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Multi-User Virtual Environments: <br />A Primer for Students in Healthcare<br />Francisco J Grajales III 	@ciscogiii	Octob...
Lecture Overview<br />Survey Virtual World Healthcare<br />Second Life Tour and Exploration<br />Questions and Discussion<...
Who is Cisco?<br />
What are MUVEs?<br />3D Wikis<br />Avatars<br />Multifaceted<br />e.g., Second Life<br />
Telemedicine<br />
Patient Video<br /><br />
Imagine…<br />
What do virtual hospitals look like?<br />
Identical<br />
Patient Simulation <br />
Family Experience Simulation<br />
Hospital Architecture<br />
Clinical Workflow Design<br />
Massive Multidisciplinary Collaboration<br />
Pre-hospital to ER handovers<br />
Magnetic Resonance Imaging<br />
Hospital Connectivity<br />
Massive Casualty Triage<br />
Commercial Product Testing<br />
Operating Room Simulation <br />
Radiology Services<br />
Anatomy Lab Training<br />
Physician Order Entry and Electronic Medical Records<br />
Trauma Protocol Testing<br />
Medical Student Education<br />
Round-Style Discussions<br />
Virtual Education of Lung Sounds<br />
Epidemics: Dealing with H1N1<br />
Maternity Simulation<br />
Establish Rapport<br />
Conferences<br />
Research<br />
Questions<br />
Practical Component<br /><br />
Cisco  | Ciscogiii|cisco@franciscograjales.com<br />
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Hospital Architecture

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