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Passive voice lesson


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Passive Voice - Lesson

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Passive voice lesson

  1. 1. Active and Passive Voice 1
  2. 2. Defining “Voice”
  4. 4. We usually use the active voice in writing and speaking. E.g.
  6. 6. In the passive voice, we change this around, so that the recipient has something done to it by the agent. E.g.
  7. 7. REVIEW
  8. 8. Example of Active Voice
  9. 9. Example of Passive Voice
  10. 10. A group of teens put together the newspaper. Active Passive The newspaper is put together by a group of teens. Changes
  11. 11. Simple Present (is, am, are) Present Continuous (is, am , are) She writes a letter He is closing the window A letter is written by her The window is being closed by him Present perfect (have/has +been) Present Prefect Continuous (have/has+ been + being) They have played the guitar George has been writing the lesson The guitar has been played by them The lesson has been being written by George
  12. 12. The Structure of Passive Voice Cont… Simple past (was/were) Past Continuous (was/were+being) Tracy opened the door He was drinking some water The door was opened by Tracy Some water was being drunk by him Past perfect (had been) Past Prefect Continuous (had been +being) He had written a letter He had been riding a motorcycle A letter had been written by him A motorcycle had been being ridden by him
  13. 13. The Structure of Passive Voice Cont… Simple Future (will + be) Future Continuous (will + be + being) My mother will make some cake She will be playing the piano Some cake will be made by my mother The piano will be being played by her Future Perfect (will+ have been) Future perfect continuous (will + have been + being) They will have finished that work He will have been playing tennis That work will have been finished by them Tennis will have been being played by him
  14. 14. The Structure of Passive Voice Cont… Future Past (would + be) Future past continuous (would + be + being) He would open the door They would be playing tennis The door would be opened by him Tennis would be being played by them Future perfect (would + have been) Future Perfect Continuous (would + have been + being) She would have finished that work He would have been painting the house That work would have been finished by her The house would have been painted by him
  15. 15. Verb tenses
  16. 16. Note: