A Day In the Life of the Modern Smartphone User [Infographic]


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This infographic looks at mobile usage trends to show a snapshot of the day in the life of the modern smartphone user.

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A Day In the Life of the Modern Smartphone User [Infographic]

  1. 1. USAGE TR ENDS TRENDS A Day in th e Lif e of th e Mod e rn Sma rtph one Use r the Life the rtphon e PEAK TIMES FOR CONTENT ON MOBILE FINANCE WEATHER SHOPPING 8AM 8AM 9AM OR 8PM NEWS & BLOGS SOCIAL VIDEOS 8AM, 12PM, & 5pm 7-10PM 8AM, 12 PM, 5pm, & 8PM DATING ADULT FITNESS 10PM 12AM 6PM FUN FACTS 48% say it is acceptable to use your mobile device while on the toilet 35% 18% use their mobile device during a date sleep with their mobile device 9% check their mobile phones during a meal at least once a day 70% check their mobile device during an interview HOW MOBILE SUBSCRIBERS USE DATA 4 in 10 use SOCIAL NETWORKING 1 in 10 play NETWORK CONNECTED GAMES 2 IN 10 WATCH MOBILE VIDEO 2 IN 10 USE THE APP STORE 2 IN 10 LISTEN TO INTERNET RADIO 5 IN 10 SMARTPHONE SUBSCRIBERS ARE SERVED ADS SOCIAL MEDIA IS BECOMING MORE VISUAL 63% 32% of social media is made up of images of social media is made up of videos (Twitter, Vine, and Instagram Video apps) MOBILE ADS USE DATA TODAY: 59% 2% MOBILE ADS ARE SERVED TO 50% OF SMARTPHONE SUBSCRIBERS 50% of a smartphone subscriber’s daily mobile data volume is generated by ads 1 in 20 are served video ads of consumers believe that ads do not count AGAINST their quota even though the ads do, in fact, count against their quota MOBILE HEALTH APPS ARE GROWING IN POPULARITY HALF OF THE TOP TEN HEALTH APPS ARE FITNESS APPS * Fitness tracking apps require higher data volume when in use because they are constantly updating the user’s status 1 IN 10 PLAY NETWORK-CONNECTED GAMES *This accounts for 1.5% of a user’s mobile data usage *In 2013 no mobile games required video to be sent over the mobile network *Newer games have embedded video and use more data SMARTPHONE MEDIA PLAYER USES THE MOST DATA 49% 19% 7% 4% of mobile network data is driven by media players 50% 20% SPEED IS INCREASING ON THE MOBILE WEB IN 2014... IN 2013... 50% 50% of web pages loaded in 8 seconds or less of web pages loaded in 5 seconds or less 3 seconds faster THAN IN 2013 8 5 BUT SMARTPHONE USERS STILL AREN’T SATISFIED 57% blame the mobile operator when a video stalls HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR A USER TO ABANDON A MOBILE WEBSITE? 5 sec. 10 sec. to load 33% 20 sec. to load to load 33% 54% 68% Source: Citrix Mobile Analytics Report January 2014. For more info: www.citrix.com/products/bytemobile/