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Higher Speed, Higher Density, More Flexible SAN Switching

Cisco enhanced storage networking portfolio to grow, consolidate, converge and simplify operations for SMBs, Enterprise and Cloud customers, with industry’s highest port density 16G SAN Director, converged storage offerings, and data centers based on open standards with REST-API’s for programmability. These innovations future-proof storage connectivity for small and large enterprise customers, while preserving current IT operations and knowledge.

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Higher Speed, Higher Density, More Flexible SAN Switching

  1. 1. v5 Higher Speed, Higher Density, More Flexible SAN Switching Cisco Extends Storage Portfolio to Support High Data Growth, Scale and Programmability Cisco Storage Networking
  2. 2. IT Environments Experiencing Accelerating Transitions Infrastructure Agility Needed to Enable Greater Speed of Business Growth in Information Created by 2020 Higher Demand on Multiprotocol Storage Storage GrowthInternet of Things 40% CAGR by 2017 Sources: Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI), Cisco Cloud Index, IDC, Gartner, IDC WW Integrated Systems Forecast 2014-2018 (Nov ‘14) IDC WW Hyperconverged Systems 2015-2019 Forecast (April ’15) Cloud 69% CAGR by 2017 Analytics 69% CAGR by 2014–19 Server Virtualization 85% by 2018 Software Defined Infrastructure 65% Growth by 2017 Increased Flash Usage 7x Growth SSD by 2018 6% 14% 58% Industry Dynamics Data Center Trends Effect on Storage Infrastructure 10Xs Integrated Platform CAGR by 2015–18 Integrated Infrastructure CAGR by 2015–18 Hyperconverged CAGR by 2015–18
  3. 3. Enterprise Storage Networking Evolution Multi-Protocol (FC, FICON, FCIP, FCoE, NAS, iSCSI, HTTP) Latency and Performance (16G FC, 10GE, 40GE, 100GE) Scale (Tens of Thousands P/V Devices, Billions of Objects) Programmability and Operational Simplicity Evolving Beyond Silos Requirements for Agile, Efficient Data Centers Custom Software Custom Hardware Custom Software on Packaged Commodity H/W SDS OnCloud or OnPrem (Bring Your Own Hardware)
  4. 4. Cisco Storage Networking Rate of Innovation Is Accelerating Deploy MDS/Nexus Families to Reduce Storage Networking CapEx and OpEx Innovation Industry-Leading FC Performance, Reliability Virtual SAN (VSAN) Integrated SAN Extension for DC/BR Single LAN/SAN Management 10G FCoE Inter-VSAN Routing Network Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Tools Integrated Multi- Protocol FC, FICON, iSCSI and FCIP SAN Scale Unified Port 2002 2013 2014 2015 Grow and Consolidate • Industries Highest Port Density: MDS 9718 • Multi-protocol: FC and FCoE • 32G Ready Director • 16G UCS Fabric Interconnect 40G Storage Ethernet • 40G FCoE module on MDS 9700 • Nexus 5672UP-16G • 16G FC support on 2348UPQ • 40G UCS Fabric Interconnect Simplify Operations • Fabric Automation- POAP • REST –API for programmability • DCNM New Platform Support NEW February 2016
  5. 5. Cisco Multi-Protocol Product Portfolio: SAN, LAN, and Compute Consistent and Simplified Features, Management, and Programmability
  6. 6. Grow and Consolidate: MDS 9718
