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  1. 1. > 2nd quarter 2012 – issue 6Gas station of the future Installation of Petrobras in RJ is the first application of Cius tablet in BrazilCiSCo PlUS 2012 A SUCCESS CASE MEGAStorEEvent introduces itaú BBA integrates Cisco productsinnovations which international agencies e-commerce attractscan support the 2014 with state-of-the-art small and mediumSoccer Cup technology businesses 1
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  3. 3. 1EDitoriAl SUMMArY Infrastructure for the consumer 4 Tablets Allied in businesses, enemies of it managers? 6 W Explosive mobility e have millions of cell phones in operation; the quantity of tablets grows exponentially, Mobile data traffic will grow 18 times until 2016 not to mention the number of netbooks and notebooks in Brazilians’ hands. In short, the data production, the voice traffic and the video and photos transmission are part of the Brazilian user’s routine, which also concurs with the companies created content. 8 Short news Cisco, a great place to work; new regional sales channels; UCS exceeds 10 thousand customers; CPM Braxis Capgemini receives Besides being one of the main bets of the government to guarantee an exemplary service Cisco Connected Grid certification during the great sportive events, in special in 2014 and 2016, the mobile networks will be of fundamental importance for the digital consumption of this user who wants, not only the voice 10 Cisco Plus 2012 Company and partners discuss opportunities for the World Soccer communication, but, mainly, the data transmission and the access to Internet. Championship and the olympic Games By the way, our cover article brings the “Station of the Future” of Petrobrás, recently open in Rio de Janeiro, where our Cius Cisco tablet showed one of the first applications especially 18 Full tank Petrobras fuel station of the future breaks paradigms with the use of Cisco Cius developed for Brazil. This is an excellent example of efficiency of a mobile device, for the innovation in businesses in different segments. In fact, in this issue of Cisco LIVE Magazine, we also bring the results of a revealing survey: 24 International expansion itaú BBa uses Cisco technology in latin America the mobile data world traffic will increase 18 times, reaching a total of 10.8 exabytes/month – or 130 exabytes/year, the equivalent to 33 billion DVDs – until 2016. The data were extracted 28 Eliminations 10GbE Grid supports the World Soccer Championship eliminatory keys. from Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) – Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast for 2011 to 2016 report. It is pays to check. For Brazil, a 19 time increase is expected, reaching a total of 30 defense Cisco shows solutions for the military sector 0.26 exabytes per month until the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Talking about this, we are taking, for the first time, to the wonderful city our main event 32 Utilities Connected Grid portfolio wins new solutions and services in the Country – the Cisco Plus Brazil 1012 (the old Cisco Networkers). Beginning on April 2, we will have three intense days to discuss about the main solutions to meet the networks 36 Awareness implementation reluctance is not justified. demand and also to improve the bit, medium and small companies’ productivity. We will talk Collaboration brings and expected roi! about local and long distance network infrastructure, passing by the new Cloud Computing scenario – including video, data center and virtualization, to the new unified communications 40 Cloud Index Cloud data transmission should grow 12 times until 2015. applications collaboration. Our main partners and customers will attend this meeting, one of the most important Cisco global events. 44 Small and medium companies Cisco and intelbras sign a partnership to win PMEs Tens of exhibitors will be distributed in a more than 10 thousand square meter area of Sulamérica Conventions Center, where more than 2 thousand participants are expected, among congresspersons, sponsors and visitors. With the theme “Building the Infrastructure for the 46 Megastore Cisco the first virtual dealer makes easier the equipments purchase and delivery News Brazil”, Cisco Plus Brazil will discuss the importance of technology for the big events in the Country, with national and international speeches. And finally, we are preparing great 48 Financial partnership With a national office, Cisco Capital supports Cisco partners and customers introductions and investments releases for our country. So we are expecting you in Cisco Plus Brazil 2012, and in all our other CiscoDoBrasil events and communication channels – in the Social Networks, Quint@sQuinze, Radio Cisco and much 49 Article remote expert for the financial services more. Together will help to build this New Brazil! Regards, Marco Barcellos CISCO LIVE MAGAZINE IS A PUBLICACION OF CISCo do BRASIl CiSCo Do BrASil Marketing & PR Director ProDUCtion Reporters Press Service Printing ACCoUntABlE tEAM Marco Barcellos Claudio Souza in Press Porter novelli inergraf Comunicação interativa Editora Francine Mendonça President Editorial Council Marcelo Vieira Photos Circulation rodrigo Abreu Adriana Bueno, Carolina Morawetz, Responsible Journalist ruan Segretti ricardo Kataoka 5500 copies isabela Polito, isabella Micali, jackeline Carvalho Cimagem Produções Systems Engineering jackeline Carvalho, Kiki Gama, MtB 12456 Special Collaboration Director Mariana Fonseca, Monica lau e Carmen lucia nery (rj) Art Marcelo Ehalt Marco Barcellos Editorship Director Marcelo Max jackeline Carvalho Review Channels Director Comunicação interativa Eduardo Almeida 3
  4. 4. 1 SHort nEWSTABLET, AN ALLIEDOF BUSINESSES The consumerization, however, still generates insecurity in the IT 1 C isco communicated data of a global research about Safety the IT managers’s and executives’ awareness in the The USA, a country with more experience in tablets use of tablets in companies, a phenomenon known management, is also ranked in the first place as far as as consumerization. In the research, the respondents are safety is concerned: 75% of IT managers said that new unanimous: the customizes applications for these devices rules should be established for the safety and use of should bring important benefits for the businesses. tablets. Almost half (48%) of all respondents agree that the Entrusted to Redshift Research, the study heard 1.5 company should have restricted access and applications. thousand IT managers and executives in USA, Canada, Canada and the UK were the most interested countries United Kingdon, France, Germany and Spain to evaluate in restricting the access to tablets applications (55% and the attitudes, fears and hopes for tablets in the work 56%, respectively). station. It is hoped that, in 2012, meaningful changes Globally, three quarters of IT managers point out e-mail occur in the corporate use of tablets. and documents sharing as the essential characteristics of The respondents are primary IT decision makers or they tablets. Half of them agreed that other desirable features have a fundamental role in the decision process for all IT are video conference, instant messages, access to the products. Individual businesspersons were excluded from company