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Designs for learning, research and collaboration: Shared spaces


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Prof. Nancy LAW (Director, CITE, Faculty of Education, HKU)

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Designs for learning, research and collaboration: Shared spaces

  1. 1. Designs for learning,research and collaboration:Shared SpacesFaculty of EducationUniversity of Hong Kong
  2. 2. Accommodation for Faculty of Education: ConsequentialsG5Meng WahComplex(9,657)LG2M4711,19832112555443596183 911141325CSU:39UHSUHS1,128GRunme ShawBuilding(2,544)48771662943348231UHS(325)HKUSU: 23Hing Wai Centre3125Kennedy Town Centre13202nd Consequentials (June 2013 – Mar 2014)EducationLibrary* Above calculation does not include Education Library, KTC(320 sq.m)Future provision at 2014/15 (work in progress)Cedars (17)CETL(390)Total Construction Floor Area (CFA)/ Unit Cost :xxx4005661512552251st Consequentials (June 2012 – Mar 2013)632120666 285285Existing provision:6,387Provision at 2014/5:7,805Increase in Net Space1,418 ( +22%)2nd Consequentials after completion of CapitalProject (June 2014 – Mar 2015)
  3. 3. Education Moving …• The big move starts in 2012 (may take 2years to complete)• Retrofitting faculty spaces - opportunitiesfor tailoring designs for now and the future• Setting the principles and priorities forretrofitting• Learning from spaces design fromuniversities world-wide
  4. 4. Our Journey started with planning…
  5. 5. Principles for Education Faculty?• Group users into clusters to best serve differentfunctional purposes• Faculty office, program office, research office –these offices are often visited by students and thepublic – will be located at the lower floors of MW• Teachers, research students, research staff(including centres), academic visitors would benefitfrom being co-located in cognate clusters - officesfor staff and research students, centreadministration, formal and informal shared areas
  6. 6. • Learning spaces should include both formaland informal and should be flexible andcongenial to serendipitous exchanges andcollaboration• Seamless integration of physical and digitalspace, suited for comfort, safety and efficiencyPrinciples for Education Faculty?
  7. 7. Improved infrastructure =pedagogical improvement & innovation?
  8. 8. Improved infrastructure =pedagogical improvement & innovation?
  9. 9. New divisional/centreaccommodation=convivial cognate hubs?
  10. 10. Realizing the Faculty vision…Beyond physical &digital infrastructure!