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Glo Gs Os Linked To Activity


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Accompanying document to presentation by Gareth Evans Senior Manager – Libraries, Caerphilly County Borough Council 'Information Literacy - a public library view'

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Glo Gs Os Linked To Activity

  1. 1. GLO’s and GSO’s linked to areas of activity GLO or GSO Area of activity GLO 1 Knowledge and Understanding Knowing about something. Information Literacy, Computer Taster Making sense of something. Sessions all aim for outcomes that will Deepening Understanding. enable participants to gain knowledge or Learning how libraries operate. understanding in the future. Information Giving Specific Information. Literacy enables participants to access Making Links and relationships between information in the library. things. Computer Tasters enable participants to Using prior knowledge in new ways. use the internet to gain knowledge. Learning facts or information. Information Literacy and Computer Taster Sessions. GLO 2: Skills Knowing how to do something. Information Literacy and Key skills: numeracy, literacy, using ICT, Computer Tasters. learning how to learn. Information management skills Intellectual skills Information Literacy and Computer Tasters Communication skills Computer Tasters Physical Skills Computer Tasters Social Skills To a limited extent only: Information Literacy, Computer Tasters. Emotional Skills Not a main focus GLO 3: Attitudes and Values Attitudes towards an organisation e.g. Computer Tasters. libraries. Positive attitudes in relation to an Computer Tasters experience Opinions about ourselves e.g. self To a limited extent only: esteem Information Literacy, Computer Tasters
  2. 2. Opinions or attitudes towards other Not a main focus people Negative attitudes in relation to an Not a main focus experience. Reasons for actions or personal Not a main focus viewpoints. GLO 4: Enjoyment, Inspiration and Creativity Having Fun Computer Tasters Creativity Computer Tasters Being surprised Not a main focus Innovative thoughts, actions or things. Exploration Experimentation and making Being inspired GLO 5: Action, Behaviour and Progression Progression –towards further learning, Information Literacy registering as a library user, developing Computer Tasters new skills. A change in the way that people manage Information Literacy their lives including work, study, family Computer Tasters and community contexts. What people do What people intend to do Not a main focus What people have done Actions (observed or reported) Change in behaviour GSO 1: Health and Well-Being Helping older people to develop and Information Literacy enjoy life Encouraging healthy lifestyles, tackling Not a main focus the determinants of ill health. Supporting care and recovery. Supporting older people to lead an independent life.
  3. 3. GSO2: Stronger and Safer Communities Encouraging familial ties and Not a main focus relationships. Improving inter-group dialogue and Not a main focus understanding. Supporting cultural diversity and identity. Tackling the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour. Contributing to crime prevention and reduction. GSO3: Strengthening Public Life Improving the responsiveness of services Information Literacy to the needs of the local community, Computer Tasters including other stakeholders. To a limited extent in that they seek out and respond to feedback. Providing safe, inclusive and trusted Computer Tasters public spaces and services (to enable To some extent. people to form contacts and networks). Encouraging and supporting awareness Not a main focus. and participation in local decision making and wider civic and political engagement. Building the capacity of community and Not a main focus. voluntary groups. Enabling community empowerment Not a main focus. through the awareness of rights, benefits and external services.