data base and the perfect synchronization with the study. The interviews were made by the end of 2011. other businesses devices. Among the surveyed countries, USA and France are adoption leaders, with one tablet for 21% of the You should bring your own device? workforce. Senior executives have more probability to Almost half (48%) of the research respondents say have a tablet in USA (38%) and less in the United Kingdom that their company would never permit the employees (27%). Spain leads the list of the most to bring their own devices to the work, but 57% agree excited businesspersons with that some employees do it without permission. More the technology, with 90% of IT than half (51%) say that bringing personal devices to managers, betting that the tablet work is a growing trend. will become more popular in The use of personal devices without the company the next two years. permission was more evident in USA (64%) and less in Among those professionals Germany (49%). The access to the company’s servers was who use the technology for mentioned as the “great problem” of the BYOD – (bring sales, the tablets are more your own device), due to the possibility to have it lost or common in Germany stolen (64%). Globally, 44% say that dealing with BYOD (31%) than in all the other matters diverts the attention to other important projects. countries (average of “The mobile employees and the virtual work stations 21%). And in the war are here to stay, just like the IT need to keep on assuring between tablets vs the safety in the corporation level, management and smartphones, the interoperability”, says Tom Puorro, Cisto product IT departments management director. “2012 promises to be an exciting report a tablet year; and the IT leaders are a critical component in order for every the innovation and to permit that the organizations three smartphones make use of the nest businesses and opportunities orders. growth wave.” • 4
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  6. 6. 1 SHort nEWS THE MOBILE EXPLOSION The data traffic will reach 130 exabytes/year until 2016 T he world mobile data traffic will increase 18 The higher number of mobile connections is a factor: times, reaching a total of 10.8 exabytes per there will be more than 10 billion mobile devices month – or 130 exabytes/year, the equivalent to connected to the internet in 2016, including machine 33 billion DVDs – until 2016. For Brazil it is expected to machine (M2M) modules. a 19 time increase. Reaching a total of 0.26 exabytes/ The mobile devices are also becoming more powerful month in 2016. and, consequently, able to consume and generate more The data were extracted from Cisco Visual data traffic. Tablets are an excellent example of this Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic trend, generating traffic levels which will grow 62 Forecast report for 2011 to 2016), according to which times between 2011 and 2016 – the highest growth the strong increase in mobile traffic is, in part, a result rate of any device category considered in the forecast. of a forecast increase in the number of mobile devices The mobile data traffic volume generated by tablets in connected to internet, which will exceed the number of 2016 (1 exabyte per month) will be four times higher the world population (7.3 billion inhabitants in 2016, than the mobile data global traffic total and monthly according to the United Nations). In the period, Cisco values in 2010 (237 petabytes/month). foresees that the mobile data global traffic will exceed The network connection speed is a fundamental in three times the fixed data global traffic. factor for the mobile data traffic growth. More speed This traffic volume increase represents a 78% means more consumption, and for the connection composed annual growth rate (CAGR) for the same speeds (including 2G,3G and 4G networks) a growth of period of time. Just the additional traffic volume for the nine times was forecast between 2011 and 2016. The mobile interned between 2015 and 2016 is equivalent mobile devices users want the best possible experiences to approximately three times the estimated size of the and in general this means mobile videos, which will whole mobile internet in 2012. represent 71% of mobile data traffic in 2016. The The trends which are considering these expressive study also projects that 71% of all smart phones and increases include more and more content by streaming. tablets (1.6 billion) could be capable to be connected With the consumers’ increased expectance for on- to a mobile network internet protocol version 6 (IPv6) demand or streaming contents, the cloud traffic until2016. In a far-reaching perspective, 39% of all originated by mobile devices should grow 28 times mobile devices in the world (more than four billion) between 2011 and 2016, with a 95% annual growth. could be compatible with the IPv6 in 2016. • 6
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  8. 8. 1 SHort nEWS 6 Good BRAINS WITH No PUNCHING CARd I n a professional environment with a flexible work journey, the office can be located in any address, there is no personalized desk and there is no need to be present. the professional who comes to work for Cisco, is quickly adapted to a differentiated actuation model, which 6 CISCo is standard all over the world: he she is accountable for targets. this is a differential which took the company to the 25th position in the ranking HoME of “100 Best Companies to Work” of época magazine. NETWoRKING “this Cisco model gives mobility and flexibility to the professional, who is motivated by what is forecast in the business plan”, says rose HAS NEW Mary Morano, Cisco Brazil Hr director. Cisco supplies all the equipments and resources so that the REGIoNAl professional can connect to the administration, such as cell phone, SAlES computers, wide band systems, smart phones and also an extension for direct calls to the office. CHANNElS Another factor which also attracts the Brazilian professional is the C possibility to develop an international career, according to luciana issa, Cisco Home networking, Cisco talent acquisition manager. “there is the possibility of a career the linKsys brand plan in Cisco. And this is, at the same time, an important and motivating products businesses factor”, she concludes. division, signed a partnership with Golden Distribuidora and All nations, which work in the informatics equipments distribution market. the new distributing companies will now commercialize all linKsys products, which include advanced rotators, adaptors, acccess points, among other state-of-the- art technology equipments for the residential and small offices market. the partnership is part of Golden strategy to invest in its growth in the hardware segment. the company is in the informatics market for more than 20 years and has a strong presence among the main dealers all over the country. All nations, on the other hand, with headquarters in rio de janeiro, is present, for almost two decades, in the technology market From left to right, Rose Mary Morano and Luciana Issa, who are accountable for and, just like Golden, is a partner of Cisco HR program maintenance in Brazil. the main global manufacturers. 8
