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Gsma mwc garmin feb 27 2012


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Gsma mwc garmin feb 27 2012

  1. 1. Developer Profits and Enterprise Apps featuring Cisco Systems Garmin Developer Spotlight Olaf Wessler Product Manager | Smartphone Solutions Allan FriisSales and Business Development Manager | Mobile Business Mobile World Congress 2012 App Planet February 27, 2012 Follow us: @ciscodev
  2. 2. NAVIGON – historic milestones 2011 GARMIN acquisition of NAVIGON AG was final in July and NAVIGON is now part of the GARMIN family 2011 NAVIGON celebrates its 20th birthday, launch Reality Scanner for smartphone platforms Android and iPhone Customer-oriented naming concept with the launch of the new series NAVIGON 70, 2010 NAVIGON 40 and NAVIGON 20, NAVIGON MobileNavigator on-board for all relevant smartphone platforms; start of personalised navigation with the NAVIGON select Telekom Edition; launch of the NAVIGON Motion Sensor 2009Strategic partnership with Telekom: start of a new era for mobile-phone navigation and mobile services. Launch of NAVIGON Live Services. Launch of NAVIGON MyRoutes and NAVIGON Clever Parking. 2008 Partnership with ViaMichelin; launch of MN7 software and NAVIGON FreshMaps. 2007Introduction of first NAVIGON PNA series with Reality View. With the Samsung collaboration NAVIGON enters the future market for mobile-phone navigation. 2006Acquisition of the navigation division of NAVTEQ; Automotive Business Unit founded in Chicago 2005NAVIGON AG founded 2004Launch of the first on-board navigation system for smartphones 2002The first mobile on-board navigation system with TMC congestion recognition is introduced to the market 2000Launch of the first mobile navigation system for P1 Pocket PC 1996Development of the first dynamic GPS navigation system “Autopilot”, later known as AutoPilot 20001991Gesellschaft für digitale Kartographie CIS GmbH founded in Würzburg
  3. 3. GARMIN acquired NAVIGONWhat did NAVIGON have to offer GARMIN A superior Smartphone application with more then 28% market share World-Wide and 40+% in EMEA A professional German development team The perfect infrastructure to support the automotive industry German quality and perfection within automotive
  4. 4. Garmin = Gar MinThis could have been you in 1989 Follow us: @ciscodev
  5. 5. Garmin overview Global Supplier of Navigation, Communication and Information ProductsHistory of Successful Growth: Profitable every year since the Company’s inception in 1989. Worldwide presence and distribution. Strategic emphasis on market segmentation and vertical integration. Worldwide employment of over 9,000 associates. Follow us: @ciscodev
  6. 6. Garmin overviewThe Global Leader in Personal Navigation Devices Expected 2011 revenue of $2.5B. Cash of nearly $2.3B with no debt. Global leader in each market we serve. 16 million units sold worldwide in 2010. Follow us: @ciscodev
  7. 7. Garmin’s mission Garmin’s mission is to enrich the lives of itscustomers, suppliers, distributors, associatesand stockholders by designing, manufacturing and selling navigation and communication products that provide superior quality, safety and operational features, lower cost of manufacturing and ownership, and sufficient profits to support desired company growth. Key elements Relationships Vertical Integration Innovation Follow us: @ciscodev
  8. 8. GARMIN new sales channel.Why team up with Cisco, what did Cisco bring to the table? A new enterprise sales channel for professionals. A way to address the B2B market with our applications. A professional hardware to address the logistic automotive sector. An infrastructure with the AppHQ that can distribute our application in an enterprise segment. A potential partner setup with all you Ladies and Gentlemen in this room, that need a navigation setup to support your applications. Follow us: @ciscodev
  9. 9. Cisco AppHQ Android Enterprice Market Market NAVIGON NAVIGON1:1 Installationper device/user Managed installations to employees devices Follow us: @ciscodev
  10. 10. NAVIGON apps on all platforms NAVIGONNAVIGON NAVIGON NAVIGON Follow us: @ciscodev
  11. 11. Garmin developmentWhat did we have to do to support the Cisco Cius? A large part of the application functionality is located in a native C++ library (address entry, route calculation, mapdrawing etc). This library was only available for ARM CPU based devices, but the Cius is x86 based. So we took the NDK available from Cisco and re-compiled the library for x86 CPU. Cisco Cius SDK was used to link the library Application UI Navikernel API with Android Java UI part of the application. Development process Android Native C++ Core went very smooth and Framework (Navikernel) was straight-forward. Hardware Follow us: @ciscodev
  12. 12. Garmin development supportOur experience working with Cisco team! We had great support with an experienced project lead. Response time has been a positive experience. There was a great focus from Cisco to get the App running. All necessary tools are available from Cisco developer network site. Test devices are available through a special developer program. The AppHQ market is already live to upload the application for validation. Follow us: @ciscodev
  13. 13. 3-way partnership with you!How can you benefit from the Navigon application? The Navigon application has an open API (so-called “public intent”). You can launch the Navigon app directly from your App by calling this intent and hand over a destination address. The Navigon application will start a navigation right to that address. Enhance your application with on-board maps by connecting it to the Navigon application. I needdispla I can do y an that for address on you a map Follow us: @ciscodev
  14. 14. NAVIGON featuresKey features of the NAVIGON application Maps are “on board” so wireless coverage is NOT required to draw maps, lookup POIs or calculate routes. Ultra-fast map drawing, panning and zooming. Multi-touch support. Advanced features such as 3D navigation, Route Planner, Interim destinations, Reality View, Active Lane Assistant. Follow us: @ciscodev
  15. 15. NAVIGON use casesWho is the typical navigation user?Everyone in the transport andlogistic sector can benefit fromnavigation.Field service and sales need CRMand navigation to get aroundTaxi drivers can be supported.Basically everyone that is on theroad and would like to stayconnected and get the job doneonsite. Follow us: @ciscodev
  16. 16. NAVIGON Geographical rolloutGARMIN will guide the Cisco Cius wherever it goes North America Europe South America Australia Asia We have maps to cover almost every region in the world so if you have the business need for navigation, GARMIN has the solution. Follow us: @ciscodev
  17. 17. GARMIN at the MWC GARMIN is at the MWC at Hall 7 / stand 7D36Come CiUs directly after this session.Come visit us tomorrow in Hall 7.Bring your ideas to us, and we will do our best to bring thesolution back to you. Thank you Follow us: @ciscodev