Gustavo Cisneros’ speech in AEF´s Honors Night


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Gustavo Cisneros’ Honors Night speech in the Advertising Educational Foundation (AEF), where he talked about education as a way to break the poverty cycle, and how Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives have become a key part of the Cisneros Group of Companies´ business strategy.

May, 2012

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Gustavo Cisneros’ speech in AEF´s Honors Night

  1. 1. GUSTAVO CISNEROS´ SPEECH HONOR´S NIGHT MAY 15TH, 2012THANK YOU, Steven, for your generous remarks.Members of the Advertising Educational Foundation,Friends,GOOD EVENING.It is a pleasure to be here AND TO BE A PART of Honors Night, a very important eventfor all of the many outreach initiatives of the Advertising Educational Foundation.I am honored to accept this award, and I would like to thank Paula Alex, John Partilla,David Moore and the A.E.F. Board members.I am also deeply gratified by the recognition you have given our Corporate SocialResponsibility program - which we proudly undertake through the Fundación Cisneros.When something is part of your everyday life, you do not expect recognition for it.So I am deeply honored by this award because it recognizes that I, with my wife Pattyand our family, and our associates, have achieved one of our fundamental goals: topromote significant change that helps build better societies.Since the earliest years of the Cisneros Group of Companies, all of our internal andexternal initiatives have been aimed at creating agents of social change . . .And for that reason, our Corporate Social Responsibility programs are a key part of ouroverall business strategy.
  2. 2. For US, education and the promotion of culture are powerful catalysts for PROGRESSand well-being in communities. Therefore, our efforts are aimed at improving ACCESSTO EDUCATION and overcoming inequality.We believe that EDUCATION is the first step towards breaking the poverty cycle,helping citizens to be more competitive in a demanding society.At the Cisneros Group of Companies, we have implemented IMPACT investment byboosting quality in education through our programs.As shown in the video just now, we have taken advantage of the opportunities providedby media outreach as well as new technology initiatives.Further, we have encouraged the work of teachers, empowering them as agents ofsocial change, and providing them with new tools that enrich their work.For this reason, I would encourage ALL OF US to continue thinking hard about theimportant role we play as media companies in the improvement of education and thetraining of future leaders.AS COMMUNICATORS we are all jointly responsible for the building of a BETTERfuture and a BETTER society.Thank you very much for this award - and for the important work that you do.