  7. 7. Ultra-High Density Director Programmable SAN Director 32G Ready Director Higher Speed, Higher Density, More Flexible SAN Switching Industry’s First • 3X Performance of competition • 3X line rate ports than competition with 768 line-rate 16G FC Ports Build High-Performance, High-Density Networks Reduce Complexity, Accelerate Management • Programmability and automation with Restful-based NXAPI • Power On Auto Provisioning automates configuration Save Dollars, Invest in the future • 32G ready for 768 line-rate 32G FC ports • Same line-cards, NXOS, power supplies across all MDS 9700 Directors Cisco MDS 9718 Multilayer Director INTRODUCING
  8. 8. MDS 9718 Use Cases Consolidate and Grow Platform of Choice for Flash Deployments • 50% reduction in chassis • Collapsed core design with 3X more ports per chassis (768 Vs 256) • Room for future growth with 768 ports instead of adding new chassis • 128 more line-rate front panel ports (@3:1 oversubscription) • 75% reduction in chassis • High speed flash deployments can drive up ISL utilization • Get rid of oversubscription with 9718 with 768 line rate ports MDS 9718 MDS 9718 128 128 128 128 42 42 128 128 MDS 9718 Brocade Brocade Brocade Port Expansion 64 192 192 192
  9. 9. MDS 9718: Comparison Summary % MDS is lower cost than Brocade More Front Panel Ports with Fewer Devices and Lower Cost Small Deployment Mid-Size Deployment Large Deployment 768 Ports 4000 Ports 6000 Ports 4 Brocade DCX-8510-8 vs. 1 MDS 9718 17 Brocade DCX-8510-8 vs. 8 MDS 9718 26 Brocade DCX-8510-8 vs. 12 MDS 9718 75% reduction in number of chassis 50%+ reduction in number of chassis 50%+ reduction in number of chassis -52% -9% -11% All values are based on 3:1 oversubscription
  10. 10. Convergence: 40G Storage Network
  11. 11. Industry’s Broadest Converged Ethernet Portfolio Max FCoE , IP Ports/Chassis Nexus 7700/7000 Nexus 5600 Nexus 2300 Nexus 9000 10GE 1536 (IP), 768 (FCoE) 384 48 2048 (IP only**) 40GE 384* 96 6 512 (IP only**) Cisco NEXUS Use 10/40G Ethernet to Converge IP and Fibre Channel Storage Traffic ** Hardware is FCoE-capable today; software support targeted for future release* N7700/N7000 40G FCoE: Jul’15 Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) MDS 9000 768 (FCoE only) 2 (IP) 384 Ports Cisco MDS UCS FI 6200/6300 96 32 Cisco UCS
  12. 12. 294% data rate of 16G FC Reduced cost - BiDi Optics use existing OM3 or OM4 cabling 40G End to End Cisco MDS 9700 40G FCoE Module INTRODUCING Industry’s Highest Interconnect (ISL) Speed for SAN 147% data rate of 32G FC
  13. 13. 40GE FCoE Use Case: ISL Consolidation Benefits: Reduced Management • Fewer ISLs to manage Reuse Cabling • BiDi Optics allow use of existing LC cabling 16G FC ISLs 116 Storage Ports 240 ISL Ports 1152 Host Ports 40GE FCoE ISLs 116 Storage Ports 96 ISL Ports 1152 Host Ports
  14. 14. 40GE FCoE Use Case: Converged Networks to Fibre Channel Nexus Modular 40GE FCoE 10GE FCoE Nexus Fixed 40GE FCoE 10GE FCoE Nexus with FEX 40GE FCoE 10GE FCoE UCS with 6333 Fabric Interconnect 40GE FCoE
  15. 15. Industry’s First FC FEX Solution for Storage Connectivity Compact 1RU Switch for SAN Connectivity • 48 Fixed 1/10G SFP+UnifiedCapable Ports. • TraditionalEthernet or FCoE • 48 UnifiedPorts provide 2/4/8G FC, upto 24 x 16G FC • Parent Switch—AtFCS:Nexus 5600 ; Followedby 9k,7k • 6x 40G QSFP+Ports • Flexibilityto use 4x10G or 40G* • Single point of mgmt. for access switches • Common Scalable and Adaptive architecture • Homogenous and consistent policies • New Option: FEX for 16G FC Nexus 2348UPQ: (FC, FCoE iSCSI, NAS)
  16. 16. Nexus 5672UP-16G Ships Q1CY16 All Features of 5600 and More—Enhanced Nexus 5672 for SAN 48 Fixed 1/10G SFP+ Ports of which 24 Ports Unified 24 Unified Portsprovide 4/8/16GFC, 10G Ethernet/FCoE Traditional Ethernetor FCoE or FC 6x 40G QSFP+ Ports Flexibility to use 4x10G or 40G • Upgraded from 8G to16G FC • 50% more UP Ports • Additional FC Buffer Credits
  17. 17. Traditional Architecture Nexus 2348UPQ: LAN/SAN Access Convergence Rack Mount Servers 2x FC Switches 2x LAN Switches UPFEX Architecture 2x Nexus 2348UPQ (UP FEX) Rack Mount Servers Example: • Assume 24 servers per rack • Cost saving per rack = ASP/port x 24 ports x 2 switches = $220 x 24 x 2 = $10,560 • Power Savings per rack = 100W/FC switch x 2 switches = 200W • Additional Savings with ISL links. Flexible • Deploy TOR Nexus FEX for LAN connectivity like usual. • Drop FC ports to any servers that need FC connectivity without adding a FC switch Green • Reduced Cost and Power in the Data Center Consistent Management Model • Maintains same management model of LAN and SAN separation Ethernet FC Dedicated FCoE Converged Link
  18. 18. Nexus 5672UP-16G Use Cases FEX aggregation: • Significant savings: HW and cabling costs. • Single FEX for LAN + SAN: Converged link to parent Nexus 5672UP-16G. LAN/SAN Convergence 40G ISL for FC SAN 16G FC Collapsed Core in a SAN Environment 40G ISL: • Consolidate ISL’s while connecting initiators and targets at 8/16G speeds. • Scale and lower cost. 16G FC aggregation: • 16G FC switch. • Provides investment protection • Backward compatibility with 8G FC. Core Ethernet Switch 10GE 5672UP-16G 2348UPQ 40G FCoE 16G FC Target Host 10GE16G FC Target 16G FC Core Storage Switch 40G 5672UP-16G 8G /16G FC Host Target 16G FC 5672UP-16G 16G FC Hosts
  19. 19. FI 6332 32 x 40GbE QSFP+ ports FI 6332-16UP 24 x 40GbE QSFP+ and 16 x UP ports (1/10GbE or 4/8/16G FC) IOM 2304 8 x 40GbE server links and 4 x 40GbE QSFP+ uplinks Industry’s Next Generation UCS Fabric Interconnect Enabling High Performance, Low-Latency and Lossless Fabric UCS FI 6332, UCS FI6332-16UP, IOM 2304 • High-density 40GbE ports: enables 40G end-to-end Fabric • 2.6X increase in throughput • 3X lower latency
  20. 20. FI 6332 / FI 6332-16UP Use Cases 40GE FCoE40GE SANLAN FI 6332 MDS 9700 Nexus 7000 / 9000 UCS B-Series B200 B260 B460 and IOM 2304 UCS C-Series C220 C240 C460 8/16G FC40GE SANLAN FI 6332- 16UP Storage Director Nexus 7000 / 9000 UCS B-Series B200 B260 B460 and IOM 2304 UCS C-Series C220 C240 C460 High Performance • 40GE from Server to Network Flexible • Deploy 8G, 16G or 40GE to SAN infrastructure Reduced Cost • Fewer Network Cables required • Uses existing cable infrastructure using BiDi optics
  21. 21. Operational Simplicity: Programmable Fabrics
  22. 22. Why Programmability/Automation Greater Business Agility Reduced Costs/ Complexity Resource Optimization Reduce Network Provisioning Reduce Management Costs Storage Optimization
  23. 23. • Ease of programmability • XML/JSON/JSON-RPC request-response format • Easier to parse and script compared to the textual output of a traditional CLI • Feature Velocity and Time to Market • API framework lends itself to crowd-sourcing: customers, partners and 3rd party developers • Rapid feature velocity for scriptable software capabilities • Rapid validation by ecosystem partners • Extended “ Virtual QA” team of sorts spanning the larger ecosystem of partners and customers • 10X performance benefit over SNMP • Much faster than SNMP queries • Ease of integration with third party management tools • HTTP access and XML/JSON output facilitates simpler and faster integration • Ubiquity of CLI, Agility of API • leverages existing CLI kit and makes it available outside the switch over web (HTTP/HTTPS) Introducing Rest NX-API on MDS 9700 Ease of Operations Modular Open 3rd Party Apps Programmable Ready for DevOps