  9. 9. 6 UCS HAS EXCEEdS 10 000 CUSToMERS MARKSPlataform hold world records 53 benchmarksC isco announced that, in a According to a recent study little more than two years conducted by theinfoPro, since the introduction, its Cisco maintains theUnified Computing System – UCS, leadership amongwhich integrates computation, all server suppliers.networks, management and the company wasvisualization, has attracted the considered by 33% ofattention of data centers and Cios: respondents as “themore than 10 thousand customers manufacturer of the mostall over the world, including 3 interesting serversthousand in Europe and hundreds , with eight percent pointsin latin America, have the solution ahead of the company ranked inalready implemented. second place. Many analysts of the industry the 2011 Cisco Cloud indexwere skeptical about the capacity foresees that cloud computing is delivery of cloud application fromof this technology to win positions transforming the businesses: more point to such a competitive market. than 40% of data centers’ work UCS is a matrix computationnevertheless, according to load will be based on cloud until platform which combines networkCisco, the system enabled 2014. in general, the cloud traffic servers standard x86, with thecosts economy and meaningful will grow 12 times until 2015, or 1.6 grid and access to storage in anbusinesses benefits in all industries zettabytes per year, the equivalent integrated system. Cisco worksand scenarios. Since the beginning to more than four days of corporate with manufacturers which areof its distribution, in july 2009, video for each and every inhabitant industry leaders in softwarethe UCS won 53 performance on earth. this explosive growth, infrastructure, including BMC, CA,benchmarks world records, according to Cisco, demands data Citrix, EMC, Hitachi DataSystems,besides dozens of awards from the centers’ advanced capabilities Microsoft, netApp, oracle, red Hat,industry by its innovation. forecast by UCS to support the SAP and VMware.6 CPM BRAXIS CAPGEMINI RECEIVESCISCo CoNNECTEd GRId CERTIFICATIoN A CPM Braxis Capgemini, when the delivery, pre-sales and part of Capgemini Group, sales areas were trained and was awarded Cisco qualified for commercialization of Connected Grid certification, as the offers. is certified to commercialize all According to McKinsey advising Cisco Smart Grid product lines company, the technology and and services. the company is the applications market for Smart Grid first one to receive this habilitation should reach global investments of in Brazil and the fourth in the world US$ 31 billion annually, until 2014. to meet all the required criteria. the data are part of McKinsey the process to be entitled to this Study on Smart Grid McKinsey & certification began in july 2011, Company, Summer 2010. 9
  10. 10. 1 innoVAtion CISCO PLuS 2012: INFRASTRUCTURE AND SERVICES FOR GREAT EVENTS The event will show the main trends of the industry and should congregate more than 2 thousand attendants in this issue 10
  11. 11. B etween April 2 thru 4, Rio international speakers. The attendants de Janeiro, stage of great will also be able to follow forums about international events, such as the use of technology in education, Rio+20, the World Soccer health, finances, telecommunicationChampionship and the Olympic among other areas.Games, will also host Cisco Plus (ex- Cisco and its partners will introduceCisco Networkers), one of the main their most recent technologicalCisco global meetings with customers news in unified communication,and partners. grids, mobility, safety, data centers, The new identity is a result of the virtualization, cloud computing,market advances. According to Marco video and DMS, ISR G2 (new line ofBarcellos, Cisco marketing director Cisco rotators), among Brazil, in the eight years of event “As far as the technical training6 Cisco Plus Brazil 2012 will discuss the importance of thetechnology infrastructure for important events in the Country “today, Cisco offersthe world economy and the adopted (Networkers Program) is concerned, increasingly far-technologies to connect people and we will have more than 70 technical reaching solutions andcompanies have drastically changed sessions including architectures, architectures, alteringand Cisco followed each and every solution and products, besidesstep of this metamorphosis. “Today, cour s e s and Cis co Online the market dynamics,Cisco offers increasingly far-reaching Certification. Part of the cost will including data centerssolutions and architectures, altering be subsidized by the company. In the and videos, as well as thethe market dynamics, including data business sessions, we will discuss thecenters and videos, as well as the new verticals, such as Energy (Oil & trends and businessestrends and businesses models, such Gas), Education and Public Sector. models, such as cloudas cloud and managed services”. In the exposition, we will have a live and managed services” Cisco Plus 2012 intends to capitalize laboratory for “Concepts Proof”, • — MArCo BArCElloS, CiSCo Dothese changes to leverage businesses says Barcellos. BrASil MArKEtinG DirECtorbenefits for partners and customers.To this purpose, 11 exhibitors willbe distributed in a 10 thousandsquare meter area at SulaméricaConventions Center, where more 6 AWARdSthan 2 thousand attendants amongCIOs, congresspersons, sponsors and The event will also award prizes to customers’ projects, whovisitors are expected. were differentiated and had an outstanding presence for the use With the theme “Building the of advanced Technologies in their respective actuation areas.Infrastructure for the New Brazil”, The winners of the third issue of “Cisco Innovation Awards” willCisco Plus Brazil 2012 will discuss be announced on April 4, in the following categories: Cloud, Datathe importance of the technology Center and Virtualization; Cooperation, Borderless Networks, IPinfrastructure for important events NGN Infrastructure and Video the Country, with national and 11
  12. 12. 1 innoVAtion CISCO PLuS 2012 Check introductions and new things that some of the companies attending the event will show in this issue: DIMENSION DATA A fter planning and integrating the IT infrastructure of six stadiums in South Africa World Soccer Championship, including the Green Point – considered as the most modern stadium in the world, the Dimension Data – integrating IT services and solutions, present in 51 countries – is now prepared to apply its experience in the Brazilian World Cup. The company will show during the event all its accumulated knowhow. The dealings with contractors and consortiums are already on the way. “We are also trying to leverage other The company booth is built in such business opportunities with correlation to the stadiums, a way as to show the platform as an such as hotels and airports”, says Jack Sterenberg, president implantation strategy phase and, so, of the company in Brazil. • to pave the way for Cisco community professionals’ adhesion.• REDDRUMMER ALCATEIA F or this issue of Cisco Plus, RedDrummer will show a service for Cisco partners, based on a project which was jointly developed with Cisco marketing directors, known as Cisco Vibe. The service is an interaction platform between professionals and partners with focus on the professional A lcateia will transform its booth in Cisco Plus into a meeting point for the whole Cisco community. The place will be equipped with all Cisco products relationship in the work environment. According to which are worked by distributor, according to Rodrigo RedDrummer, the project main objective is to build a more Silva, marketing manager. “We want that our booth agile communication flow, to permit an evolution in the be a meeting point, where will have a skilled team relations among professionals connected to Cisco and o to welcome all our partners and will find adequate the partner companies, to make the company development solutions to their projects”. Alcateia’s flagship will be and Cisco business in the market easier. The project will be the Classic line, switches portfolio recently recorded presented for the first time to Cisco Plus partners. by the distributor. • 12
