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Marketing rail travel to tourists


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Student presentation at Citizens' Rail international masterclass on railway marketing, held at the University of Central Lancashire, March 2015.

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Marketing rail travel to tourists

  1. 1. Tourists/Leisure Travellers 25/03/15 Masterclass Presentation 1
  2. 2. General idea “Make the journey part of the experience” 2
  3. 3. Table of content 1) General idea 2) Who is a tourist? 3) Off train marketing 4) On train marketing 5) Conclusion 3
  4. 4. General idea Train travel Landscape “look out of the window” Relaxing atmosphere Source: Everyone together 4
  5. 5. Who is a Tourist? Couples Families Lone travellers Disabled people Retired people Day trippers Overnight stay Students vs. 5
  6. 6. Who is a Tourist? different target groups different problems slightly different solutions Try to get linked solutions that work for most of the target groups 6
  7. 7. Off train marketing- get people on the train  Linking the information  Combining train travel with activities at the destination  Advertising (Radio, TV, Newspaper, Magazines, Social Media, Google, Newsletter, Products, on everyday life (Toilet) poster at the station)  Linking the landscape with the journey  Link to local attractions  Signs/shuttle bus  Rating system Source: Complete journey, whole package 7
  8. 8. Off train marketing- get people on the train  Vouchers, Working together with the local business  Better names for tickets/ new tickets 1.“If you come in by train you get the first beer for free” 2.“If you spend £20 in store you get 10% off on your train journey” Explorer ticket Entertainment ticket Heritage ticket No borders ticket 8
  9. 9. Off train marketing- get people on the train  Bring your friends along “Get your next train journey for free if you bring 2 friends” 9 Source:
  10. 10. Off train marketing- get people on the train • Name the lines • Theme routes • hop on/ hop off • information on the train • Information on different destinations, special announcement THE CASTLE LINE THE BEACH LINE THE WINE LINE THE FAIRYTALE LINE “Help to name the routes, design the label, create the outside of the train” “Our line for you” Local people/hotels advertise “their” lines 10
  11. 11. On train marketing • Key facts • Events • What's on • Advertising • Map • Travel Speed • Weather Source: • Screen on the train /at the station • Leaflet with more information • Clean windows/toilets  Image • Wi-Fi/ access to tourist websites 11
  12. 12. Conclusion  No separate marketing  Train as a part of a big package  Working with local enterprises/people  Use the attractions/landscape to bring tourists on the train  Make the train journey something unique 12 Source:
  13. 13. Thank you Any Questions? 13