian Narayanasamy Copyright Vijian Narayanasamy - 2012 14 of 14