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What’s new in XenClient


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This in-depth technical session will cover the latest capabilities of Citrix XenClient, the local virtual desktop solution that extends the benefits of desktop virtualisation to laptops and makes PCs more manageable, reliable and secure. This session will describe the inner workings of new features in the XenClient Engine and XenClient Synchronizer management system. We will also show you what’s in store for the future of this technology.

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What’s new in XenClient

  1. 1. SYN101: What’s New in XenClientManu Chauhan Heiko TimmerkampDirector, Product Management Product Portfolio Manager Workplace ServicesXenClient Swisscom IT Services, SwitzerlandOctober 17, 2012
  2. 2. Tweet about this session with hashtag #SYN101 and #CitrixSynergy© 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 2
  3. 3. Agenda• Overview• XenClient• XenClient XT 3• Swisscom IT Services & XenClient© 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 3
  4. 4. What is XenClient?© 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 4
  5. 5. New features in XenClient ü  Supports the latest Ultrabooks and Intel 3rd generation processors Next  Genera*on   ü  Windows 8 support Global  Desktop   ü  Now available in English and 6 other languages for major markets!   Expanded     ü  Enables more enterprise network policies with VLAN tagging Use  Cases   ü  NetScaler support for Synchronizer external network access Increased   ü  Dual monitors in dock support Performance   ü  Improved hypervisor boot time© 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy
  6. 6. Internationalization/Localization Hypervisor Synchronizer •  Hypervisor UI •  Synchronizer UI •  Online help •  Online help •  Docs •  Docs •  Tier 1 Languages •  Languages ○  English ○  German ○  French ○  Simplified Chinese ○  Italian ○  German ○  Spanish ○  Japanese ○  Simplified Chinese© 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 6
  7. 7. Localization• Hypervisor language selection ○  Hypervisor install ○  XenClient control panel• Keyboard language selection• Synchronizer language selection ○  Admin UI ○  Synchronizer database 7
  8. 8. Windows 8 support
  9. 9. Windows 8 support• Windows 8 as a guest operating system ○  PV Tools support ○  Multi-touch in guest• Laptop and desktop form factors supported• Tablets/Convertibles – to be added in future ○  Accelerometer support ○  Multi-touch support in the hypervisor UI• Multi-monitor support - future© 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 9
  10. 10. Hardware Compatibility• 385 models supported• Ultrabooks ○  Lenovo: X1 Carbon ○  Fujitsu: U77 ○  Dell: 6430u (enterprise), XPS13• Laptops• Desktops• Previously supported models© 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 10
  11. 11. XenClient Hardware Compatibility – Citrix Ready www.citrix.comready© 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy
  12. 12. Expanded partnership – Citrix, Intel and Lenovo Lenovo  ThinkCenter  M92p   Op*mized    for  user  experience,  mobility,   Lenovo  ThinkPad  x1  Carbon   produc*vity  and  centralized  management     Enhanced    for  3rd  Genera*on  Intel®  Core   Citrix  XenClient   vPro  Technology   3rd  Genera*on  Intel®  Core™   Hardware  Based  Virtualiza*on,  Encryp*on   vPro™  Technology   Accelera*on,    Trusted  Execu*on    © 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 12
  13. 13. Citrix Receiver Virtual Machine 13
  14. 14. Display Architecture Improvements 14
  15. 15. Other notable XenClient improvements• Dual external monitors in a docking station• 30% hypervisor boot time improvement• VM import/export
  16. 16. VLAN tagging explained Network  B   secure   Network  A   insecure   Chrome  VM   XenClient   VLAN  A  traffic   VLAN  A  traffic   VLAN  B  traffic   packets   Windows  7  VM   tagged   VLAN  B  traffic   packets   tagged   16
  17. 17. XenClient support for NetScaler• NetScaler support for XenClient Synchronizer• Enables external network access to Synchronizer via SSL bridging ○  Provides an added layer of security and performance by enabling organizations to secure their corporate Synchronizer behind a NetScaler.• Reduces workload on the Synchronizer with NetScaler SSL offload• NetScaler is standalone product – available as appliance or virtual appliance© 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 17