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  14. 14. 1 innoVAtion FLUKE F luke Networks will show hardware and software solutions for diagnoses, analysis, performance monitoring and reports of applications and corporative networks, for both cabled and wireless networks. Aligned to the market trends and concerned in innovating, the company introduces, each and every day, products that meet the challenges referring to the virtualization and the proper monitoring of a cloud computing architecture. • PROMON P romonLogicalis participation will be based on the importance of the business vision connected to new technologies adoption. By means of technical speeches and successful cases, the company will show its services offer and its professionals’ consultant expertise that makes them capable to translate the technological innovations into solutions for the companies’ daily problems. “One of our main differentials is the consultant Cisco. The solution is a result of approach. Our team is prepared to understand the Cisco Unified Communications customer’s challenges and to propose innovating and Manager Business Edition adequate solutions to their business models”, explains 3000 (BE3000) adequacy to the Luis Minuru Shibata, PromonLogicalis consultant Brazilian market and the licensing director and one of the speakers during the event. • of Cisco Unified Communications technology for certain IP telephone models and Intelbras voice gateways. INTELBRAS The commercialization of the complete solution, under the name CIP60300, will be exclusively accomplished through Intelbras integrating channel, and will be available for sales as of April 2012. Intelbras will reinforce the incentive to small and medium Brazilian companies to migrate to the IP telephone system. And will show the products that compose the This is about a Unified Communication with a capacity to render services to companies with 50 to 300 users, integrating voice, video, mobility, messages, conference Unified Communication solution offered together with and voice gateway services, in multiple localities. • 14
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  16. 16. 1 innoVAtion PLANTRONICS P lantronics will take to the event its compatible products portfolio and its certificates for Cisco platform. Among them, the company points out: - CS540: which permits the fixed telephone with the lightest DECTG wireless headset, with three options of use: over the ear (discrete and elegant), over the head (to improve the stability) and behind the head (super discrete, without relinquishing the stability); - Voyager PRO UC Bluetooth headset system: a new intelligent sensors technology for the user’s continuous and intuitive experience, which permits the calls done by a Damovo dedicated management and a high audio quality; experts team. - Savi 740S: also with three options of use, (ear, head The CaaS offer includes and behind the head), Savi is an option for those who new advanced integration want more practicability and mobility, as, by means of resources between fixed and its high power Bluetooth connection, enables a distance mobile telephones, the use of soft of up to 100 meter from the devices. Another differential client, instantaneous messages and of the product is its battery, which just with one load, it presence. The products also make is possible to talk for 9 consecutive hours. • • video calls inside and outside the office. DAMOVO FURUKAWA D amovo will show during Cisco Plus a new offer of Collaboration as a Service in Brazil (CaaS), in partnership with Cisco. According to the company, this F urukawa shows the ITMAX solution for data center. A platform which involves infrastructure hosted service makes the unified communication adoption products such as RACKS as well as the Optical faster in Brazil. The CaaS offer is based on Cisco Hosted performance channels (OM4), Metallic (CAT6A Collaboration Service architecture and works from two and CAT7) and Data Center Management (DCIM). redundant data centers located in Brazil. Due to the concern with the band grow th in a Damovo says that, with the “as a service” model, which sustainable way in data center environments, the uses the cloud power, the offer permits that the customers optical solutions are taking increasingly more space in Brazil have access to what is more updated about the from CAT6A and CAT7 solutions. According to cooperation solutions, with no need of heavy investments Furukawa, this year the company brings optimized in dedicated infrastructure and with the monthly effective optical solutions that simplify and make transparent costs forecast. the migration process to 40G/100G. Furthermore, The additional benefits for the customers include the Furukawa shows management tools which permit costs reduction with power energy, physical space and a better control of environment variables and the people, as the services integrated management will be data center energy. • 16
  17. 17. fUrUkAwA. MULTinACiOnAL JAPOnESA PrESEnTE EM TOdO O MUndO. SOLUÇÕES COMPLETAS PArA infrAESTrUTUrA dE rEdES ÓPTiCAS E METÁLiCAS: fUrUkAwA.03/2012 Furukawa no mundo: Com uma tradição de 127 anos de histó- ria, o grupo Furukawa aplica o conhecimento e a qualidade adqui- ridos no decorrer dos anos nos setores de Telecomunicações e TI. Soluções completas em redes: Atendem as mais distintas expectativas de redes locais, Data Centers, Call Centers e industriais, fornecendo conectividade a 10 Gb/s, 40 Gb/s e 100 Gb/s Ethernet. Redes ópticas e metálicas, OM4, OM3, CAT.6A, CAT.6 e CAT.5e. Respeito ao meio ambiente: Abrir caminho para a informação através da tecno- logia, protegendo o meio ambiente, é uma das filosofias da Furukawa, que oferece produtos RoHs Compliant e LSZH - Low Smoke Zero Halogen (livre de halogênios e com baixa emissão de fumaça), ambientalmente corretos. Certificações Internacionais: Produtos e soluções com certificados internacionais de desempenho e qualidade outorgados pela UL e ETL. MATRIZ E UNIDADE INDUSTRIAL: Furukawa: Rua Hasdrubal Bellegard, 820 – CIC – Curitiba – PR – CEP: 81460-120 – Tel.: (41) 3341-4200 Metrocable: Av. Brasília, 1300 – Distrito Industrial – Salto – SP – CEP: 13327-100 – Tel.: (41) 4602-6100 ESCRITÓRIO NACIONAL DE VENDAS: Av. das Nações Unidas, 11.633 – 14º and. – Brooklin – São Paulo – SP – CEP: 04578-901 – Tel.: (11) 5501-5711 17
  18. 18. 1 CoVEr DO YOU WANT TO FILL IT uP? A routine in Brazilian drivers’ daily life, to fill the tank of vehicles wins new concepts and services based on state-of-the-art technology. Petrobras Fuel Station of the Future is the first application of Cius tablet in the Country 18
