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Cirrus Insight: Combining Salesforce & Office 365


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Learn how Cirrus Insight transforms your office's productivity by combining Salesforce with Office 365.

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Cirrus Insight: Combining Salesforce & Office 365

  1. 1. WITH CIRRUS INSIGHT, YOU GET THE #1 CHOICE FOR SALESFORCE & OFFICE 365, ENSURING MAXIMUM CLOUD ROI. That means Cirrus Insight’s functionality across all BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE: Employees expect a seamless work experience on any device. Employees count on the ability to quickly and easily run any application on their personal technology at work. Cirrus Insight for Office 365 works on any mobile device. devices is invaluable. In 2013, 90% of U.S. employees used their personal devices for work purposes. 90% Sources: Study conducted by Cisco 14