  24. 24. USB: Plug and Play New Capability where POAP setup is not possible Power On Auto-Provisioning Now on MDS Director platforms besides Fabric switches Accelerate Deployments: Go Live in Minutes! Configurable Avoid Human Error Self Deployment Consistent Programmable Ready for DevOps ? How should I configure? Be consistent? Automate? Be accurate Avoid Human Errors? Reduce Deployment Time? Be reliable? Self Deploy? Too painful configuring single switch at a time. Standardize
  25. 25. USB Based Plug and Play Enables Multi-site Roll Out 1 Have a config file in place for each switch to be provisioned -Use a unique id such as serial no. or switch WWN to name each config file JAE17050ATA-running-config-<date>-<time> JAE17050ATB-running-config-<date>-<time> Serial No: JAE17050ATA Serial No: JAE17050ATB 2 Copy all config files to a USB drive 3 Serial No: JAE17050ATA Serial No: JAE17050ATB Available on all 16G Platforms in NX-OS 7.3
  26. 26. Cisco MDS and Nexus Fabric Management Day in the Life of Storage Administrators Fabric Management / Focus Areas Recent Introductions Manage/Provision Current Environment Monitor/Troubleshoot Current Environment Capacity Planning New Installs JoeJanet Provisioning Wizards/Templates Visualization Monitoring/ Troubleshooting Capacity Management Scalable Programmable End-to-End Visibility Support for MDS 9718 NEXUS 5672UP-16G 40G FCoE on MDS Use Recent Introductions to Efficiently Manage Converged Fabric Backup/Replicate
  27. 27. “With our network expanded to include 37 branches and more than 700 Business outlets across 76 cities in China, our data requirements are rapidly growing, with our current storage capacity exceeding 2.4 PB. The high performing Cisco MDS 9513 Directors have been powering our Data Centers for the past 7 years. We are excited to see Cisco introducing the industry's highest port density SAN Director MDS 9718 that will help us meet our growing customer demands.” Mr. Tan Qifeng, China Guangfa Bank
  28. 28. “Krones is the market leader in the bottling and packaging industry servicing customers worldwide through 3 data centers hosting over 1000 Virtual Machines, supporting more than 4.827 TB of data. Currently the MDS 9700s enable us to aggregate links and optimize bandwidth utilization as we scale. We are looking forward to implement Cisco Data Center Network Manager for better visibility and scalability in our data centers.” Gerd Neuland, Head of IM Data Center Services Information Management
  29. 29. Cisco MDS 9000 Family: Extensive Industry Partnerships Cisco Channel Partners Other Flash Vendors: Storage Array interop only
  30. 30. The Power of Ecosystem Providing Options for Pre-Packaged Converged Infrastructures Cisco Nexus Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure Cisco MDS
  31. 31. Storage Networking for Agile Data Centers Fibre Channel and Ethernet Storage Networks With Superior Performance, Scale, and Architectural Flexibility With Nexus and MDS to evolve SAN architectures for Massive Data Growth Automate Physical and Virtual Datacenters using REST API and third party cloud software platforms Programmable Fabric Enable End to End Seamless Fabrics Grow and Consolidate