  19. 19. T he fuel station of the future obtain information about other is already a reality in Brazil maintenance services that are and Cisco is part of it. rendered by the fuel station. Petrobras Distribuidora’s Cius also enables the voice accesspilot project, known as Posto do to Petrobras Distribuidora’s other “the Fuel Station of theFuturo Petrobras, congregates services rendering to the consumer, Future Project showsstate-of-the-art technologies in such as the use of the network the technology role ininteractivity, services, energetic fidelity card, information about the increasing the servicesefficienc y and environmental products catalogue and BR Mania’ssustainability. It was open on monthly promotions, besides the interactivity, bringing aDecember 13 at Barra da Tijuca, access to maps to identify specific new experience to theWest Area of Rio de Janeiro, and addresses in town. consumers. the inclusionis a model that can be expanded “The Fuel Station of the Futureto the other cities of the country project shows the technology of mobile devicesand abroad. role in increasing the services such as Cisco Cius in Cisco is taking part in the interactivity, bringing a new this project reinforcesproject supplying Cius networking experience to the consumers. Petrobras Distribuidora’sequipments, a solution that The inclusion of mobile devicesintegrates IP telephone and tablet. such as Cisco Cius in this project pioneering in the country”It was originally developed for the reinforces Petrobras Distribuidora’s — roDriGo ABrEU, CiSCo Do BrASil PrESiDEntcorporate market. Besides all the pioneering in the country, like otheralready existing functionalities leader companies which are marketin the standard equipment, Cisco leaders all over the world, whichcustomizes specific applications have adopted this equipment tofor the Petrobras Distribuidora’s guarantee more agility, safety and HD video streaming and videobrand, which will enable the users service rendering quality to their inn actual time, conferences withto have a better involvement with customers”, points out Rodrigo several participants, e-mails, instantall the services that offered in the Abreu, Cisco do Brasil president. messages, internet navigation andFuel Station of the Future. Init ially, Po sto do Fut uro the capacity to produce, edit and Among those functionalities, the will have four Cius unities. The share stored content in the devicehigh definition videoconference equipments are ultraportable or in included. The consumers will ones, they weight 520 grams “Cius is the visible part in thisbe able to talk in actual time to and offer Cisco collaboration project, but behind it there aexperts of Petrobras Distribuidora applications, in a mobile platform hole infrastructure of servers andand have their doubts solved about with a high safety level. Besides wireless equipments technology,vehicles maintenance routines, the total interoperabilit y of which belong to Cisco”, said thesuch as, oil changes, or they can videoconference, Cisco Cius offers company president. 19
  20. 20. 1 CoVEr 6 ENVIRoNMENTAl CoNSERVATIoN Vehicles Identification Posto do Futuro project involves modern systems of energetic efficiency The corporate tablet is mainly and environmental sustainability. Among them, we can mention: adequate to those companies which need capillarity, constant • Mechanical timers on taps and pluvial water usage remote date updat ing and a • Zenithal lighting, of magnetic induction and led robust equipment. • Solar energy used to charge electric vehicles and in warming “The idea is to stimulate a more water to wash vehicles accentuated use of technologies • Wind energy accumulated in batteries to power emergency in Brazilian society and, mainly, in lighting led bulbs small and medium companies. If the whole chain uses more technology, the companies will win more and will generate more income”, says Abreu. Very fast Besides Cius, Posto do Futuro Another Cius feature is the brings other innovating technologies, simplicity to develop applications such as the vehicles automatic with Android operational system. identification (the consumer needs According to Leon Grek in, to be recorded as a Petrobras director of the communication Distribuidora consumer before), and collaboration group of Cisco by means of the tag plate reading Customer Business Transformation by special cameras. With the director, the product application identification the systems provides, for Posto do Futuro was developed automatically, information about in just two weeks. the vehicle, like the date when the Cius tablets can be used in the oil should be changed and, as soon whole service unit and also as a as the customer stops in the fuel credit card machine. A modern station to fill the tank, the system protection system renders the shows personalized offers on a equipment u s ele s s remotely monitor located by the side of the if someone takes it out of the “the Fuel Station fuel pumps. permitted perimeter. The fuel station manages can also of the Future, totally Posto do Futuro was the first count on a remote automation and utilization of Cius in Brazil, but developed in managing system. The information Abreu evaluates that the equipment Brazil, is a model about the customers, and those can be used in many other areas for the industry referring to management, are stored economy. “There are so many in cloud on in Petrobras data centers. technologies in the world which all over the world, Posto do Futuro is a world we do not use. So what we just just like the worldwide innovation project made did here was to take this available Brazilian creativity by means of the cooperation with technology and bring it to be Brazilian companies and counted used by the average citizen. The in applying on the efforts of partners such as technology makes sense only when state-of-the-art Mauel, which supplied a number of it is in people’s lives”, said José technologies” displays used in the fuel station, and Lima de Andrade Neto, Presidente — FErnAnDo MArtinS, Multiway and Autofind, which have of Petrobras Distribuidora. intEl’ CEo developed the cars and customers 20
  21. 21. 21
