Wear Your Bunny Slippers to Work w/ FUZE|meeting


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This isn't your boss's web meeting. This is HD quality video and images on the fly. No downloading required, web based online meetings. Sign up for a free trial membership today.

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Wear Your Bunny Slippers to Work w/ FUZE|meeting

  1. 1. Wear Your Into Work
  2. 2. Manage remote teams You've got a talented team. But one of them is in Boston, two are in Minnesota, and yet another is in Silicon Valley. Get 'em all on the same page with a daily 20 minute online sync up. You'll get more done and have fun doing it
  3. 3. Join meetings on different continents Flying from the U.S. to Bulgaria to meet with your offshore development team? Don't do it! Stay up a little later one night and save $2,500 by meeting online
  4. 4. Stay at home in your slippers Web meetings let you meet your boss or employees wearing your favorite bunny slippers -- or nothing at all. When was the last time you went to a face-to-face meeting buck naked?
  5. 5. Conduct sales presentations Make sales presentations, demonstrate applications, and even review contracts online. Web Meetings aren't just for nerds anymore
  6. 6. Demonstrate products and software Remember Show & Tell in kindergarten? Nothing beats being able to “show” while you “tell”. Get your point across and dazzle your audience with a couple of clicks.
  7. 7. Train customers, partners, and employees Train your customers, partners, and employees anywhere in the World. Or around the corner
  8. 8. Hold a meeting…on a train Got an iPhone or Blackberry? Join a Fuze Meeting from the train because your daughter insisted on an early morning game of scrabble.
  9. 9. Conduct a meeting going 600 miles per hour If you're a Virgin America customer, join a board meeting five miles in the air while going 600 miles an hour. Why? We say, "why not!
  10. 10. Share your next big idea You are a superstar at your job. You have great ideas. Don't just share them with your immediate colleagues. Go big. Go wide. Go online and reach the remote corners of the world