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Affiliate internet marketing


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Now is the time to make the transition from curious to serious. By now, we hope you realize that where you're at in life is a result of the decisions you made 2 to 3 years ago. And where you'll be 2 to 3 years from now is based on the decisions you make right now. Take a Look at Your Situation: 1. Are you earning what you're worth? 2. Are you sick and tired of not having enough money to do the things you really want to do? 3. Are you locked into a dead-end, unstable, or boring position? 4. Are you enjoying your daily commute to work every day, week after week, year after year? 5. Are you ready to STOP making a living and START making a life for you and your family?Come in and join us at World Profit and start living the life you have dreamed about. Yes, you have to learn; yes, you have to do; but you will succeed. LIVE THE DREAM!

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Affiliate internet marketing

  1. 1. Affiliate Internet Marketing
  2. 2. Preface / Introduction
  3. 3. Table of Contents1. Adwords Cost How To Guide2. Adwords Make Money 4 Steps To Campaign Success3. Adwords Make Money Why Cash Is King4. Affiliate Internet Marketing5. Affiliate Search Engine No Holds Barred Approach To Making Money Online
  4. 4. Affiliate Internet MarketingAdwords Cost How To GuideAccording to Google, Adwords cost is as much or as little as you would like to spend. In reality, itmay not work out that neatly to get the results you are hoping to get, but there is a wide variety inspending options.The basic costs are a $5.00 activation fee (US dollars) and the minimum cost per click (CPC) onyour ad, which is $.01. The minimum cost per thousand impressions, or thousand times yourwebpage is loaded by a user (CPM) is $.25.Google offers two options for payment. One is to prepay a certain amount, set up your campaign,then let it go until you have reached the end of the money. In this way you know your Adwords costbefore you begin, and can control it easily. The minimum amount for a prepayment is $10.If you are less concerned with the budget, you can opt for the post-pay method to pay your Adwordscost. With this method, your campaign runs, then at the end of the billing cycle, you are charged theamount that has accrued.For either type of payment, you?ll need to enter an appropriate credit or debit card or bank accountinformation to activate the account. Google only accepts U.S. bank accounts for bank transfers.They accept American Express, JCB, Mastercard, and Visa credit cards, and any debit cards with aMastercard or Visa card logo on them.Fees per click or per impression can go much higher than the minimum. Google gives you tools tocontrol that aspect of the Adwords cost by allowing you to set either limits on the amount you?rewilling to spend each day, or a limit on how much you?re willing to pay per click or per thousandimpressions, or both.It?s possible to project Adwords cost by using the Google keyword tool and get a general idea ofhow much things will cost.You can see if you will be able to get the results you?re hoping for with the amount you?re willing tospend, and if not, can find out what you need to spend.It is easy to predict the amount you?ll spend each day, since you can post a maximum budget fordaily spending after establishing the framework for costs. After that, you?ll want to evaluate yourkeywords, adjust text, look at ad placements, and generally tweak your campaign in order to makethe most of the program.Using tools can add to your Adwords cost if you choose to utilize third party tools, but some ofthose may pay off for you by increasing revenue.You?ll need to know enough about how your campaign is going and what it needs to improve sothat you can evaluate what tools will best help you have a successful experience with your Adwordscampaign.Keeping a careful watch on your search parameters and keywords, controlling the amount you?rewilling to pay and setting a daily budget can help you keep your Adwords cost under control. Copyright Vijian Narayanasamy - 2012 4 of 10
  5. 5. Affiliate Internet MarketingAdwords Make Money 4 Steps To Campaign SuccessHere?s what I mean. Adwords make money for website owners hand over fist. And just think, youcan get in on this craze and say goodbye to cash flow problems.Time and time again, the Internet has provided full time incomes for themselves, and luckily for you,adwords make money for anyone who puts forth the effort.With that being said, let?s get started?Listen up. There are 4 key components required in order for you to start an adwords campaign. Herethey are: locate a product to sell; complete keyword research; write your ad copy; lastly, outlineyour bidding strategyDon?t worry, I?ll tell you how to make each of these work.Keep reading?Locating A Hot Selling Product:First of all, if you have not created you own product, you can promote someone else product orservice and receive a commission. Truthfully, there are several affiliate networks that you can joinwith thousands of great products you can sell.You may not know this but