  22. 22. 1 CAPA identification technology, besides Martins, CEO of the company 6 lIGHTS, CAMERA developers of Idealabs software and which is also using Posto do Futuro’s ANd… ACTIoN Engeset and GE, which supplied the initiative to test its radio-frequency alternative energy technologies. identification technology (RFID), Cius videoconference Intel, besides supplying its aiming at the government plans to system was introduced by processors and servers for the implement the vehicles electronic tag the actor Luigi Barricelli. project, leaded the interaction places in the country. He is very well known by software development used in the “The Fuel Station of the Future, his acting on TV, but what fuel station. “Other companies can totally developed in Brazil, is a model just a handful of persons build solutions on top the Posto do for the industry all over the world and know is that Luigi has a Futuro’s platform”, said Fernando is an example of Brazilian creativity degree in data processing, in the application of state-of-the-art he is fanatic for technology technologies”, said Martins. and he made some suggestions for the fuel Sustainability station automation project. The Fuel Station of the Future A personal friend of Nelson project involves modern energetic Barbosa, CIO of Petrobras efficiency and environmental Distribuidora, he says sustainability systems. Among that in one of their talks them, there are mechanical about technology, during timers in taps, the use some tennis games, they of pluvial water for talked about what could gardens, floors be developed to meet the cleaning and cars customers’ needs. “I love washing. Besides technology and love to the rainwater talk about the subject. So collection, the I can say that there is a water used to little seed of mine in this wash vehicles project”, said Luigi. is also recycled. In the fuel station official This reduces the opening, the actor was shown consumption in up to 50%. on Cius screen so that the The so called “white roof”, invited people could test the the use of zenithal lighting videoconference function that of magnetic induction was offered for consultations and led, also points to an with Petrobras Distribuidora’s expressive total energy experts about the vehicles consumption reduction. maintenance. The s olar ener g y is another attraction in Posto do Futuro, used for two products and the rinsing volume in purposes: in a station to up to 10%. load electric vehicles and The wind energy is also present. to worm the water to Accumulated in batteries, it feeds the wash vehicles, reducing emergency lighting led bulbs in the the use of chemical entrances of supply docks. • 22
  23. 23. 23
  24. 24. 1 SUCCESS CASEITAu BBA IS SUPPORTED IN NEW TECHNOLOGIES TO EXPAND ITS INTERNATIONAL ACTUATION The purpose is to implant solutions The solutions that involve the whole IT environment, include servers including servers, network, access safety, video and IP telephony. The and network region has a great importance to Itaú updating, safety BBA and the expansion plan includes agencies in Peru, Chile, Argentina e and access Uruguay, besides a bank in Colombia. increase, as well The investment exceeds US $2 million. The institution’s network present as telepresence infrastructure core is distributed into and IP telephony four main points, all of them in São Paulo: one businesses office, two of access operations (which include contact center and back office) and a backup W ith a c u stomer s’ and disasters recovery data center. portfolio based, above Furthermore, they have eight national all, in impor tant branches which are connected to São institutional investors Paulo offices, besides the international and companies – the yearly average branches – USA, Europe and Asia – sales volume of which exceeds which also use the IBBA network US$ 100 million – Itaú BBA is the to make financial operations. There bulk bank of investments and the are also direct connections to Bolsa institutional treasury of Itaú Unibanco de Mercados e Futuros de São group. Considering these customers’ Paulo (BM&F Bovespa) through businesses importance and complexity, Itaú exchange broker agency and IBBA actuation gives emphasis to the the bank itself. “The network is a exclusivity and customization. very critical infrastructure for Itaú To meet this premise and to support BBA”, says Pérsio Gontijo, the bank the creation of new offices in Latin telecommunication manager. “It is a America, the bank chose Cisco as a non-stop 24/7 network, because it partner to supply new technologies. also supports operation in Asia.” 24
  25. 25. Motivated by the operational Gontijo, saying the second unit began efficiency of a unique technological operation in February. partner, IBBA oriented the integrator’s “The Colombian bank and a new hiring by the regional presence, an branch in Peru are being implanted item in which PromonLogicallis had and we are planning to renew our an outstanding result. “One of the branches in Uruguay, Chile and motivators was to have a company Argentina”, informs the executive. which could meet our needs in The project also enables the the highest possible number of bank to have a fast growth in Latin disciplines, to deliver this state-of- America, as it forecasts operation the-art technology”, explains Gontijo. in prospect markets besides the“Cisco has videoconference, network, already mentioned ones – and with “Cisco solutions make IP telephony, safety access to the a telecommunication infrastructure Internet via VPN solutions as well as standard model. “The international the management and the servers. This makes the management, expansion is one of our many ongoing configuration easier and availability, configuration and delivery projects. Everything that we do in our increase the availability speed of these projects much easier”, international branches we apply here and the rapidity in he adds. in Brazil in the same intensity. This way It should be pointed out that the we guarantee a better environment projects delivery” support to this infrastructure occurs stability and availability”. — Pérsio Gontijo, IBBA in São Paulo and the branches are and international branches weekly extensions of the project. This way, the Telepresence with the bank executive committee, interoperability plays a fundamental With the purpose to reduce avoiding the travels of directors and role. “The central data network was costs with executives travels – professionals”, explains Marcelo restructured and we have increased transportation, hotels and, of Lourenço, technology director of the telephony system to give more course, time – Itaú BBA followed Itaú BBA. support to more connections, besides the example of the Group and “We are very happy to be able to providing security, including in the invested in telepresence rooms offer Itaú BBA a complete solution, videoconference environment, what in all its nine Latin-American which meets their business needs and permits us a better integration”, declares rooms, besides 16 other rooms in also reduces their costs”, says Marcos the bank telecommunication manager. the offices located in São Paulo, Siqueira, business for the corporate In the case of telephony, 70% of the Salvador, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, market director of PromonLogicalis. bank structure is IP, and the rest will Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre. The customers’ videoconference migrate to the same standard until Also implanted by proprietary system was maintained and the end of the first semester. “The PromonLogicalis, Cisco solution integrated to the new equipments. The whole bank telephony will be 100$ conjugates audio and v ideo project also involves the installation IP”, guarantees Gontijo. multipoint transmission in high of Cisco TP Server technology, which definition, about the IP network. permits the image transmission amongPerception The aim is to guarantee to the up to 12 places (videoconference or Even not talking about concrete executives the same benefits of telepresence, from within or out the results, as the project implantation is meetings with their presence. financial institution) in one screen. a recent one, some Cisco technology Cisco video and videophones Itaú BBA expectance is to make advantages can be notices already. equipment complete the solution, about 600 meetings in 2012 with“This choice enabled us to conclude together with Cius corporate tablet, the use of the new systems, what, the new localities implantation in a which is in homologation phase for besides reducing operational costs, much shorter term. We signed the future use. “The economy that we guarantees more agility in decisions contracts in November 2011 and in have obtained with the telepresence making, increases the productivity January 2012 we already had our technology is a visible one, as it is and contributes to the bank first branch in production”, reveals possible to connect all the national sustainability policy. 25
