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Paul revere


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Published in: Education
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Paul revere

  1. 1. DiligenceHonesty Liberty
  2. 2. Name:Paul RevereBirth:January 1,1735Death:May 10,1818Born:Boston Massachsetts
  3. 3. • had a lot of jobs to support his family.•Borrowed a skirt from a lady to cover the oars so the British wouldn’t hear his oars hit the water.•Sent his dog back to get his spurs.
  4. 4.  When the police caught him during his midnight ride he told them who he was.
  5. 5.  Told the people the British were coming. Dressed like an Indian and dumped tea during the Boston Tea Party. Helped write the Declaration of Independence.
  6. 6.    And then what happened Paul Revere