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V3 webinar


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Cirrus Insight makes CRM easy. By bringing Salesforce & Google Apps together we make using Salesforce painless. Using your CRM becomes an essential part of your workflow instead of a tedious chore.

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V3 webinar

  1. 1. The Problem 65% of a sales rep’s time is spent NOT doing what they are ultimately paid for—selling1 74% of sales organizations have poor CRM adoption1 1.
  2. 2. Why CRM Adoption Fails Barriers to CRM productivity and adoption: • Data entry • Manual copy-paste • Workflow interruption
  3. 3. The Solutions Cirrus Insight for Google Apps users. LinkPoint360 or Salesforce for Outlook for Outlook users.
  4. 4. Summary The #1 app for integrating Salesforce with Gmail and Google Apps. We make CRM easy by integrating CRM into your Gmail workflow.
  5. 5. Cirrus Insight
  6. 6. Key Features • Access Salesforce information in real-time from Gmail • Save important emails to Salesforce with a click • Create & edit all of your Salesforce records from Gmail • Sync Google Calendar and Salesforce
  7. 7. Fast & Easy Installation
  8. 8. It’s That Easy
  9. 9. Enterprise Deployment
  10. 10. Technology • Cloud infrastructure scales on demand • New features are instantly deployed to end users • Cirrus Insight is the only app that can save emails to any Salesforce record, and that automatically relates calendar events to contacts in Salesforce.
  11. 11. Upcoming Releases Fall 2013 Cirrus Insight Contact Sync will sync contacts between Salesforce and Google Contacts.
  12. 12. Happy Customers
  13. 13. Consulting Partners 125+ Partners
  14. 14. Pricing •Enterprise discounts areavailable. •Nonprofit 50% discount.
  15. 15. Live Demo
  16. 16. Q&A
  17. 17. Thank You Brandon Bruce Co-founder 949-232-0959