these networks are free to join. And get this. You don?t need a websiteto get started. Once you find a lucrative market, all you have to do is crank out visitors to thesewebsites though adwords and collect a check.Here?s something else. All in all, many companies run in-house affiliate programs that offer digitalprograms and physical products. Remember this: You dont have to stock or ship products. It?s alldone for you.Keyword Research - Give The People What They Want:Let me ask you this. Now that you have found a product you want to promote and let adwords makemoney for you, do you know what type of words or phrases people would use to find your market?In a nutshell, you will want to be as specific as possible. Take a look at your competitors to see whatthey are doing. What keywords did you use to find their site? Needless to say, there are several freetools you can use to find keywords.Google and Yahoo both have free tools that are designed to help your income go through the roof.Take advantage of them.They are crucial to helping you uncover hundreds, and sometimes thousands of keyword phrases andcombinations.Sales Copy:Here?s the kicker. Providing compelling ad copy is essential to getting visitors to your adwordscampaign. Seriously, put some thought into this. Place all of your attention on the benefits of whatyou are selling. And that?s not all. Use your keyword in the title of your ad.How To Bid On Keywords:In essence, bid on as many keywords as you can. Bear in mind that you should start out small and Copyright Vijian Narayanasamy - 2012 5 of 10
  6. 6. Affiliate Internet Marketingbid between 10 and 25 cents per click. Trouble is, you are charged for every click on your ad,regardless of whether or not you make a sale.So there you have it. Adwords make money for you no doubt about it. Focus on the 4 keycomponents and you?ll soon find yourself laughing all the way to the bank. Copyright Vijian Narayanasamy - 2012 6 of 10
  7. 7. Affiliate Internet MarketingAdwords Make Money Why Cash Is KingIf you want to go from a tiny blip on the World Wide Web to squeezing coal into diamonds, thenletting adwords make money for you is the best way to go.Now, pay attention. Adwords is a pay-per click model that rests upon a simple yet effectiveadvertising strategy. By the way, nearly 300 million searches are performed daily on the Internet;through all the major search engines. In other words, searches account for about 80% of Internettraffic.It?s no secret that placing your website on these search engines will lead you to reaching as manypotential customers in your market as possible.Little wonder that with the booming, every growing Internet industry, it?s now possible for any ad tobe seen by anybody all over the world. Stated a little differently: You can do business 24 hours aday, anytime, anyplace.But here?s the catch. In order for your ad to be seen and clicked frequently, it will have to be placednear the top of the page ? on the first page. Quite honestly, most people only reach up to the thirdpage of a search engine.What this means is the lower your rank, the lower the proability your site will get clicks. And theresult? No sales.However, letting adwords make money for you gives you a chance to hammer to your competitioninto the ground.Now, here?s all you do. Choose keywords or key phrases that are relevant to your website. Thinkabout phrases or terms people would use to look for your product.In essence, the highest bidder gets the best ranking. Bear in mind, there are no upfront costs. Youwill only pay after the visitor clicks on your ad.A word of caution: Clicks do not always equal sales. Remember, you will pay for the click even youdo not make a sale. So it is to your advantage to choose keywords that cost very little per click.Feast your eyes on this. Letting adwords make money for you allows you to attract customersinstantly. Your only challenge is choosing the right product and marketing to a group who has adesperate need for it.In addition to that, adwords is an extremely cost effective way to advertise your product or service.Very quickly you can see if your ad is converting visitors into buyers. It quickly sheds light on whatworks and what doesn?t.Needless to say, you can manage your campaign easily through the Internet. Change your strategy,add more keywords, or even delete keywords to suit your needs.Right before your eyes, letting adwords make money for you is a smart decision. Use this system tofast track your success. Don?t miss the boat. Copyright Vijian Narayanasamy - 2012 7 of 10
