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(SACON) Gauri Vishwas - Implementing a Privacy Program in a large Conglomerate: Challenges & Learnings


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It is one thing to understad what the various applicable Privacy laws & standards require an organization to do and another thing to actually implement a program to deliver on this requirement within the organization. Data Privacy programs cut across almost all functions & teams in an organization - all of whom need to work in sync to 'make it all happen'. When it is a large conglomerate spanning multiple countries and entities, this challenge is further amplified. This session discusses these real life issues and challenges.

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(SACON) Gauri Vishwas - Implementing a Privacy Program in a large Conglomerate: Challenges & Learnings

  1. 1. SACON SACON International 2020 India | Bangalore | February 21 - 22 | Taj Yeshwantpur IMPLEMENTING PRIVACY IN A LARGE CONGLOMERATE Gauri Vishwas Aditya Birla Group Information Security & Privacy Lead
  2. 2. SACON 2020 Approach that we took • WHAT should be done ? • HOW to do it ? • WHY ? • GDPR compliance • Brand & reputation • Other privacy regulations
  3. 3. SACON 2020 GDPR Compliance Understand the scope- Data Inventory and mapping Privacy Assessment- GDPR Gap Assessment and reporting Remediate gaps Other privacy regulationsEstablish a privacy framework at the group level What did we do ?
  4. 4. SACON 2020 • Select Framework • Map the gaps against a framework – ‘Must haves’ • Identify best practices and map in the framework- ‘Good to have’ How did we do it? Mapping Project scope
  5. 5. SACON 2020 1. VisibilityoverPersonalInformation 2. PrivacyOrganization&Relations 3. PrivacyPolicyandProcesses 4. RegulatoryComplianceIntelligence 5. PrivacyContractmanagement 6. PrivacyMonitoring&IncidentManagement 7.InformationUsage&Access 8. PrivacyAwareness/Training 9. PersonalInformationSecurity 10. Governance Project Scope
  6. 6. SACON 2020 Training Plan- 3 segments of employees Awareness for end users Awareness for data handlers Awareness for privacy managers Privacy dos and don’ts Code of conduct 8. PrivacyAwareness/Training Project Scope - Detailed
  7. 7. SACON 2020 Awareness Learning Curve Clarity - Roles and Responsibilities Data is everywhere Challenges on the ground
  8. 8. SACON 2020 Awareness and sensitization workshops Build Capability- Its more than just a law! Structure & Role of Privacy Organization Top Driven Approach Technology assistance for building visibility into personal information Key learnings
  9. 9. SACON 2020 Thank You