  26. 26. Cisco Data Center 3.0 & Unified Service DeliveryOpen and integrated infrastructure for cloud computingHá coisas que só a imaginação consegue realizar e outras que a parceriaentre a integradora System IT e a Cisco Systems podem fazer por você.É assim com a solução de Data Center 3.0 da Cisco. 2. Computação Unificada Cisco Unified Computing System Blade Server e Storage 1. Consolidação de rede Cisco Nexus 3. Virtualização Rede, servidores, armazenamento, etc SP Data Center Comunication DC-CO-VHO IP NGN 5. Automatização de Portal de Serviços Cisco Cloud Portal Cisco Cloud Service Delivery 4. tarefas Tarefas executadas sem intervenção manual Cloud Service Enterprise Provider Cloud Parceiros de soluções de Data Center: Cisco Data Center Netapp Professional Vmware Enterprise Specialized Partner Services Partner Partner 26 Netapp Star Partner Oracle Gold Partner
  27. 27. VOCÊ IMAGINA, NÓS FAZEMOS SOLUÇÕES PARA DATA CENTER REDE CISCO CISCO UNIFIED STORAGE NETAPP OTIMIZANDO NUVEM PRIVADA NEXUS COMPUTING PERFORMANCE CISCO SYSTEM DE APLICAÇÕES E REDE Alta-densidade de Servidores em operação Alta-performance em Análise em tempo real da Solução Enterprise para portas 10GbE em apenas 5 minutos SAN e NAS experiência do usuário o desenvolvimento de quanto às aplicações web nuvens privadas e Convergência e Virtualização com Recuperação de dados híbridas redução de custos Service Profiles em segundos, com Otimização de banco de com FCoE snapshots dados e aplicações Portal de venda de Gestão, operação e produtos Virtualização para configuração de Clones instantâneos de Testes de carga locais e (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) switches de núcleo, centenas de servidores bases de dados a partir de nuvem com VDC de forma unificada Automação e Simplicidade e Remoção de gargalos orquestração de todas Interconexão de Infraestrutura escalabilidade para que comprometem o tarefas de rede, Datacenters com redundante e altamente servidores virtualizados funcionamento da servidores, storage, etc, Overlay Transport confiável aplicação eliminando passos Virtualization Replicação síncrona e manuais para o Blades com até 16 assíncrona em rede Avaliação de performance provisionamento de Redundância e interfaces 10GbE FCoE TCP/IP da rede LAN/SAN e produtosalta-disponibilidadecom sistemas de Virtual Port Channels Alta-densidade de Virtualização do armazenamento Design de processos e processadores e armazenamento produtos customizados Alta-escalabilidade memória Confiabilidade, com de acordo com as de rede, sem RAID-DP demandas do cliente complexidade, Integração comcom Fabric Extenders máquinas virtuais, Soluções escaláveis dispensando o uso para ambientes HPC de switches virtuais Solicite uma apresentação de nossas soluções: E-mail: Tel: 0800 6440007 27
  28. 28. 1 SUCCESS CASE10GbW SUPPORTS THEELIMINATORY KEYS FOR THEWORLD SOCCER CUP In partnership with Oi operator, the project was carried out by Sonda IT using Cisco and Furukawa solutionsF urukawa and Cisco brands switches, routers and antennas to the are in the front for Brazil’s seven STAs – telecom rooms for the preparation for the FIFA 2014 networks centralization/distribution. World Soccer Championship. From Cisco, about 200 large, medium The first event of the tournament, and small size equipments were used held last year at Marina da Glória, for the network nucleus and the access Rio de Janeiro, for the selection of the distribution. eliminatory keys, was supported by a For the global magnitude, the event 10GbE network available in different could not have been a best window points of the Marina. for the companies. With live TV In partnership with Oi operator, the transmission, for almost two structured network project attracted hours to 207 countries, the attention of accomplishers and it attracted the invited people alike. “We need to point attention of millions out that this structure (at Marina da spectators all over Gloria) was built from zero and the the world, besides whole infrastructure was the best two thousand persons for the selection”, said FIFA director, who were at the ceremony, Nicolas Maingot, during an interview such as important names of to the press people who were present. soccer, artists, member- In order to sustain an information associations, and FIFA traffic in a 10GbE speed in several executives, businesspersons environments of Marina da Gloria and journalists. “This and at Copacabana Palace, Windson/ event became a great Sofitel and Lemont Barra hotels, which success case for all the have concentrated most visitors and partner brands which invited persons of the event, Furukawa are involved in telecom Lan and Wan networks infrastructure infrastructure project. solutions were installed, with a total We are very proud of of 1640 data and voice connections. this accomplishment, Five thousand meters of the which accredits us manufacturer’ optical cables with and differentiates OM4 multilmode fibers were also used us for future bids for the optical backbone construction, to be open to which interconnected the central our sector”, 28
  29. 29. says Silmar Pimenta Terra, commercial Country. According to the program,director for Oi Telecom in Sonda IT. all the network topology materials “A l l t h e s e te c h n o lo g i e s for the event – in a total of 2.5 tonsundoubtedly have the best cost/ of cable and components – werebenefit in the market, promoting a discarded and donated to be recycledsafe environment and the maximum by the manufacturer’s homologatedavailability in very high speed 100% companies, and were transformedIP networks”, says Sylmar Terra. again in raw materials which serve different types of industries in Brazil.Full time For the partnership to the Program, From the integrating company, the companies did not deposit 1.2the project involved more than ton of heavy metals on industrial40 professionals of the technical landfills. Also 231.04 tons ofand supervision areas. Out of copper ore were not explored andthese, ten remained on-site daily, the electric power consumption ofduring the event for monitoring 23,250kW/h was reduced, enoughall net work points full time. to supply electricity to 155 housesFurukawa offered support inthe Engineering and Advanced during one month. •Logistics areas for the materialsdelivery, which were distributed 6 SUSTAINING BASEby Lantelli, an accredited partnerin Rio de Janeiro. To support the information traffic in a 10GbE speed in several points The work for the official FIFA the following solutions were installed::event was built in 30 days andcarried out within the terms that • Furukawa LAN and WAN networks, with a total of 1640 data andwere established by Oi and by voice connections.Match, a company which hires anyTIC supplier in all the Federation’s • Five thousand meters of the manufacturer’s optic cables with OM4events in the world. multimode fibers, which interconnected the central switches, routers The partnership with Green IT and antennas to seven STAs - telecom rooms for the networksFurukawa shared responsibility centralization/distribution.program was also a differential inthis project: in practice since 2007 in • 200 Cisco large, medium and small size equipments for the networkBrazil and which involves more than nucleus and the access distributionone hundred organizations in the 29
