Roadtripping with your mobile device [Infographic]


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Memorial day marks the beginning of the road trip season. As you plan for internet connectivity during your vacation, we thought we’d share our findings for peak hours of mobile internet usage. For example, finance, weather and news apps are most popular in the morning, mealtimes are popular times for mobile video and evenings see mobile subscribers engaging in social networking.

For more about how mobile consumers’ usage habits impact the digital highway download our reports here

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Roadtripping with your mobile device [Infographic]

  1. 1. Mobile Internet Road Trip Mobile users start their day with finance, weather, news content 50% of web pages load 38% faster in 2014 than in 2013 DINER Fast and Furious Sponsored data plans increase the likelihood that subscribers will watch ads • 20% of smartphone subscribers now listen to Internet radio • Subscribers listening to Internet radio typically tune in for 1 hour a day 28% would watch ads Lunch time is primetime for users to check out video, news and blogs • 33% of subscribers abandon mobile websites that take 5+ seconds to load • 54% abandon if load time time takes up to 10 seconds Adult12am Dating10pm Social7-10pm Videos 8am ,12pm , 5pm and8pm Shopping 9am or8pmNewsand Blogs 8 am ,12 pm and 5 pmFinance,W eather 8 am • 57% of subscribers blame the mobile operator when a video stalls 73% of women admit they are slightly addicted to at least one game on their mobile device • On average, mobile videos on LTE networks stall for 15 seconds and 47 seconds on 3G networks Short form video sharing apps like Vine and Instagram Video generate 32% of social networking data volume SOCIAL NETWORKING • Mobile fitness apps grew to 50% of mobile health app subscribers • New mobile health apps gain traction within 1 month • 70% of subscribers check their mobile device during a meal at least once a day • 61% of Millennials believe that it’s acceptable to use their smart phone on the toilet • 51% of Millennials think it’s acceptable to sleep with their mobile device while in bed • Night time is prime time for mobile users accessing social, dating and shopping content • 26% of parents think it's ok to use your device on a date 82% of subscribers with a monthly data limit have avoided using an app to stay under their monthly cap 54% of smartphone owners run updates within 24 hours of discovering them Based on a consumer survey conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of Citrix in January 2014 of 1,000 U.S. adult smart phone or tablet owners ages 18 and older and Citrix Mobile Analytics Report Feb 2014. AUTO SHOP