  18. 18. Today: Synchronizer Remote Access Options DMZ:   DMZ   less  secure   SSL XenClient Synchronizer Port  Forwarding:   SSL SSL XenClient Synchronizer No  Access:   SSL XenClient Synchronizer More  secure  © 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 18
  19. 19. NetScaler Integration Points: SSL Security SSL  Bridging:   SSL Bridge SSL Bridge XenClient Synchronizer SSL  Backend  Encryp=on:   SSL SSL XenClient Synchronizer© 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 19
  20. 20. ‘Follow-me’ desktopsYour desktop on any device, anywhere, anytime On the move iPad/ Tablet with Work PC with Home Laptop with End User
  21. 21. Citrix products integrated• Virtual desktop types ○  XenClient: client hypervisor-based desktop ○  XenDesktop: server hosted desktop (VDI) ○  Remote PC: server-less VDI• ‘Follow-me’ enablers ○  Citrix Receiver: virtual desktop access ○  ShareFile: data and file portability ○  Citrix Profile Management: user profile portability 21
  22. 22. Understanding XenClient XT Enterprise XT Virtual  Desktops  to  go…extends  centrally   Extreme  security…Extreme  isola*on     Positioning managed  virtual  desktops  to  mobile  users for  Public  Sector  customers   XenClient Ent or Pricing/Packaging $500/device XenDesktop Ent or Plat Features Hypervisor Thin, Secure Thin, Secure, Hardened Network Isolation VM’s N/A ü VPN Isolation VM’s N/A ü Policy Management w/ Synchronizer Standalone  &  Enhanced  Policies Hardware-Assisted Security ü  üü-­‐  Trusted  boot  with  Intel  TXT Disk Encryption ü ü Graphics 2D 3D w/ GPU pass-through© 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 22
  23. 23. New features in XenClient XT 3 High  Security   ü  Central  management  capabili*es  for  high  security  use  cases   Centralized   ü  Mul*-­‐organiza*on  administra*ve  model   Management   ü  Isola*on  of  physical  network  devices   Broader  hardware   ü  Intel-­‐powered  tablets   support   ü  Support  for  3rd  Genera*on  Intel  Core  vPro  processors   Extensibility  with   ü  Extensibility  with  Service  VM  appliances   SDK   ü  SDK  to  facilitate  extension  by  system  integrators  and  ISVs   © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  24. 24. SmarTop® - a smarter desktopservice for a smarter world…Heiko TimmerkampProduct Portfolio Manager Workplace Services,Swisscom IT Services, SwitzerlandOctober 17th, 2012
  25. 25. The Smarter Agenda…• Why SmarTop® - and what is it?• SmarTop® and XenClient Enterprise – a winning combination?• How SmarTop® integrates with our portfolio today…• …to enable SmarTer use cases with SmarTop®• Our SmarTop® service and its future© 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 25
  26. 26. Why SmarTop® - and what is it?
  27. 27. Shifting needs in workplace managementIn 2009, we decided that current workplace management would not suffice forour customer’s future needs, as there were• BYOD – but integrated with safety concerns from the 90s N   ATIO• Faster and omnipresent return to service after (any) failure ERIZ• Better use of the ever more potent hardware SUM CON• More power to the end-user We were inspired by client-side virtualization, and set off.  © 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 27
  28. 28. From concept to technology to service…Our SmarTop® service aimed at saving our customers time from• Long and multiple Proof of Concepts• Difficult discussions with stakeholders of “old” technology• Tiring bug-fixes of technical details• Finding their own need for a technology SmarTop® was to work well-integrated existing services – to enable try and buy…  © 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 28
  29. 29. What did we do to make it a service?1.  Selected technology for SmarTop® (Citrix XenClient Enterprise)2.  Designed standard architecture within our framework3.  Produced standard processes for production & maintenance4.  Trialed and piloted this solution (internally and with customers)5.  Integrated SmarTop® with our portfolio of other services (e.g. Image & Release Management)6.  ….and discussed the benefits of a service, rather “just” technology… “SmarTop® - the Smarter Desktop”  © 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 29
  30. 30. SmarTop® andXenClient Enterprise – awinning combination?
