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Cisco Australia Internet of Everything Panel Discussion - Mary-Anne Williams, UTS


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Cisco Australia Internet of Everything Panel Discussion - Mary-Anne Williams, UTS

  1. 1. Education and The Internet of Everything THINK.CHANGE.DO Mary-Anne Williams Innovation and Enterprise Research Lab University of Technology, Sydney
  2. 2. Overview – Australia can only lead by producing leaders Skills Gap –Graduate readiness to drive and derive value • Technical • Management & Business • Creativity & Innovation • Entrepreneurial Case Study at UTS • Challenge: Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) • Strategy: Create a Sticky Campus Ecosystem • Innovative teaching, social smart buildings, student engagement with the Internet of Everything
  3. 3. Australia Mexico Russia
  4. 4. Skills Gap > Future Jobs? – Prediction is very difficult, especially if it is about the future. Niels Bohr Danish physicist (1885 - 1962) > Data Scientist has been identified as the sexiest job of the 21st century [Harvard Business Review, 2012] > IoE will spawning the emergence of entirely new markets and firms that capitalize on connectedness - people, data, processes and things.
  5. 5. Technical Skills Gap People Data Processes Things Communication Collaboration Social – P2M Big Data Management (volume velocity variety veracity) Mobile Analytics Connectivity Cloud M2M Engineering Robots System Design Few graduates and fewer courses Integration of ICT capabilities
  6. 6. Management and Business Skills Gap Communication Collaboration Planning Decision Making Social Information Management, Decision Making (value) Designing Action Mobile Insight Foresight Analytics Making Sense Achieving Impact People Data Processes Things Few graduates and fewer courses Management + Business + Big Data + Things
  7. 7. Innovation Skills Gap – Value at Stake People Data Processes Things Communication Collaboration Evidence-based Design Products and Services of Desire Creativity and Design Understanding IT- driven business innovation Design of new Processes and Things that deliver value Few graduates and fewer courses
  8. 8. Entrepreneurial Skills Gap – Value at Risk People Data Processes Things Sophisticated Understanding of IoE Agile Opportunity Insight Big Internal + External Data Imagining the value of new connections Responsive Market Validation Realising the transformational value of a great idea Few graduates and fewer courses
  9. 9. UTS Connected Intelligence Strategy > Aims to make UTS a world leading university of technology. > Establishment of new curriculum offerings that enable students to develop the skills they need to become professionals in an Internet of Everything world. > Predictive Analytics for Student Performance: we use institutional data to identify areas that will help improve educational outcomes, for example intervention strategies for students at risk of withdrawing from a course of study prior to completion.
  10. 10. MOOC – Revolutionising Education on Global Scale > Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) – they are free! > MOOCs represent a postindustrial model of teaching and learning that has the potential to undermine and replace the >1000 year business model of institutions that depend on recruiting and retaining students for location-bound, proprietary forms of campus-based learning
  11. 11. Strategy: Connect + Inspire through Creativity + Technology in pursuit of IoE
  12. 12. IoE: Sticky Campus and Social Building Ecosystem Skills for the Internet of Everything High Quality Teaching Engagement: Enhancing the Student Experience
  13. 13. Thank you THINK.CHANGE.DO