Xiao Hu "Learning Analytics Initiatives"


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Xiao Hu "Learning Analytics Initiatives"

  1. 1. Learning Analytics Initiatives PANEL IN LASI-HARVARD Presented by Xiao Hu @HKU
  2. 2. 1 • Open Learning Analytics (OLA) 2 • LAMP (LA Masters Program) 3 • Open Learning about Open Learning Analysis 4 • LACE: Learning Analytics Community Exchange 5 • Open Journals
  3. 3. Open Learning Analytics (OLA) Josh Baron (Marist College and Apereo Foundation) •An ecosystem • Open source LA software • Open standards and API • Open models (predictive models, knowledge maps…) • Open content (journals, Moocs, whitepapers) • Openness or transparency w.r.t. policies and strategies • Not anti-commercial
  4. 4. Why OLA? • Much work to date has been "tool" or "software-centric" • Often "closed" w.r.t. software, model, data • Currently have lots of activity but not much collaboration or awareness
  5. 5. OLA Summit 2014 (April) http://www.onlinelendersalliance.org/event/2014SpringSummit • Apereo (Sakai, uPortal, uMobile, ..) • http://www.apereo.org/ • Identified major domains with OLA •Standard and software (APIs) •Strategies and Policies •Learning Design •Research and Data
  6. 6. Apereo LA initiative (LAI) • Learning Analytics Diamond (open LA software framework)
  7. 7. Learning Analytics Processor • Open source • Plugin architecture
  8. 8. Would Like to See What Happens Next… • OLA whitepaper • Grant proposal • Proof-of-concept software development • Launch of an OLA Network • Events at LAK 2015
  9. 9. LAMP (LA Masters Program) George Siemens (University of Texas, Arlington and SoLAR) • Meet with CMU in April 2014 • A group of individuals interested in teaching LA and collaborate (Carolyn Rose, Ryan Baker, Siemens, ….) • MOOCs • What are the learning outcomes? • Make content searchable – 100% open content • Education, Information Studies, Computer Science ...
  10. 10. LAMP: Content • Research ethics • LA processes and theory • Experimental design and methods • Research methods • Data management • Visualization • Big data methods • Feature Engineering • Psychology of learning/learning theory/learning sciences • Assessment and evaluation
  11. 11. LAMP: Goal • To convene people/professors who wanted to or already teach some aspects of LA, to make educational resources available
  12. 12. Open Learning about Open Learning Analytics Ryan Baker (Columbia University and IEDMS) • Considerable interest in creating MOOCs related to LA • LA Curriculum? • Teachers College, Columbia University • MS in LA • A focus in LA as part of Masters in Cognitive Studies
  13. 13. LA-specific courses • Core Methods in EDM • Learning Analytics: Process and Theory • Feature Engineering Studio • Normative Perspectives on the Analysis of Learners and Learning • Managing Educational Data (preservation, access, etc.)
  14. 14. Course Materials • Course Materials are or will be available online • Big Data and Education (MOOT (textbook)) freely available online • This fall, Siemens' MOOC on EdX: “Data, Analytics and Learning” “if you have resources publicly available, please tell us!”
  15. 15. LACE: Learning Analytics Community Exchange Doug Clow (Open University) laceproject.edu •Learning Analytics Cycle
  16. 16. How Do You Develop A Learning Analytics Community?
  17. 17. How Do You Develop A Learning Analytics Community? (con’t) “Develop what we know about what we know” “Help more people to know more people more”
  18. 18. Open Journals Dragan Gasevic (Athabasca University) • Journal of LA • Three issues annually: learning-analytics.info • Research and HotSpot practitioner papers • CFP special issue: • Self Regulated Learning and Analytics (deadline Aug.) • Learning Analytics and Learning Theory (deadline Nov.) Balance of different learning analytics perspectives (not dominated by CS researchers) • Journal of Educational Data Mining • Open access, five volumes published
  19. 19. Quick Question for Clarifications?