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(SACON) M T Karunakaran  - Quantum safe Networks


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Quantum computers are becoming a reality.
The classical key distrbution algorithms,based oncomputational complexity are under threat.

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(SACON) M T Karunakaran  - Quantum safe Networks

  1. 1. SACON SACON International 2020 India | Bangalore | February 21 - 22 | Taj Yeshwantpur Quantum Secure Network Karunakaran M.T. QNu Labs C.T.O
  2. 2. Secret key + key- ID key-ID Secret keyRequest
  3. 3. Use Cases
  4. 4. Pharma network
 • Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) provides unconditional security by generating an information theoretically secure key, for “data in motion” • Strength of the security is not just in increasing strength of encryption but in providing the key securely on either end of a transaction. • QKD guarantees quantum randomness. This property allows us to enhance security of the “data at rest”. • QKD from QNu, can enhance the security of the healthcare IT ecosystem by providing a Quantum secure shield. • QKD is an insurance against “harvest now decrypt later”. Quantum Channel Key Interface
  5. 5. Quantum Channel (λ1) Classical Channel for QKD reconciliation (fiber (λ2) or ethernet) Encryptor / Router Public Internet Army Office 1 (Secure Key Interface Protocol) Data Applications ….. VoIP ….. Encryptor / Router VoIP ….. ….. Data Applications (Secure Key Interface Protocol) Army Office 2 QNu Node 1 QNu Node 2 Quantum Secure key Quantum Secure key
  6. 6. Proactively Quantum™ Secure quantum network for critical infrastructure QKD multi node network QN1 QN2 QN3 QN4  R1  R4  R2  R3 S1 S1 IPv4 network K1 A B K2 K3 K4 QSNN QSNNN QSNN QSNN QSNN QSNN                 DB VoIP phone DB VoIP phone DB VoIP phone DB VoIP phone MHA PMO RAW /NTRO/IB Sena Bhavan
  7. 7. Proactively Quantum™
  8. 8. Proactively Quantum™ Quantum reinforced Cloud security • Quantum reinforced randomness & information theoretic security • Paired HSMs have the same security properties of single HSM HSMQ + Cloud computing Store HSM+ Q Cloud computing Store Fibre link
  9. 9. Proactively Quantum™ Client Location 2 App Engineers Client Location 1 App Engineers Collaborative Quantum secure cloud computing Q HSM Cloud computing Store Q HSM Cloud computing Store + + + + Q HSM Cloud computing Store + + + + + + + +
  10. 10. Proactively Quantum™ A Metropolitan Area Network using QKD based Link Encryptors
  11. 11. Proactively Quantum™ Keys from the Cryptographic Server to End point Clients transferred as OTP Encrypted data using keys provided by QKD
  12. 12. Proactively Quantum™ Wide Area Network (WAN) using single Q-element QKD links (Hop to Hop)
  13. 13. Proactively Quantum™ Wide Area Network (WAN) Using QKD mesh network with Multi Q-element nodes
  14. 14. Proactively Quantum™ Passive Optical Network (PON) ONU – Optical Network Unit Use Case: QKD Authenticated Sensor Network
  15. 15. Proactively Quantum™ QRNG and Entropy as a service QRNG is a hardware random number generator where generation of random numbers are based on the properties of quantum mechanics. The quality of key generation is strongly dependent on entropy. EaaS provides high entropy random data for use in cryptography. Entropy is used in Lottery, gaming, OS scheduling, simulators, AI algorithm.
  16. 16. Proactively Quantum™ EaaS – Entropy as a Service
  17. 17. Harvest Now & Decrypt Later Attack that will compromise National secrets and security in an unprecedented manner
  18. 18. Proactively Quantum™ Highly secure software solution platform Scalable /Flexible HARDWARE Quantum optics Quantum protocols Quantum Mechanics
  19. 19. Proactively Quantum™ QKD Research Framework
  20. 20. Proactively Quantum™ What’s in the pack • Build Alice / Bob • Change algorithm / scheme for Quantum channel • Collection of data for long term study and analysis of Quantum channel • Visualization of various parameters of the Quantum channel for correlation study over longer periods of time • AI (Artificial intelligence) and ML (Machine learning) can be used on the data to arriving at better schemes and designing better performing algorithms • Build Eve for simulating Quantum attacks of various classes • Quick prototyping / Proof of concept validation with focus on specific aspects of the development