Im one stop centre-city hall of kuala lumpur


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Im one stop centre-city hall of kuala lumpur

  1. 1. One Stop Centre City Hall of Kuala Lumpur Dr Ibrahim Mohd University of Malaya
  2. 2. Outline of Presentation •Background •Why the need for an OSC •What is an OSC, functions and value proposition •Diffusing the OSC concept •OSC processes •Effectiveness of OSC •Key Actors
  3. 3. Background •Building/Planning approvals - a legal requirement in all states of ala sia t t •Defines who an submit appli a ons t •Su h approvals have been riti ized for being ver slow
  4. 4. Processing Applications: Why we need a new approach Deficiencies of existing process Delays in approval (lead to Weak tracking Stage process increase in of applications development costs)
  5. 5. Responding to the situation inistr of Housing and Lo al Government initiated efforts to address this perennial problem. Idea of one stop entre emerged Idea was dis ussed with all relevant parties – lo al authorities, State governments, developers and professional bodies – before Cabinet approval was obtained in
  6. 6. What is a One Stop Centre Models of successful one stop centres Provision of dedicated services involving multiple agencies through a single centre
  7. 7. Why the One Stop Centre is an Innovation Old System New System • The old s stem allows • ll related authorities all authorities related to are being oordinated land development to and losel monitored exer ise their duties b an appointed agen and to take their own though the ontinue to timeframes individuall . exer ise their prerogative powers individuall .
  8. 8. OSC Function • To oordinate the appli ations for: OSC for building - planning permissions, approvals different from -building plan approvals and, OSC for paying bills -Land Conversion, Subdivision and Amalgamation; with the main obje tive of reducing time consumed in approval pro ess.
  9. 9. Value Proposition of OSC Overcoming Reduction in Sense of Delays Development Costs Ownership • Planning • Less • ll agen ies Permission feel • Land matters: transa tions amalgamation, responsible subdivisions, for hange of pro essing of ategor or appli ations onditions • Building plan and Earth Works
  10. 10. Key Actors in Building approvals Federal Govt yr Plans) Ministries State Govt Local Authority Technical Agencies Housing Developer
  11. 11. Diffusing the OSC concept • The first establishment of OSC se retariat was in mpang Ja a uni ipal Coun il in Selangor, • HLG monitored the performan e of the OSC and presented report to Cabinet in , • Sin e then, all lo al authorities in Peninsular ala sia have established the OSC
  12. 12. Implementing the Innovation: OSC Process • ll the three appli ations must be submitted to OSC • OSC distributes appli ations to respe tive te hni al departments and monitoring the progress of that department on erned. Te hni al departments are given da s to deliver their omments to appli ations lo ated within an area of having a lo al plan and da s for appli ations within areas of not having lo al plans
  13. 13. The pproval Pro ess • Submission – The OSC will onl a omplete submission – based on its he klist • Comments – The OSC will distribute the opies of plans and related do uments to te hni al bodies in luding related ‘in-house’ departments and monitor the respe tive appli ation • Site Visit – Site visit will be arranged to investigate the hara teristi s of the site to ensure that the requirements are omplied or an be omplied. • Consideration – The OSC will table the appli ation to the OSC meeting when all the te hni al omments were read . The te hni al department representatives are also sitting in the meeting. • pproval – De isions from the OSC meeting will be released to the appli ant with or without onditions.
  14. 14. onths Pro ess
  15. 15. months pro ess
  16. 16. Con urrent ppli ation • lterna ve – appli a ons: land ma ers, DO, Bldg Plan, Earthwork • lterna ve – appli a ons: land ma ers, DO, Bldg Plan or – appli a ons: DO, Bldg Plan, Earthwork • lterna ve – appli a ons: ombina on of two among the above plans
  17. 17. Effectiveness of OSC Time Taken Percent Total
  18. 18. Key Actors • ppli ants Developers, Land Owners or their gents • The OSC Offi ers • Te hni al Department offi ers • De ision akers Lord a ors • HLG - offi ers Dr Saffiah will elaborate on the e-submission