FCT 20110525-11 - IFI Building Integration - Sharing In Education - Andrew Bell DENI


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  • Introductory remarks Policy lead on Community Relations, Equality & Diversity in Education Education projects delivered through Neighbourhood Renewal; and Responsibility for Management of IFI’s Sharing In Education Programme
  • It was agreed from outset that projects should be strategic in nature The Sharing in Education Programme aims to support a range of projects which facilitate reconciliation for a shared future through the medium of education and related services and particularly welcome those which: promote shared education by linking schools representative of the two communities; build on community relations within and between schools; support cultural outreach amongst young people representative of the differing communities/traditions; and address strategic gaps in achieving reconciliation through a cross community, cross border approach through education and related services sector.
  • I’ve listed examples of type of projects which have been supported to give an idea of range of educational interventions through which reconciliation is being addressed…This ranges from shared classes bringing pupils from controlled, maintained, special integrated and Irish medium schools together; projects to enhance and support curriculum subjects, such as how history deals with the period of the conflict; those which use both formal schools and non formal youth work in a joined up way to address reconciliation; through to using media, such as film making & journalism and sports.In addition to projects focused on pupils, we also have those which focus on ensuring teacher have the competence to deal with difficult and potentially divisive issues; and on schools themselves to encourage a more open & welcoming ethos
  • Many of the projects have only been operating for 12 months or less and evaluations have not been undertaken…However, some preliminary outcomes have been evidenced…. The range of projects shows the opportunities which exist for sharing that practical problems, such as timetabling and transport can be overcome; there is a willingness of amongst pupils, teachers, parents and the wider community to engage in shared education; and that sharing is mutually beneficial to pupils, teachers and schools in generalNetworking and sharing of good practice is also evident – for both pupils and teachers – as are increasing levels of confidence of participantsWhat is also very clear is that the Funds work in schools impacts well beyond the school itself, engaging parents and the wider community
  • FCT 20110525-11 - IFI Building Integration - Sharing In Education - Andrew Bell DENI

    1. 1. Sharing In Education Programme<br />Andrew Bell, <br />Head of Community Cohesion Team,<br />Department of Education<br />
    2. 2. Sharing In Education Programme<br />Context<br />Complex demands on education<br />Academic achievement inequalities<br />Separate nature of educational system<br />Recognised role of education in improving community relations<br />Changing in society & political context<br />
    3. 3. Sharing In Education Programme <br />Aims & Objectives<br />Support educational experiences which are shared between young people representative of the two communities<br />
    4. 4. Sharing In Education Programme<br />Aims & Objectives<br />Strategic Projects<br />Facilitate reconciliation through participation in shared educational experiences<br />Linking schools representative of the two communities<br />Support cultural outreach <br />Promote a cross community, cross border approach <br />
    5. 5. Sharing In Education Programme<br />Types of Project<br />Shared Classes<br />Curriculum Based<br />Media Based<br />Parenting<br />Welcoming Schools<br />Formal/Non Formal<br />Peer Leaders/Mentors<br />Sports<br />Hard to reach groups<br />Teacher Training<br />
    6. 6. Sharing In Education Programme<br />Challenges/Issues<br />Demonstrating benefits of shared education to communities & politicians<br />Embedding reconciliation work in schools in a way that is sustainable & affordable<br />Ensuring teachers have knowledge, skills & confidence to address difficult/divisive issues <br />
    7. 7. Sharing In Education Programme<br />Preliminary Results<br />Shared education is feasible<br />Mutually beneficial<br />Evidence of networking & sharing good practice<br />Impact extends beyond schools into communities<br />