  8. 8. Affiliate Internet MarketingAffiliate Internet MarketingAffiliate internet marketing is a great way to make money promoting someone elses product. Whenyou sign up as an affiliate, you receive an affiliate ID and URL. If you already have a website thenyou can start promoting their product on your site. Whenever someone visits your site and you makea sale then you get a commission.The commission is usually a percentage of the purchase price of the product. If you do not have awebsite then you will need to get or make one. Sometimes the company you are working for willprovide one to you and all you have to do is start getting traffic to the site. There are many ways todrive traffic to your site.Do some homework and find a product that you think would be a good item to promote. Sign up tobecome an affiliate and if you are selected by the company then you can move forward and geteverything in order to start making money. There are more steps involved so make sure you do notmiss or skip over any of them. It will only take longer to make some extra cash.Should you have to build you own site you will also have to buy a domain name and pay to get ithosted. The cost for a domain name is minimal at only about $10 a year. When you buy a domainname you are basically staking your claim on a parcel of the internet. Just like when the pioneersstaked their claim on parcels of land, you now own a piece of the internet.The domain name you choose is very important. It should have the keyword for the product you arepromoting in it. Do some keyword research to find the best keywords to use. A good keyword is onethat has high searches every month but that also has low competition. A keyword like this is likemoney in the bank. Download a good keyword tool and spend some time looking for a good one.Check out some long-tailed keywords, you might find your little golden nugget has four or fivewords in it.You will need a good content management system, or CMS, to install a blogging platform on youraffiliate internet marketing website. Your web hosting service may install a blogging platformautomatically on your site. The all you have to do is keep it updated and interesting. Use somebacklinks to your website to help drive customers, or traffic, to your site.People will respond to your blog if you keep it professional and sound like you know what you aretalking about. To make the sales people have to believe that you are an authority on the subject.They need to trust you.Now that your affiliate internet marketing site is up you can start posting reviews pertaining to theproduct you are promoting or you can write articles describing the product and its benefits. Askformer customers to write testimonials and post them, too. One satisfied customer might bring inmaybe as many as five to ten others looking for the same product. Copyright Vijian Narayanasamy - 2012 8 of 10
  9. 9. Affiliate Internet MarketingAffiliate Search Engine No Holds Barred Approach ToMaking Money OnlineAs you might have guessed, affiliate search engine marketing has become one of the quickest waysto make a fast buck online. In fact, many business owners have jumped on the affiliate marketingbandwagon as a way to promote their companies.On the other hand, affiliate search engine marketing is a surefire way for anyone to begin ahome-based business. You see affiliate marketing is the best of both worlds.Don?t worry; if this is the first time you?ve heard of this unique type of marketing you are not alone.But more on that later. You may not know this but search engine marketing has taken the world bystorm.Listen to me carefully now. Many people are using this technique successfully. But many otherstreat affiliate marketing like looking for a needle in a haystack.Bear with me as tell you how to get started.Here goes?For starters, you?ll be glad to know that affiliate search engine marketing is easy to understand.Quite simply, as an affiliate marketer you will be promoting websites and rewarded for sendingvisitors or customers to the site.Understand this: compensation varies depending on the type of program you choose to promote. Forinstance, some websites will pay for every visitor you send to their site. However, other sites payyou a percentage of the sale of a product or serviceIf you think that?s nothing, think again. One sale could net you a profit of $50 or more. It?s true;some products are priced lower than that. But the beauty of affiliate programs is the fact that you getto choose which products you promote.Honestly, you can choose to only promote programs that pay no less than $20. It?s all up to you.Here?s something else. If you need a way to promote you home based business, affiliate marketingcould be the diamond in the rough you?ve been looking for.In this case you recruit affiliates to promote your site for you. And get this: you don?t have to paythem unless they meet certain criteria. For example you could pay them based on the action thecustomer performs such as filling out a form, or per sale.What this all boils down to is that you can get your site promoted for you with will little effort ofyour own. Look, I?m not kidding around. The majority of business owners choose a pay per saleprogram.Here is the reason why?they never have to pay out a dime unless the affiliate makes a sale. It?s awin-win situation for both.And best of all, you can make a full time income promoting other companies products and services.Just let this sink in for minute - affiliate search engine marketing may be one the best ways tobecome financially secure. But don?t take my word for it. Try it for yourself. Copyright Vijian Narayanasamy - 2012 9 of 10
  10. 10. Affiliate Internet MarketingResourceRepublished with authors permission by Vijian Narayanasamy Copyright Vijian Narayanasamy - 2012 10 of 10