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Citrix Synergy LA Social Media Guide


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Whether you’re attending Citrix Synergy in Los Angeles or you’re follow the excitement from afar, this guide is designed to help you use social media to catch the latest news and connect with Citrix experts, technologists and other Synergy attendees.

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Citrix Synergy LA Social Media Guide

  1. 1. Social Media Guide#CitrixSynergy 2013 in Los AngelesThe premier industry conference on mobile workstyle solutionspowered by cloud services
  2. 2. Whether you’re attending Citrix Synergy in Los Angeles or you’refollow the excitement from afar, this guide is designed to helpyou navigate the Synergy social media streams and connect withCitrix experts, technologists and other Synergy attendees.
  3. 3. }Click on any of the socialmedia icons to let yournetwork know that you’re atCitrix Synergy 2013!
  4. 4. SocialChannels
  5. 5. Twitter: Follow the @Citrix Twitter account for the latestconference news then join the conversation by using the#CitrixSynergy hashtag.LinkedIn: Participate in discussions with Citrix technologyexperts and Synergy attendees in the Citrix SynergyLinkedIn group.Facebook: We like you. Do you like us? Connect withfellow futurists, technologists and mobile workers fromaround the world on the Citrix Facebook page.
  6. 6. Blog: Check the Citrix blog for in-depth insights from Citrixexperts on the latest product releases and Synergyannouncements.YouTube: Grab some popcorn and watch the hottest sessionsfrom 2012, including the opening keynote, on the CitrixSynergy YouTube playlist.Flickr: Relive memories from past events in the Synergy FlickrStream.SlideShare: Download and share some of the toppresentations from Citrix Synergy on the Citrix SlideSharepage.
  7. 7. Events and Activities
  8. 8. Synergy Social Media HubThe all-new Social Media Hub, located in XenCity, will bring social mediaconversations to center stage and serve as a bridge between the digital andreal worlds. Stop by to:• Check the Leaderboard – Watch social media conversations on the bigscreen and see where you rank on the Twitter Leaderboard. Prizes will beawarded daily for the top Tweeters, so remember to use the #CitrixSynergyhashtag!• Ask the Experts – Meet the Citrix social media team and get expert adviceon how to leverage social media for your personal brand or company.• …and more!
  9. 9. Synergy Underground TweetUpThe Synergy Underground TweetUp is back for another year of fun! Comeconnect with your Twitter friends IRL, talk in #hashtags, and enjoy drinks andsnacks – on Citrix, of course.When: Wednesday, May 22, from 8 – 10 p.m.Where: Watch the @Citrix account for the exact location and details.See you there, Twitter friends!
  10. 10. Synergy Mobile AppDownload the Citrix Synergy mobile appfor easy-access to all the Synergy socialmedia channels, in-app messagingbetween attendees and more!Download:• iPhone App• iPad App• Android App
  11. 11. Blogs from the SpeakersGet expert insights and connect directlywith Citrix Synergy presenters on theCitrix blog.Click here to view blog posts from thespeakers.
  12. 12. A Few Tips from Citrix Social Media Experts1. Include photos and videos whenever possible. Data shows thatrich media – photos especially – perform the best on socialmedia.2. Don’t forget about the virtual attendees. There are thousands ofpeople following Citrix Synergy from afar, so reach potential newfollowers by serving as the eyes and ears for people who aren’tat the event.3. Be yourself! Social media is about connecting real people withreal people, so share your expertise and unique personality withyour social media connections.4. BONUS:Five easy tips for writing better Tweets
  13. 13. Thanks to our Synergy Social Media Sponsor:Connect: @DimensionData // Facebook
  14. 14. Work better. Live better.