  30. 30. 1 VErtiCAl DEFEnSE The importance of open protocolsTIC SOLuTIONS was pointed out, like the internet protocol, even in critical mission application with high confidentialityCOMPLETE MILITARY content. On the second day, the main Cisco products pillars were introduced in a more technical way – borderlessAPPARATUS networks, cooperation, data center and video, ending with specific organizations of these products lines An event held in Rio de Janeiro shows for military application, where the requirements are, sometimes, more Cisco power in the defense market stringent that in civilian applications.C is co pre s ented the does not have a previous established Apparatus “Architectures based on frequency. It happens as the market According to Camargo, the networks for Military potential in each and every region is event had an outstanding Organizations” seminar, in acknowledged. “The option for Brazil customers’ presence, mainly those the city of Rio de Janeiro. The event this time was strongly leveraged by divisions which are more related has the purpose to bring Cisco near its the great SISGAAZ and SISFRON to the Military Information and customers in the Military Defense area, border control projects, presently Communication Technology. This to present solutions and exchange in development in Brazil, besides, is the case, for example of Centro experiences. This event was already obviously, all the mega events such Integrado de Telemática (CITEX) held in Chile and Mexico. Now it as Rio +20, the Pope’s visit, the World AND Centro de Comunicações came to Brazil because of the present Soccer Cup, the Confederations e Guerra Eletrônica do Exército investments potential in the country, Championship, the Olympic Games, (CCOMGEX), Departamento de Cisco strategic positioning and the among other events”, he informed. Controle do Espaço Aéreo (DECEA), present projects for borders control – The executive says that the event and Comissão de Implantação do SISGAAZ and SISFRON. was divided in the following manner: Sistema de Controle Aéreo da According to Rubens Camargo, during the first day, the seminar had Aeronáutica (CISCEA), Diretoria businesses development manager for a more strategic approach, directed de Sistemas de Armas da Marinha Cisco legal department, the seminar toward the highest military ranks. (DSAM), Centro de Pesquisas e Desenvolvimento para a Segurança das Comunicações (CEPESC), connected to ABIN, besides companies such as Space Imaging and Oi Operator. “Cisco is the best positioned c om p a ny to s u ppl y T IC infrastructure. We have the most reliable, far-reaching and integrated products line, which involves from built in routers to satellites installed IP transponders. We count on an advances services team with unmatched expertise and, above all, our highest commitment sense, Cisco’s permanent differential”, Cisco 3D holographic display concluded the executive. • 30
  31. 31. Visibilidade para Atingir Problemas de Aplicação e Rede. Somente a Fluke Networks fornece a visibilidade para ajudar você a obter mais de sua rede através da visão, mira e eliminação dos problemas de aplicação e rede de maneira rápida e eficiente. Um sistema unificado que fornece amplitude de visibilidade e profundidade de análise incomparáveis para ajudar sua empresa a instalar, gerenciar, solucionar e otimizar eficientemente a entrega de aplicações corporativas. Saiba mais acessando: A Fluke Networks é membro do Programa de Desenvolvedores Tecnológicos da Cisco Visual Performance Manager Servidores Fluke do Brasil Ltda.Visualizações de utilização de desempenho da Rede Visualizações de desempenho de Aplicação Visualizações de desempenho WAN & VoIP Visualizações de otimização de Aplicação e WAN Fone: (11) 3759-7611 - Fax: (11) 3759-7630 e-mail: Importador de Dados Importador de Dados Importador de Dados Importador de Dados Appliance Fluxo Appliance Performance Elemento de Análise Gerenciador Central Cisco WAAS de Rede de Aplicações de Serviços (ASE) Cisco WAAS Central Manager NetFlow Porta SPAN Dados de IPFX ou TAP Em série desempenho (inline) WAE ©2011 Fluke Corporation. Todos os direitos reservados. 31
  32. 32. 1 VErtiCAl UtilitiESCISCO TO ENLARGEPORTFOLIO OF SOLUTIONS ANDSERVICES IN CONNECTED GRID With initiative, the company helps energy utilities to modernize their grids and contributes with environmental policiesG reenpeace the NGO that countries which energetic matrix is Cisco Connected Grid 100 defends environmental basically dependent on fossil fuels Series Router causes, communicated in burn. the beginning of 2012 an And Cisco investments in the area updating of its CoolIT report, which do not stop growing. In January, the classifies the best and “coolest company announced new solutions“technology companies all over and services for its Connected Grid the world. The ranking shows the portfolio, which help the utilities to companies that are progressing (or update their transmission lines with Transition disappointing) in the TIgreen area flexibility, safety and interoperability. “Cisco smart grid which, at every passing year, receives The new architecture meets the key offers expansion will more attention by the socially requirements about cost, reliability enable the public services responsible companies. and scalability in those companies rendering companies a more For these punctuations, Greenpeace communication infrastructure. efficient transition to a highly considers the companies that use their As the electric grid becomes more intelligent energy infrastructure own technology to reduce greenhouse intelligent and complex, the utilities of the 21st century”, says gases emissions. It also takes into all over the world want technologies Laura Ipsen, connected consideration the company’s public that grow to deal with a number of energy grids senior and political involvement, with points operational needs along the time, v ice-pre s ident. for those which monitor and manage to support the market singularity “Cisco developed their own emissions reduction. and the organized structures, and solutions which Cisco is among those companies that are designed so that systems of will help to reduce which are leaders in Greenpeace different suppliers can work together. costs and obtain ranking. The reason: massive They also need solutions that offer more value in the investment in technology research them a high degree of safety and transition to more and development for smart grids, permit to use the already installed robust and scalable which not only save energy but also technology base, while they update standards of their help to reduce carbon emissions in their electricity grids. already existing grids. 32
  33. 33. 33