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Migration conundrum an overview


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A synoposis of Citizens UK's

Published in: Education, Technology
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Migration conundrum an overview

  1. 1. Controversial Issue. Compelling Learning. A toolkit to bring alive the teaching & learning of migration
  2. 2. The Stimulus
  3. 3. The Migration Conundrum exists to bring clarity, balance, humanity and practical ideas to the controversial issue of migration, enabling teachers and learners to investigate and debate with confidence and choose how they can make a difference. the Aim
  4. 4. We’ve broken everything down into eight key ‘lenses’ enabling you to investigate the Migration Conundrum. Use them flexibly , depending on your curriculum, student needs, or current events. Think of the lenses as ingredients ... the exact recipe is down to you! the Concept
  5. 5. People – real-life case studies of migrants Pedagogy – compelling learning activities, tools & steps Players – background on key groups Positions – where the key groups stand Processes – how migration works Past – a history of migration Proof – an evidence bank Praxis – a toolkit to help young people take action the Lenses
  6. 6. People Real-life case studies of real migrants, bringing to life the reasons for migration and highlighting lifestyles led by migrants based on their treatment by key players in the UK.
  7. 7. Pedagogy An activity bank for use inside and outside of classrooms, including compelling learning experiences (role plays, simulations & thought experiments), tools to help address issues, and small step activities to help break it all down.
  8. 8. Players Profiles of key players in the migration debate – including the major political parties, immigration-focused political parties, key public bodies and non-governmental organisations
  9. 9. Positions Where key players stand on key questions in the Migration Conundrum, such as ‘should there be a limit on immigration?’, ‘how long does someone have to be in the UK before they can cal it home?’...
  10. 10. Processes Tools to help clarify and unpick how the rules and systems governing migration work – including the asylum system, migration from inside the EU and the rest of the world.
  11. 11. Proof Simple and straightforward evidence enabling students to distinguish fact from fiction as they work out the migration conundrum.
  12. 12. Past Migration in its historical context, with particular focus on the UK’s 300-year history of providing sanctuary to those in need, famous refugees and the contributions of migrant communities to the UK.
  13. 13. Praxis A toolkit to help schools take action on issues, plus examples of schools who have already done so.