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CISET. Certificacion ISO 20000


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CISET. Certificacion ISO 20000 de su servicio de mantenimiento informatico, soporte y atención a usuarios de clientes

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CISET. Certificacion ISO 20000

  1. 1. Certificate The management system of CENTRO DE INNOVACION YSOLUCIONES EMPRESARIALES Y TECNOLOGICAS (CISET) c/ Margarita Salas 16, 2ª Planta 28919 Madrid has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 20000-1:2005 For the following activities Servicio de mantenimiento informático y soporte y atención a usuarios de clientes Computer support service and customer´s help desk. Further clarifications regarding the scope of this certificate and the applicability of ISO 20000-1:2005 requirements may be obtained by consulting the organizationThis certificate is valid from 9 de December 2010 until 25 de November 2013 and remains valid subject to satisfactory surveillance audits Re certification audit due before 25 de November 2013 Issue 1. Certified with SGS since 9 de December 2010 Authorised by Álvaro Rodriguez de Roa Director de Seguridad de la Información y Gobierno TI SGS ICS SGS ICS Ibérica, S.A. C/ Trespaderne 29, 28042 Madrid- España Page 1 of 1