  31. 31. SmarTop® architecture overview SCCM  Golden  Image   Crea=on  Service   •  Client side enabled by Citrix XenClient Enterprise •  Server-side using the XenClient Iden=ty  &    Acccess  Control   Enterprise Synchronizer SmarTop®   Customer     Synchronizer   Network   •  Integrated with our Golden Image Citrix  XC-­‐E   creation service and Identity & Intel®  vPro®  enabled  Client   Access control Admin  Console   Storage   with  Citrix®  XenClient  Enterprise®   •  Attached to our standard storage portfolio © 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 31
  32. 32. XenClient delivers major ingredients 1.  Mul*ple  images  on  one  hardware   2.  Enhanced  Backup  &  Restore  in  the  cloud            (including  self-­‐download)     3.  Increasing  Hardware  independency              plus  another  Management  Level  © 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy ...upon which we built a modern service   32
  33. 33. How SmarTop® integrateswith our portfolio today…
  34. 34. Our “Dynamic Workplace Solutions” portfolio… Connected Workplaces Rich Workplaces Shared   Pooled   Personal   HiPerform   Installed  Workplace   SmarTop®   •  Covers all modern Workplace   Workplace   Workplace   Workplace   PC   Mac/iPad   Desktop   Notebook   workplace technologies •  Allows for various use cases & power   power   scenarios •  …and integrates Baremetal Hypervisor well with the Citrix® FlexCast® Tradi=onal  S&     Staging   taging     &  Installa=on   Installa=on   confiden0al   vision+  Terminalserver  © 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 34
  35. 35. New and SmarTeruse cases with SmarTop®
  36. 36. Covering new areas for workplaces… Maximising  Freedom   security  is  secondary   Customer    expecta0on:   BYOD   SmarTop®  General  customer     Personal   Connected  WP  philosophy  towards  employee  produc*vity   Rich   Installed  WP   Pooled   Connected   WP   HiPerform   Connected   Shared   WP   Maximising  security   Connected  WP   end  user  comes  second   customer  philosophy     Minimise     Maximise    © 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy Cost   towards  produc*vity  tools   Performance   36
  37. 37. …to solve workplace management “N G s” BYOD  without  secure   Developers  using     Admin  rights  for  VIPs  or   backup  of  business  data   mul*ple  clients  for  their   pure  personal  use   work   SW-­‐problems  trigger  long   Legacy  applica*ons   wai*ng  *mes  for  end  user   require  separate  clients   for  re-­‐staging   with  separate  OS   New  SW  Tes*ng     End  users  cannot  reduce   requires  roll-­‐back  –  which   their  wai*ng  *me  through   takes  ages   Mobile  users  too  rarely   self  help   connected  to  corporate   network  use  old  versions   37© 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy
  38. 38. …that can be solved with SmarTop® BYOD  without  secure       Full  Restore  & Developers  using     Admin  rights  for  VIPs  or   HW  Indep.   backup  of  business  data   Mul=ple  Images   mul*ple  clients  for  their   Private  Image   pure  personal  use   work   Legacy  applica*ons   Full  R*estore  nd  l  ong   SW-­‐problems  trigger   &   wai*ng   mes  for  e user   Mul=ple  Images   require  separate  clients   Self  for  re-­‐staging   Download   with  separate  OS   End  users  cannot  reduce   New  SW  Tes*ng     Full  Restore  &     requires  rRestore   Full   oll-­‐back  –  which   their  wai*ng  *me  through   Self  Download   self  help   takes  ages   Lease  Time   rarely   Mobile  users  too   connected  to  corporate   on  Mgmt  old  versions   network  use   Layer  © 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 38
  39. 39. Use Case: Reducing HW for special roles The SmarTop® solution: •  Multiple images on one Hardware •  With and without Admin rights •  More and fresh VMs available on demand The use case: •  Backup & restore function with •  Consultants and SW- self-help for user developers use multiple HW (1 for each customer network) •  And require a backup-HW in One backed-up device for many customers case installation fails© 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 39
  40. 40. Covering new areas for workplaces… The SmarTop® solution: •  Multiple images on one Hardware •  One corporate VM, locked down and secure •  One private VM, all open The use case: •  Backup & restore function for •  Ultra-mobile employees (e.g. locked down VM pilots) want to use their corporate HW also privately •  Corporate use needs to be One device on the road, private use does not corrupt corporate use. ensured at all times© 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 40
  41. 41. The future of SmarTop®…
  42. 42. Where we see SmarTop® go…•  SmarTop® as an add-on service to existing customers•  Filling special gaps in their current workplace environment•  …then moving on to real BYO PC-concepts•  …to become a real alternative to traditional workplacesAnd install many SmarTop® solutions anywhere – after our first 300 seats in December …wherever SmarTer use is required…  © 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 42
  43. 43. Before you leave…• Recommended related breakout sessions: ○  SYN102: Best practices for extending XenDesktop FlexCast with XenClient; Thur 3-3:45• See Swisscom IT whitepaper at:• Conference surveys are available online at starting Thursday, 18 October ○  Provide your feedback and pick up a complimentary gift at the registration desk• Download presentations starting Monday, 29 October, from your My Organiser tool located in your My Account© 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy 43